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Week # 25- 26                                    11 July 2015

"لاَ يَسْلُبْ أَحَدُكُمُ الآخَرَ، إِلاَّ أَنْ يَكُونَ عَلَى مُوافَقَةٍ، إِلَى حِينٍ، لِكَيْ تَتَفَرَّغُوا لِلصَّوْمِ وَالصَّلاَةِ، ثُمَّ تَجْتَمِعُوا أَيْضًا مَعًا لِكَيْ لاَ يُجَرِّبَكُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ لِسَبَبِ عَدَمِ نَزَاهَتِكُمْ" (رسالة بولس الرسول الأولى إلى أهل كورنثوس 5:7)

Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency. 1 Corinthians 7:5


عظة روحية للبابا تواضروس الثانى

تذكار قديسين الإسبوع الماضى

Saint of the week

سيرة قديـس هذا الأسبوع

Words with Meanings

كلمات ذات معنى

Ecumenical News
EN 01 Welcome Fr. Sultanet
EN 02 Eritrean Committee Meeting
EN 03 Council of Churches' Newsletter

Church & Politics

CP 01 Successful Meetings
CP 02
US Supreme court rules in favour of same-sex marriage nationwide in win for gay rights movement
CP 03 خطية الشذوذ الجنسي
CP 04 Statement on the Supreme Court ruling from Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States
CP 05 Speak Up for Marriage
CP 06 Yes, a black day in history
CP 07 Urgent: a private members bill to change marriage will be tabled August 11th
CP 08 Australian Christians
CP 09 I'm Gay, and I oppose Same-Sex Marriage
CP 10 Signing petition to protect marriage against same sex marriage
CP 11 Till law changes do us part: Presbyterian Church could stop weddings if same sex marriage passes
CP 12  Now you can email Coalition MPs on marriage with one click
CP 13 That was Fast: Yesterday it was gay marriage; Now look who wants "equal rights"
CP 14 Oregon celebrates with free weed as recreational marijuana becomes legal
CP 15 Friday's Three Terror Attacks
CP 16 Egypt's top public prosecutor killed in powerful car bomb attack in Cairo

CP 17 BREAKING: After attack on Egypt, ISIS releases new video...reveals horrifying future plans
CP 18 Islamic State in Egypt: A"Fiery Summer" awaits "Worshipers of  the Cross
CP 19 انفجار 3 عبوات ناسفة فى مكتب للسجل المدنى بالفيوم
CP 20 Brigitte Gabriel - Islam taking over Lebanon

CP 21 Barnabas Persecution Update

Church & Community
CC 01 Glyde-In Visit
CC 02 Free training and support for volunteers

Church News
CN 01 Visit of His Grace Bishop Suriel
CN 02 Visiting Priests
CN 03 Church Committee Meeting
CN 04 Visit to Immigration Detention Center
CN 05 St Mary Outreach Service
CN 06 Competition
CN 07 Health Inspection from Town of Victoria Park
CN 08 Upcoming Events

CN 09 Maintenance Works in Church
CN 10 Anba Moussa Meeting

CN 11 Servants Meeting
CN 12 St. Mary's Feast Celebrations
CN 13 Alpha Christian Shop

Real Estate and Housing
RE 01 Real Estate Corner


Coptic Social News
CSN 01 Congratulations on Baptism
CSN 02 Welcome to Australia

CSN 03  Memorial Service

Our Newsletter
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The Executive Committee in its last meeting decided to invite any candidate who is interested in serving as a consultant to the Executive Committee till the forthcoming official elections. The anticipated elections is going to be sometime next year after the approval of the amended constitution.
Your role will be to give a professional advice to the committee and execute the instructions of it. You will attend certain committee meetings upon request by it. Everyone, including current consultants, are invited to fill an application form. The form is available here or in the Church. For any queries, please contact Fr. Abram Abdelmalek

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CCCP  “Coptic Communication Channel in PERTH”
It is a Viber group to communicate through. Dr. Eihab Bolous & Ms. Emmy Attia are the admin of the group. If you are a member in the group you are able to add others.

 عظة روحية للبابا تواضروس الثانى
القديس برنابا الرسول 

Spiritual Talk

The Spiritual Anointing and Glory of Christians 
By: St Macarius the Great 

Perfect Christians who are considered worthy to reach a degree of perfection and to come close to the King, are continually dedicated to the cross of Christ. Just like the anointing in the times of the prophets was considered absolutely a most precious thing, since kings and prophets were anointed, so also now spiritual persons, who are anointed with a heavenly anointing, become Christians by grace, so that they too become kings and prophets of heavenly mysteries. Indeed, these are sons and lords and gods, bound and held captive, plunged deeply, crucified and consecrated. For the anointing with oil, a thing which came from a material plant, a visible tree, had so great a power that those who were anointed obtained a dignity beyond questioning (for it was decreed that they were thus made kings). David was anointed and immediately was exposed to persecutions and afflictions, and after the seventh year was he made king. How much more do all who have been anointed in mind and the interior man with the sanctifying and joy-giving, heavenly and spiritual “oil of gladness” (Heb 1 :9), receive the sign of that kingdom of imperishable and eternal power, namely, “the pledge of the Spirit” (2 Cor 5 :5), the Holy Spirit and Paraclete? Understand by Paraclete the one who consoles and pours out joy upon all who are heavily burdened.

These, having been anointed with the ointment from the tree of life, Jesus Christ, the heavenly plant, are considered worthy to reach the degree of perfection of the Kingdom, and of the adoption. Indeed, they are participators of the secrets of the heavenly King and enjoy the confidence of the Almighty. They enter into his palace, where the angels and spirits of the saints are, even while they are in this world. Even though they have not yet entered into the full inheritance prepared for them in that age, nevertheless, they are most certain because of the pledge which they have already received, as if already crowned and reigning. Nor are they surprised, as though it were a strange and new thing, that they are about to reign with Christ, because of the abundance of grace and childlike abandonment to the Spirit. Why? Because while still in the flesh, they enjoyed that relish of sweetness and that effective working of power.

It is the same as one who was a friend of the king, employed in the palace, who knew the secrets of the king, being around him always. Now should he be made king and crowned, he would not be frightened by any new happenings, nor fearful since he had long been trained in the secrets of the palace. In no way does it usually happen that an uneducated person or a stranger to the secrets can reach the task of running a kingdom, but only those who have been instructed by training and experience. So also Christians, who are going to reign in that age, are not surprised at anything new, since they have already long before known the mysteries of grace. Because of the fact that man had violated the command, the devil has covered the soul completely with a dark veil.

But then grace comes and completely removes the veil so that the soul, now restored to its former and proper purity, created pure and without blame, continually and without blemish, looks with its pure eyes on the glory of the true light and the true “sun of righteousness” (Mt 4:2), shining brilliantly in the depths of the heart. As at the end of the world when the firmament will pass away and the just thereafter will live in the kingdom and the light and the glory, seeing nothing but how Christ is perpetually in glory at the right hand of the Father, so also with these who even now are caught up into that other age and are taken captive. They contemplate there the beautiful and wonderful things that take place. We, who are still on earth, have "our citizenship in Heaven" (Phil 3:20). We pass our lives in that world, living according to our mind and the inner man. For just as the visible eye, when it is clear, always sees the sun clearly, so also the mind, completely restored by purity, always sees the glory of the light of Christ, and night and day is with the Lord, just as the body of the Lord was always joined to the Godhead with the Holy Spirit.



تذكار قديسين الاسبوع الماضي 

27 يونيو
20 بؤونة    نياحة القديس اليشع النبى
28 يونيو
21 بؤونة استشهاد القديس تيموثيؤس المصرى
نياحة البابا القديس كاردونوس 4 من باباوات الكرازة المرقسية
30 يونيو
23 بؤونة نياحة القديس ابانووب المعترف
1 يوليو
24 بؤونة استشهاد القديس أنبا موسى الأسود
2 يوليو
25 بؤونة استشهاد القدديس ياهوذا أحد السبعين رسولاً
نياحة القديس البابا بطرس الرابع البطريرك 34
3 يوليو
26 بؤونة نياحة يشوع بن نون النبى
استشهاد القديس ايسنت حاجب تارجان
4 يوليو
27 بؤونة استشهاد القديس تومس شندلاتى
استشهاد القديس حنانيا الرسول أحد السبعين
4 يوليو
28 بؤونة نياحة البابا ثاؤذورس الثالث و الثلاثون
5 يوليو
استشهاد القديس ابهور، ابابيشاى
استشهاد سبعة نسالبجبل تونا

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Saint of the Week

The Great Saint Moses the Black
In his early life, St. Moses was a slave to people who worshiped the sun. He was a mighty man who loved to eat and drink excessively. He killed, robbed and committed all evil. No one could stand up before him, or challenge him.
On many occasions, he lifted up his eyes to look to the sun and to talk to it saying, "O Sun!! if you are God, let me know it." Then he said, "And you O God whom I do not know, let me know you."

Read More
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سـيرة قـديـس هذا الأسبوع


القديس الشهيد الأنبا موسى الأسود

فى بداية حياته، كان عبدًا لشيخ قبيلة تعبد الشمس، لكن من فرط شروره طرده سيده، فاشتغل بأعمال النهب والسطو والقتل. وكان ذا جسم ضخم جبار يساعده على ذلك، وقيل أنه بسبب هذه المؤهلات صار رئيسًا لعصابة قطاع طرق. وكمثال على قوته البدنية أنه في أحد الأيام عبر النهر وسرق خروفين من راعي غنم وذبحهما وعبر بهما ثانية إلى الشاطئ الآخر للنهر.

مع كل ما كان يفعله من شرور كان يرفع وجهه ويخاطب الشمس كالإله الحقيقي طالبًا أن يعرِّفه ذاته

إقرأ المزيد 

العودة للمحتويات

Words with Meaning
By Fr Abram Abdelmalek
  • All freedoms exist in the cross.
  • Wisdom is not measured by age, as many young men have wisdom exceeding those with gray hair.
  • Don't reject the advice from those who are subordinate to you, as there might be something of benefit to you and listen to the advice of your superiors, as your rejection to it may condemn you.
  • If the wise and ignorant kept silent, peace would prevail.
  • The wise man does not seek hearing to idle talks, nor snitching, nor judging.
  • The wise man thinks a lot and speaks little.
  • The wise man does not believe all what he sees.
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كلمات ذات معني

للقس إبرام عبد الملك

  • تكمن جميع الحريات فى الصليب.
  • الحكمة لا تقاس بشيب الشعر، فكثيرون من الغلمان تفوق حكمتهم ذوى الشعور البيضاء.
  • لا ترفض مشورة من  هم  دونك، فقد يكون فيها ما يفيدك، و استمع لمشورة من هم فوقك، لئلا رفضك لها يدينك.
  • الحكيم و الجاهل إذا صمتا، عم السلام.
  • الحكيم لا يسعى للسمع، و لا الوشاية، و لا الإدانة.
  •  الحكيم يفكر كثيراً، و يتكلم قليلاً.
  • الحكيم لا يصدق كل ما تراه عيناه.
Welcome Fr. Sultanet

On behalf of all Church members,  we would like to welcome Fr. Saltanet who will be serving the Eritrean Community in Church.
May God bless his Service.
Eritrean Committee Meeting

Fr. Abram Abdelmalek had many meetings with the Eritrean Committee to address different concerns of the community.

Newsletter 1 July 2015

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 Meeting of Church Member with Mr. Graham Jacobs MLA

Fr Abram Abdelmalek, Dr Michael Khalil, Dr Maha Bolous and Dahlia Messiha met with Dr Graham Jacobs MLA, the parliamentary member for Eyre, to discuss a St Mary’s Outreach Service initiative. The outreach team, which would be taken from a pool of doctors, pharmacists and other allied health practitioners will be led by Dr Khalil to offer mobile health care services to the aboriginal communities in remote areas within the Goldfields, Pilbara and Kimberly regions. Dr Jacobs was very pleased and encouraged by this initiative, we discussed strategy and a way forward. Please keep this initiative in your prayers, that God would guide and provide the right path to the team leaders.

Mr. Bill Rowlands meeting Fr. Abram

Mr. Bill discussed with Fr. Abram the goals for Middle East Concern Organization and setting a meeting  to raise concern for Christians and churches in the Middle East and North Africa


US Supreme Court rules in favour of same-sex marriage nationwide in win for gay rights movement
The Supreme Court has ruled the US Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry in a historic triumph for the American gay rights movement.
The court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution's guarantees of due process and equal protection under the law mean that states cannot ban same-sex marriages.
With the ruling, gay marriage will become legal in all 50 states.

Read More

خطية الشذوذ الجنسي

خطية الشذوذ الجنسي خطية بشعة لا يوافق عليها الكتاب المقدس.وغير موجودة في كل الكائنات الحية إلا في بعض المنحرفين نفسيًّا أو جنسيًّا من البشر فقط.وذلك لأن الرغبة الجنسية وضعها الله في كل مملكة الحيوان من أجل حفظ النوع.وكل الحيوانات تُمارس الجنس ذُكُورًا مع إناث بالغريزة بدون عقل ولا تفكير ولا إرادة.
والكائن الوحيد الذي يمارس الجنس محكومًا بالعقل والإرادة هو الإنسان قمة خليقة الله.
نحن نتشابه مع جميع الحيوانات في كل العمليات البيولوجية مثل الغذاء والهضم والتنفس والحركة والإخراج والتناسل ... الخونتميز عن كل مملكة الحيوان بالعقل فقط. لذلك فنحن نأكل، ونتحرك، ونتخلص من عوادم الاحتراق والهضم (البول والبراز)، ونتكاثر، بالعقل والارادة والتفكير وترتيب الظروف الملائمة.

فما يمارسه الحيوان بالغريزة نمارسه نحن مضبوطًا بالعقل والارادة . الحيوان لا يعاني من التخمة لأنه يأكل بالغريزة حسب احتياجه فقط، أما الإنسان فيأكل بالمزاج والرغبة والتفكير فممكن أن يأكل أكثر من احتاجه فيصاب بالسمنة والتخمة وأمراض الجهاز الهضمي.
فالحيوان هو الصورة الأصلية للبيولوجي بدون تدخل الإرادة السليمة أو المنحرفة؛ فإذا كانت كل مملكة الحيوان لا يوجد بها الشذوذ الجنسي، فيكون هذا هو الأصل البسيط، ويكون الشذوذ هو نتيجة إرادة منحرفة أو عوامل تربوية مريضة تحتاج علاجًا، ولا يمكن أن تكون بسبب جينات في الجسم كما يدّعي الشواذ.
إنها الإرادة والانحراف القابل للشفاء.

ادعو الشواذ أن يلجأوا للطب النفسي لمعالجة هذا الانحراف غير الطبيعي، وأن يلجأوا بالأكثر إلى إلهنا الصالح القادر أن يشفي النفس والجسد والروح شفاءً كاملًا بنعمته الغنية.

أختم كلامي بشواهد من الكتاب المقدس تدين الشذوذ الجنسي:
"لذلكَ أسلَمَهُمُ اللهُ إلَى أهواءِ الهَوانِ، لأنَّ إناثَهُمُ استَبدَلنَ الاستِعمالَ الطَّبيعيَّ بالّذي علَى خِلافِ الطَّبيعَةِ، وكذلكَ الذُّكورُ أيضًا تارِكينَ استِعمالَ الأُنثَى الطَّبيعيَّ، اشتَعَلوا بشَهوَتِهِمْ بَعضِهِمْ لبَعضٍ، فاعِلينَ الفَحشاءَ ذُكورًا بذُكورٍ، ونائلينَ في أنفُسِهِمْ جَزاءَ ضَلالِهِمِ المُحِقَّ. وكما لَمْ يَستَحسِنوا أنْ يُبقوا اللهَ في مَعرِفَتِهِمْ، أسلَمَهُمُ اللهُ إلَى ذِهنٍ مَرفوضٍ ليَفعَلوا ما لا يَليقُ." (رو ١: ٢٦-٢٨)
مشكلة سدوم وعامورة:
فنادَوْا (أهل سدوم وعمورة) لوطًا وقالوا لهُ: «أين الرَّجُلانِ اللَّذانِ دَخَلا إلَيكَ اللَّيلَةَ؟ أخرِجهُما إلَينا لنَعرِفَهُما». فخرجَ إليهِمْ لوطٌ إلَى البابِ وأغلَقَ البابَ وراءَهُ وقالَ: «لا تفعَلوا شَرًّا يا إخوَتي (تك ١٩: ٥-٧)
وجاءت الوصية في شريعة موسى"ولا تُضاجِعْ ذَكَرًا مُضاجَعَةَ امرأة"

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Statement on the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

COLLEYVILLE, TX. June 27, 2015 -- After the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, His Grace Bishop Youssef-Bishop, Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States- is releasing the following message.
"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)
The Supreme Court decision on Friday, June 26, 2015, sanctioning same-sex marriages in all fifty states is the result of years of desensitization, which has sadly now culminated in the poorest spiritual and social aberrance in the history of the American judicial system. The moral conscience of our society has gone awry.
Advocates for same-sex marriages parade their high regard for the concept of marriage, but neglect to acknowledge that in most religions, marriage is not merely a political right, but a spiritual union between one man and one woman consecrated by God. God is the Author of marital law.

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Here are some new articles and two excellent videos. Those against traditional/biblical marriage argue that there will be no consequences if the definition of marriage changes! Lies and more lies - watch the videos! Alarmingly today Rodney Croome (LGBT lobbiest) attacked Australian religious schools arguing that teaching Christian marriage is likely to be illegal. He encouraged teachers, parents and members of the community to lodge complaints with the Human Rights Commission.
Read More

VIDEO: An Impossible Right: Why “same-gender marriage” is wrongheaded 
Watch Video

VIDEO: The consequences of same gender marriage 
Watch Video

"Marriage Equality" lobby attacks Australian religious schools arguing that teaching Christian marriage is likely to be illegal 
Read More

300,000 say no to same-gender marriage in Italy 
Read More

Australian Roman Catholic Church attacks corporate same gender marriage supporters 
Read More

New poll shows Coalition would lose votes over same-gender marriage 
Read More

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YES, a black day in history

LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen
Today is a black day in history. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to redefine marriage will affect not just the United States, but will have ramifications worldwide.

Read More

Bill Muehlenberg
Much more can be said. I am still in shock – not surprised, but still stunned, in heavy grief, and crying out to God for his vindication.

Read More

Mat Staver
We stand united together in defense of marriage. Make no mistake about our resolve.

Read More

Dr David van Gend
“The moral dementia of the West is evident when the honourable name of marriage is given to a relationship that can only be consummated by an indecent act.

Read More

Ryan Shinkel
Millennials, do you have the courage to stand on the ‘wrong side of history
Read More

Aimee Herd : American Family Association
Yet, courts around the country chose to disregard the will of the people in favor of political correctness and social experimentation. And we witnessed firsthand the consequences, as individuals were repeatedly targeted by the government for not actively supporting homosexual marriage. Sadly, our nation’s highest Court, which should be a symbol of justice, has chosen instead to be a tool of tyranny, elevating judicial will above the will of the people.

David Upham
A defeat for ‘We the People’ and our posterity 

Read More

Lachlan Dunjey
The world is reeling as a result of three terrorist attacks and yet we see continuing destruction of our society from within. Might we be in the same dilemma as Habakkuk?

Can we hold back the tide of evil in Australia?
Will we even be targeted for asking this question?
The need for discernment and spiritual warfare has never been greater.
And in this awareness we must never think we can stand in our own strength.

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Urgent: a private members bill to change marriage will be tabled Augut 11th

It has been reported that a same-sex marriage bill with cross-party support will be moved in federal parliament when it resumes in August after the winter break. 
Campaign leader for redefining marriage, AME national director Rodney Croome, said this bill represents “the strongest opportunity we’ve ever had” of recognition for same-sex marriage: “We aim to win majority support in parliament with grassroots mobilisation, rallies and advertising campaigns throughout July and across the nation.”
You can ring your federal MP and the Senators from your state and ask for an appointment to speak to them about maintaining marriage as the union of one man and one woman in Australian law. If you cannot visit, you can email them here.
Click here to download a list of MPs/Senators who particularly should be visited. (the file will land in your downloads folder)
We recommend you take/post/email your MP/Senators a copy of the recent Australian Marriage Forum poll which shows important new findings on the views of Australians on children's rights to have both a mum and dad as against homosexual adults' claims to marry and create a family.

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Marriage matters to our most vulnerable. 

 Now is the time for Australia's silent majority who seek equal opportunity
for children to the legal possibility of a mum and a dad to stand up.

The removal of this equal opportunity is the removal of a fair go for all

Australian children. The redefining of marriage is neither desirable nor inevitable.


Less than 10% of countries around the world have changed marriage to
accommodate the noisy minority. Austria and Italy are just two examples of countries 

that have recently resisted and maintained the status quo, supporting the rights of
children to a mother and a father.

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I’m Gay, And I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Gay marriage has gone from unthinkable to reality in the blink of an eye. A recentWashington Post/ABC News poll shows that support for gay marriage is now at 61 percent—the highest it’s ever been. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case that many court-watchers believe will deliver the final blow to those seeking to prevent the redefinition of marriage.

Read More

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Signing petition to protect marriage against same sex marriage


I just signed the petition, "All Australians: DON’T MESS WITH MARRIAGE Please sign this petition to pledge your support for the Australian Catholic Bishops and the pastoral letter 'Don't Mess with Marriage'. SPREAD THE WORD LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD."
I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
Here's the link:

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Till law changes do us part: Presbyterian Church could stop weddings if same-sex marriage passes     
A long and happy partnership may be coming to an end over irreconcilable differences. We've been drifting apart for years and it might be time to face the facts.

There is a growing gap between the classic Christian view of marriage and the attitude of Australian society. 
Last week the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in NSW took a step which may mean the church ends its co-operation with the government in marriage matters and leaves the Marriage Act.

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Mr. John Rizkalla; May God have mercy on us and on our children. 
I now understand our cross is not in physical persecution but rather persecution which attacks us daily at the very core of who we are as Copts and what we believe as Christians.

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 Now you can email Coalition MPs on marriage with one click


Good news! Family Voice policy team has produced a new website that allows you to contact all Coalition MPs and senators in your state or territory very easily.
By clicking on the link: and filling in your details, you can send them all a personal email – with your own wording, or with our suggested wording.
We praise God for the timing.  Right now the homosexual lobby is flooding Coalition MPs with letters, visits and emails urging them to change the meaning marriage has had since the beginning of history. 
 A federal cross-party bill to legalize same-sex marriage is expected to be introduced in August.  Tony Abbott and his Coalition MPs are under enormous pressure to allow a conscience vote on the issue.  This would send a message that marriage is not important and MPs can vote any way they like.
But natural marriage is fundamental to stable family life and our nation’s future.  Tony Abbott and the Coalition need our encouragement to stand firm

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That was FAST: Yesterday it was gay marriage; Now look who wants “equal rights”

“Gay” advocates have taken offense at such a position insisting this would never happen. However, psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.

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Oregon celebrates with free weed as recreational marijuana becomes legal

High on the top of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, they gathered, uniting to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana use in their state.A large group of people collected at the bridge Tuesday night, waiting for the stroke of midnight when Oregon’s Measure 91 went into effect. The state now allows recreational use for people 21 and over, growing of up to four marijuana plants and giving small amounts as gifts. (Since early this year, District of Columbia residents have been allowed to possess, grow and, in the privacy of their own homes, smoke marijuana.)

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Friday's  Three Terror Attacks

One person decapitated, suspect arrested in 'terrorist attack' on French factory

A severed head covered in Arabic writing has been found at a US gas company in south-eastern France after an assailant rammed a car into the premises, exploding gas containers.
A suspect, named as 35-year-old Yacine Sahli, has been arrested and was already known to French intelligence sources
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38 gunned down at a beach resort in Tunisia
Tunisia hotel attack: 38 people, 'mostly British', killed in resort town of Sousse; gunman 'dressed as swimmer' shot dead
Most of the 38 people killed in a massacre at a Tunisian beach resort were British, the Tunisian prime minister has said.
Thirty-six other people were wounded, the health ministry said, when at least one gunman opened fire in the Imperial Marhaba hotel in the Port El Kantaoui district.

27 killed in suicide attack on Kuwait mosque; Islamic State affiliated group claims responsibility
Twenty-seven people have been killed in a suicide attack on a Shiite Muslim mosque in Kuwait City, the health ministry says.
Health minister Ali al-Obaidi told the state-run Kuwait Television an additional 222 people had been wounded.
A witness said the Kuwait City bombing happened when the Al-Imam al-Sadeq mosque was packed with some 2,000 worshipers during Friday prayers


Egypt's top public prosecutor killed in powerful car bomb attack in Cairo
Egypt's top public prosecutor has been killed in a powerful bombing that hit his convoy in Cairo following jihadist calls for attacks on the judiciary to avenge a crackdown on Islamists.
Mr Barakat, 64, was the most senior government official killed since jihadists launched an insurgency following the military overthrow of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

BREAKING: After Attack On Egypt, ISIS Releases New Video...Reveals HORRIFYING Future Plans

Islamic State in Egypt: A ‘Fiery Summer’ Awaits ‘Worshipers of the Cross'

الوطن | عاجل| انفجار 3 عبوات ناسفة في مكتب للسجل المدني بالفيوم

Brigitte Gabriel - Islam taking over Lebanon 


Brigitte Gabriel speaking on her experience of Islam, which shows the truth about it. 

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Armenian Turks discover their identity and convert to Christianity a century after their ancestors were forced to become Muslims
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Masked Men tied up and attempted to rape a nun at Indian Christian medical center
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Islamic State fighters release elderly Christian hostage in north-eastern Syria but intense fighting displaces Christians in Aleppo
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Pastor Abedini beaten again in prison
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Pakistani Christian rescued from "bonded labour" slavery
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Five Muslim-majority states among top nine persecutors 
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Save the life of one Syrian Christian
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Syrian Christians flee their homes after fresh assaults on Hassake and Kobane 
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Terrorist attacks in three continents after Islamic State Spokesman says Ramadan a time for waging jihad
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Islamic State offer slave girls as top prizes in Quran memorization competition to mark Ramadan
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Gunmen storm Nigerian village and brutally murder nine Christian villagers
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Islamic State leaflets threaten Christians in Jerusalem to leave or be killed
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Hindu mob storms Christian prayer meeting in India injuring eight believers
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Persecution of Vietnamese Christian Montagnards is "state policy", says Human Rights Watch
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100 Eritrean Christian refugees abducted in Libya and Sudan
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Indian village leader announces social boycott against four Christian families for following Christ
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Ukrainian Christians suffer as split between East and West deepens 
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Intense fighting displaces Christians in Aleppo and Islamic State militants launch fresh attacks in northern Syria
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Fulani Muslims slaughter 70 Christians in Nigeria's Middle Belt 
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Dozens of schools close in northern Kenya with Christian teachers fearful of Al- Shabab attacks 
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Glyde-In Visit

We had a visit on Tue.30th of June from Glyde-In Community Learning Centre.
Fr. Abram Abdelmalek gave a lecture on the Coptic Orthodox Church History and Dr. Maha Boulos explained the rituals of the church.
It was a successful visit where all visitors enjoyed the visit and the hospitality.

OMI alert
Free Training and Support for volunteers supporting CaLD C

Polytechnic West Carlisle Campus
Corner Oats and Bank Streets
6.00–9.00pm from Monday 3 August to Monday 7 September 2015

12.30–3:30pm from Wednesday 29 July to Wednesday 2 September 2015
The Tutor Enhancement Program run by Polytechnic West’s Community, provides free training and support to volunteers helping new arrivals with English language skills
Home Tutor training consists of six sessions covering the different language learning needs of new arrivals, planning lessons, selecting materials and tutoring skills. The groups are kept small so that briefings can be informal workshop sessions rather than lectures. 
Attendees receive information about useful on-line teaching resources and have access to on-going professional development sessions.
As an alternative service, three hours tailored training sessions may also be delivered onsite to small groups at a community organisation.


 Visit of His Grace Bishop Suriel



We were blessed to have His Grace Bishop  Suriel  visiting Perth from 19th ~ 21st of July 2015. His Grace is promoting to the studies in the Coptic Orthodox Theological College. It was a good chance for all servants to take blessings and spend a spiritual day with His Grace. Joining the visit was Fr. Abanoub Attala & Dr. Amir Malek.

 Visiting Priests

We were blessed by the presence of our beloved Fathers:

Rev Fr. Bestavrous blessed us with his service on Sun. 28th of July.

Rev Fr. Marcos Yassa of St George Church, St Albans, VIC. blessed us with his service on Sun. 5th of July.

Rev. Fr. Daniel Ghobriel of St Anthony & Archangel Michael Church, Oakleigh, VIC, blessed us with is service on Sat. 4th of July as well as a spiritual talk in youth meeting on Fri. 3rd of July.

Church Committee Meeting

Several meetings are being held  with the Church Committee members to arrange for the elections.
Visit to Immigration Detention Center 

Last week, Fr. Abram Abdelmalek visited an Immigration Detention Center in WA.

Fr. Abram had several meetings with the members of St Mary Outreach Service to discuss the last updates for the service activities.
We are glad to announce for a competition of designing a banner showing the definition of marriage in church. NEED YOUR IDEAS.

Health Inspection from Town of Victoria Park

Health Inspector from the Town of Victoria Park made inspection on the church building on Mon. 29th of June, where he inspected all the safety measurements.

 Upcoming Events


1- St. Mary Celebration on 29th of August and the play of "7ekayet beet" 
2- Hymns & Rituals Retreat on 10th & 11th of July
3- Parents/ Children/ Servants meeting on 19th of July

 Maintenance Works in Church                    

* Finalizing concrete work in the church

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 Anba Moussa Meeting 

Saturday 4th of July was special service because it's the commemoration of the departure of ST Moses, the strong.
Our special service included a spiritual word by Fr Abram Abdelmalek, biography of St Moses life by Samweil Abdelmalak, Singing praises on commemoration of St Moses, and fun part of Q&A by Amir Sobhy.

 Servants Meeting

Last Sunday was the weekly Servants Meeting and the Spititual topic was about the importance of the spiritual life and time management.

 St Mary's Feast Celebrations

Last week Fr. Abram had a launching meeting for the Preparations of St. Mary's Feast celebrations with all related persons.


.New gift collection on display. please visit us

The neighbouring property is owned by the Department of Housing and the fence is in need of repair, what should I do?

State Government departments are not bound by the Act, however, you should contact your nearest Department of Housing office to discuss the repair or replacement options.

Who is responsible for a retaining wall (whether on the boundary or close to the boundary) to prevent soil build-up from pushing over a fence?

The Act does not deal with different soil levels between adjacent land owners. One owner may allow soil build-up and the other may excavate soil away from a fence. It is recommended you seek independent legal advice with respect to liabilities and obligations in these circumstances. Should soil levels be changed as a result of building or demolition work undertaken by one party under a building permit, then the ‘Work affecting other land’ provisions of the Building Act 2011 may apply. The ‘Work affecting other land’ guide is available online at

Congratulation on Baptism
We would like to Congratulate 
Mahari & Selamawit on the baptism of their baby boy Abel
Adhanom & Tirhas on the baptism of their baby boy Raphael
Simon & Segan on the baptism of their baby boy Isaac

Welcome To Australia

We would like to welcome Mr. Makram Yousssef , his wife Nermine Adel and their daughter Perry to Perth.

Memorial Service

4th of July was the memorial of the departure of Giddo Kamil.
Giddo Kamil's life of love, peace,sacrifice for others, success and his outstanding attachment to the church is a life lesson for us
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