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Issue 590 

Issue 591 
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Week # 48       03 December 2016

"وَيَقُودُكَ الرَّبُّ عَلَى الدَّوَامِ وَيُشْبِعُ فِي الْجَدُوبِ نَفْسَكَ وَيُنَشِّطُ عِظَامَكَ فَتَصِيرُ كَجَنَّةٍ رَيَّا وَكَنَبْعِ مِيَاهٍ لاَ تَنْقَطِعُ مِيَاهُهُ"
(إشعياء 58 : 11)  

" The Lord will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail"
(Isaiah 58 : 11)



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العظة الاسبوعية 

SP1: Incarnation
SP2: من أقوال الأباء
SP3: قصة أعجبتني

Church & Politics
CP 01 Barnabas Persecution Update

Church & Community
CC 01 The Hidden Gem of your church building permit
CC 02 Regions Fund Program
CC 03 WA of the Year Awards 2017
CC 04  Positive Schools 2017
CC 05 Labour and economic snapshot

Church News
CN 01 Health Update on Fr. Abram's
CN 02 Very Big Thank You
CN 03 Church Car Parking - Warning
CN 04 Upcoming Events

Copts Social News

Real Estate & Housing
Anba Abram Village

Our Newsletter
NL 01 Gold lampstand
The Church depends on your generous donations
Commonwealth Bank   
Church Management Account
BSB   : 066000
ACC# : 11065204

School Building Fund Account ($2 or more is TAX deductable)
BSB   : 066000
ACC# : 11065239
Lord Brethren Account
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Property Management Account
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 Flag of Our Church

Holy Liturgy
Every Wednesday
09:00 - 11:00 AM

Every Saturday (English)
08:00 - 10:30 AM

Every Sunday

08:30 - 11:30 AM

Every Saturday Evening
06:00 - 06:30 PM
Weekly Bible Study Arabic & English
Every Saturday Evening
06:30 - 07:30 PM

St. Demiana Ladies Meeting
Every Tuesday Evening
07:30 - 09:00 PM
Discipleship Course
Every Tuesday Evening 
06:00 - 08:30 PM

Weekly Prayer Meeting
Every Wednesday Evening
06:30 - 07:30 PM
Anba Moussa Public Meeting
Every Saturday Evening
07:30 - 08:30 PM
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Servants Meeting

Every Sunday
1:30 - 2:30 PM
Talk: Fr. David Kamel
Topic: Spirituality of Fasting

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Update on St. Demiana Ladies Meeting
Every Tuesday 
07:30 - 09:00 PM

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Update on Anba Moussa Public Meeting
Every Saturday 
7:30 - 8:30 PM

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St. Youstina & St. Kebrianos Youth Meeting "DOCS"

Every Friday
7:00 p.m.

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St Mary & Archangel Michael Rituals & Hymns School

Every Saturday at 11:00 AM till 1:00 PM after the Holy Liturgy.
There will be two classes:
- Coptic class: 11:00 - 11:40 AM
- Hymns class: 11:50 - 12:30 PM
Then free time for activities: 12:30 - 01:00 PM. 
Applications are out now please fill in the forms and deliver it to Fr. David Kamel.
Come along and encourage others families to Enroll their kids in this wonderful service.

Aripsalin Children's Choir

Every Saturday, the primary school choir sessions start exactly after St Mary & Archangel Michael Hymns and Ritual School in the morning.
If you are interested to make your child join in this heavenly service, please contact Sandy Kaplenian or Marian Bekhiet

1. Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church Course

In this course, you will lean about some of the Coptic Orthodox Church History, Rituals, Dogmas, Theology and Spiritually. The course extends also to cover some aspects of comparative theology and religion. It touches upon some key factors of Christian Marriage as well. This course will commence on Wednesday the 10th August for two hours a week and will be up to three months.

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2. Marriage Preparation Course

In this course, you will learn about, Foster respect, affection and closeness, Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world, Keep conflict discussion calm, Strengthen and maintain the gains in relationship.
The course is conducted twice a year on the first Wednesday of May and November of every year. 

Confession Table

This week: Year 05
Next week: Year 06

Ground Cleaning Table

This week TBA
Next week TBA

Cleaning Roster

This week   TBA

Next week  TBA

 Kitchen Roster

This week   TBA
Next week  TBA

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Voice of the Copts
Every Tuesday
1:00pm – 1:30pm EN
1:30pm – 2:30pm AR

Skype Arabic Bible Study
Thursday from 7:00 till 08:30 PM
Account: Masee7i

CCCP  “Coptic Communication Channel in PERTH”
This VIBER group does not represent the Church in any way or mean and the posts on this group represent the personal views of respective persons.

Church Bus Service

If interested in the Church bus service for the families who attend St Mary & Archangel Michael Church from the Northern Suburbs on Saturdays and Sundays, please contact Deacon Mina Shakir  0401 544 111. 

Visit our Youtube Channel
WA Coptic TV. Channel "WACTV"

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The priests, the committee, the deacons, the servants, the congregation and all the different activities at St Mary & Archangel Michael Church ,Perth WA offer their sincere congratulations to
His Grace Bishop Suriel
Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions

On the 17th Anniversary of his Enthronement, praying with every spiritual prayer and Litany that the Lord God may keep for us his High Priesthood and Fatherhood for many Peaceful and Joyous years to come and for the Continuity of his Health together with our Holy Father H.H. Pope Tawadros II and all the Sea of St. Mark in Egypt and Abroad Pope and Patriarch of the Great City of Alexandria       

العظة الأسبوعية 

نيافة الأنبا رافائيل
أسقف عام كنائس وسط القاهرة

عــقيــــدة التجســــــد


Spiritual Talk
H.G. Bishop Moussa
   Bishop of Youth Affairs
To listen to the Talk press the image

من أقوال الأباء 

"لا تقبلوا فى فكركم ولا تصوروا فى كلامكم أى إنسان بأنه شرير، فالقلب النقى ينظر كل الناس أنقياء"

القديس مكاريوس الكبير

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قصة أعجبتني

مشاكل الحياة .. وكوب من المياه

بدأ الاستاذ الدرس وفي ايده كوبايه مليانه مايه .. وسأل الطلاب : تفتكروا الكوبايه دي وزنها كام ؟!
قالوله : 50 جرام .. 100 جرام .. 125 جرام.
رد عليهم قالهم : بصراحه .. انا معرفش وزنها كام ..
بس سؤالي : ايه اللي هايحصل لو فضلت شايل الكوبايه دقيقتين ؟!
جاوبوا وقالوله : ولا حاجة.
قالهم : طب لو فضلت شايلها لمده ساعه كامله ؟!
رد عليه طالب وقاله : دراعك هايوجعك.
رد الاستاذ : بالظبط .. طب لو فضلت شايلها طول اليوم ؟!
جاوب واحد وقاله : دراعك هايوجعك اكتر وهاتتمزق الاربطه وساعتها لازم تروح المستشفي.
رد الاستاذ : كويس اووي .. لكن هل وزن الكوبايه اتغير في اي حال من الاحوال ؟!
كان الجواب : لا طبعا.
الاستاذ : طب ايه سبب الالم ده ؟! ايه اللي المفروض اعمله عشان اوقف الالم ؟!
قال واحد من الطلاب : حط الكوبايه من ايدك.
الاستاذ : تمام كده .. مشاكل الحياه شبه الكوبايه دي ..
فكر فيها بعقلك دقيقتين وهاتبقي كويس .. لكن لو فكرت فيها مده اطول هاتتعب ولو فكرت مده اطول كمان هاتشل تفكيرك وساعتها مش هاتبقي قادر تعمل اي حاجة.
"ملقين كل همكم علية لأنه هو يعتنى بكم" [ ابط 5 : 7 ]

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بعض تذكارات القديسين                       Commemoration    

الاحد 27 نوفمبر 
25 هاتور

Fri نياحة القديس أكاكيوس بطريرك القسطنطينية        استشهاد القديس مكاريوس
استشهاد القديس الراهب يوحنا القليوبي
نياحة القديس بطرس الرهاوى أسقف غزة         نياحة البابا أثناسيوس الثالث    نياحة البابا يوأنس الثالث




العودة للمحتويات

Saint of the Week

The Martyrdom of St. Mercurius, Known as the Saint with the Two Swords

 On this day, St. Mercurius, known as the saint with the two swords (Abu-Saifain), was martyred. He was born in the city of Rome. His parents were Christians and they called him Philopateer (which means "Lover of the Father"). They reared him in a Christian manner. When he grew, he enlisted in the army during the days of Emperor Decius, the pagan. The Lord gave Philopateer the strength and the courage, for which he earned the satisfaction of his superiors. They called him Mercurius and he grew very close to the Emperor.

Read More

قديس هذا الأسبوع

إستشهاد القديس مارقوريوس أبوسيفين

في مثل هذا اليوم استشهد القديس مرقوريوس الشهير بابي السيفين، وقد ولد هذا القديس بمدينة رومية من أبوين مسيحيين، فأسمياه فيلوباتير وأدباه بالآداب المسيحية، ولما بلغ دور الشباب انتظم في سلك الجندية أيام الملك داكيوس الوثني، وأعطاه الرب قوة وشجاعة أكسبته رضاء رؤسائه فدعوه باسم مرقوريوس، وكان من المقربين لدي الملك، وحدث إن ثار البربر علي رومية فخرج داكيوس لمحاربتهم ففزع عندما رأي كثرتهم، ولكن القديس مرقوريوس طمأنه قائلا “لا تخف لان الله سيهلك أعداءنا ويجعل الغلبة لنا"، ولما انصرف من أمام الملك ظهر له ملاك في شبه إنسان بلباس ابيض اعطاه سيفا قائلا له "إذا غلبت أعدائك فاذكر الرب إلهك"، فلما انتصر داكيوس علي أعدائه ورجع مرقوريوس ظافرا ظهر له الملاك وذكره بما قاله قبلا، أي إن يذكر الرب إلهه، أما الملك داكيوس فأراد إن يبخر لأوثانه هو وعسكره، فتخلف القديس مرقوريوس، ولما أعلموا الملك بذلك استحضره وأبدي دهشته من العدول عن ولائه له، ووبخه علي تخلفه، فرمي القديس منطقته ولباسه بين يدي الملك وقال له "إنني لا اعبد غير ربي والهي يسوع المسيح"، فغضب الملك وأمر بضربه بالجريد والسياط، ولما رأي تعلق أهل المدينة والجند به، خشي الملك إن يثوروا عليه بسببه، فأرسله مكبلا بالحديد إلى قيصرية، وهناك قطعوا رأسه فكمل جهاده المقدس ونال إكليل الحياة في ملكوت السموات.
شفاعته تكون معنا ولربنا المجد دائمًا أبديًا آمين

Words with Meaning
By Fr Abram Abdelmalek
  • In business, don’t let your wife knows your work secrets.
  • Be open like a book to your loved ones, but for your enemies read it to them.
  • Give rest to your tongue, your mind will find rest. Give rest to your mind, your body will find rest.
  • They say "who settles himself will find peace" but I say "who only rests his tongue will find peace."
  • It is dangerous to lend your ear to people, but it is so much more dangerous to employ your mouth to speak on their behalf without confirming the validity of their stories.
  • If you want to spread news quickly, claim that is an important secret.
  • Some people only use their tongue when handling matters, when they should also be using their ears.

كلمات ذات معني

للقس إبرام عبد الملك

  • في العمل لا تجعل امرأة فراشك تعرف أسرارك.
  • كن كالكتاب المفتوح لأحبائك، أما لأعدائك فأقرأه لهم.
  • أعط راحة للسانك يسترح فكرك، أعط راحة لفكرك يسترح بدنك.
  • يقولون في الإعراب: من سكّن سلم، أما أنا فأقول إن من سكن لسانه سلم.
  • من الخطورة بمكان أن تضع إذنك للناس، أما الأخطر كثيرا أن توظف فمك للتكلم عنهم دون أن تتحقق من صحة الأمور.
  • إذا أردت أن تنشر خبرا بسرعة، فأدع أنه سر مهم.
  • بعض الناس يستخدم لسانها فقط، ولا يستخدم أذنيه في  حاولته لمعالجة الأمور

Church of the Week

St Mary & St Antonious Church


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GivingTuesday: help feed a hungry Christian child
Read more

For more News on Presecuted Christians, visit
For Barnabas Prayer Focus, visit Prayer Focus

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The Hidden Gem of your church building permit

written by Deacon Theodore Issa

While we live in a free country that traces its establishment to the Judeo-Christian principles, many Christians have found themselves in difficult situations when it comes to obtaining a permit to build a church or convert a building to a place of worship.

Read more

Building Better Regions Fund program

The Building Better Regions Fund program (BBRF) provides funding for infrastructure and community investment projects that will create jobs, drive economic growth and build stronger regional communities into the future.
Grants are available through two funding streams:

  • Infrastructure Projects and Community Investments—construction of new infrastructure, or the upgrade of existing infrastructure
  • Community Investments Stream—new or expanded local events, strategic regional plans, and leadership and capability building activities.

Both streams will open on Wednesday 18 January 2017.
More information, including the program guidelines, is available on the Business Government website.

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Western Australian of the Year Awards 2017

The Western Australian of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions to our State by people born in Western Australia, or those who have chosen to make Western Australia their home.
This is an opportunity to nominate a person you believe makes Western Australia a better place to live.
Nominations are invited for the following seven categories:

  • Aboriginal Award
  • Arts & Culture Award
  • Business Award
  • Community Award
  • Professions Award
  • Sports Award
  • Youth Award
More information, including guidelines and application forms, is available on the Celebrate WA website.
Nominations close at midnight on Tuesday 31 January 2017.

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Positive Schools 2017

Positive Schools is Australia’s premier mental health, wellbeing and positive education conference series for ALL primary and secondary teachers, school leaders and allied health professionals.

All the information, including online registration and a full timetable is now available at

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Labour and economic snapshot

The Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) prepares a quarterly labour and economic snapshot on Western Australia, to complement the State, industry and regional profiles.
The snapshot analyses the current situation in Western Australia’s labour market and economy, and considers the outlook for the State’s economy.
The September quarter 2016 edition is now available on the DTWD website.

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 Health Update on Fr. Abram's

Fr. Abram is still recovering at home after major surgery on his back. The neurosurgeon advised that the recovery would take up to 8 weeks.
During this period, he is not allowed to sit/stand for more than 20 minutes. However, he receives phone calls, and tries to work out the backlog of calls and e-mails.
So please be patient with him.

 Very Big Thank you

Fr. Abram takes this opportunity to praise the Lord for the success of the operation, and extends his gratitude to all of you who have praying for him, contacting him through phone calls, e-mails, text messages, and cards, and sending him all these beautiful flowers and gifts.
May the Lord bless you all in return to your love.


 Primary Sunday School Camp
The Church of St Mary & Archangel Michael presents the Sunday School Summer Camp 2016
"Be Your Best"
Year 3 to 6
Woodman Point Recreation Camp, 74 O' Kane Ct, Munster
Friday20th - Sunday22nd January 2017

Cost: $120 per person
$100 per person (Early-bird registration until Sunday 11th December 2016)
Siblings for $100 per person

For more information please contact Sunday School Servants

DOCS have another exciting event planning out for SMOS,
Teamed up again with Prision Fellowship and have been allocated 50 children for this Christmas! Their ages range from infant up to 15 years old.

From now until the Second of December, will collecting gifts. Please donate to Margrete Salama or Matthew Ghobrial. Will be wrapping the gifts before Youth Meeting commences on Friday the 2nd of December, and if you would like to help, please meet at St. Mary & Archangel Michael church 6 pm!


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The Father of Mrs. Nancy Tadros wife of Deacon Wassim Guirguis had passed Heaven in Egypt.
The family shall accept condolences upon Mrs Nancy's return from Egypt.
Our sincere condolences for the whole family

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Anba Abram Village

Vila for Rent 

There is a vacant of self standing 4x1 Vila/House in Beechboro Anba Abraam Village available for rent immediately. Attached the brochure for those who could be eligible to apply.

Anba Abram Village Borchure

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