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Issue 576 

Issue 577 
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Week # 34             26 August 2016

"وَكَذَلِكَ الرُّوحُ أَيْضاً يُعِينُ ضَعَفَاتِنَا لأَنَّنَا لَسْنَا نَعْلَمُ مَا نُصَلِّي لأَجْلِهِ كَمَا يَنْبَغِي. وَلَكِنَّ الرُّوحَ نَفْسَهُ يَشْفَعُ فِينَا بِأَنَّاتٍ لاَ يُنْطَقُ بِهَا"
 (رومية 26:4)            
"Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.
For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought,
but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered."
 (Romans 4:26)


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العظة الاسبوعية البابا تواضروس


Words with Meanings


كلمات ذات معنى

Church of the week

The Mother Church
MC 01 Coptic Church ِِApproves draft law for building churches

Ecumenical News
EN 01 Bibilical Geo-Science Group
EN 02 Council of Church Newsletter

Church & Politics
CP 01 Messing with marriage will hit contitutional bump
CP 02 Barnabas Persecution Update

Church & Community
CC01 National Child Protection Week 2016
CC02  Annual conultations on Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program
CC03 Associations Incorpration Act 2015

Church News
CN 01  St Mary's Feast Celebration
CN 02  Special Meeting for the Silver Jubilee
CN 03 Fr. Bishoy El Antony visit to Perth
CN 04 Arrival Of Fr. Luke Sorsok.

CN 05 Upcoming Events.   
CN 06 Bookshop.

Coptic's Social News
CSN 1 Welcome.

Our Newsletter
NL 01 Gold lampstand
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 Flag of Our Church

Holy Liturgy
Every Wednesday
09:00 - 11:00 AM

Every Saturday (English)
08:00 - 10:30 AM

Every Sunday

08:30 - 11:30 AM

Every Saturday Evening
06:00 - 06:30 PM
Weekly Bible Study Arabic & English
Every Saturday Evening
06:30 - 07:30 PM

Anba Moussa Public Meeting
Every Saturday Evening
08:00 - 10:00 PM
Discipleship Course
Every Tuesday Evening 
06:00 - 08:30 PM

Weekly Prayer Meeting
Every Wednesday Evening
06:30 - 07:30 PM
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Update on Anba Moussa Public Meeting

Speaker: TBA
Topic: TBA


Servants Meeting

Every Sunday
1:30 - 2:30 PM

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Disciples of Christ Doc. (ST YOUSTINA & ST KEBRIANOS)


Every Friday Night
07:00 - 08:30 PM

Next week: Quiz Night
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St Mary & Archangel Michael Rituals & Hymns School

Every Saturday at 11:00 AM till 01:00 PM after the Holy Liturgy.
There will be two classes:
- Coptic class: 11:00 - 11:40 AM
- Hymns class: 11:50 - 12:30 PM
Then free time for activities: 12:30 - 01:00 PM. 
Applications are out now please fill in the forms and deliver it to Fr. David Kamel.
Come along and encourage others families to Enroll their kids in this wonderful service.

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St Demiana Ladies Meeting

Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM,
St Demiana Ladies Meeting takes place at St Mary and Archangel Michael Church. Come along and encourage others to come.

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1. Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church Course

In this course, you will lean about some of the Coptic Orthodox Church History, Rituals, Dogmas, Theology and Spiritually.The course extends also to cover some aspects of comparative theology and religion. It touches upon some key factors of Christian Marriage as well. This course will commence on Wednesday the 10th August for two hours a week and will be up to three months.

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2. Marriage Preparation Course

In this course, you will learn about, Foster respect, affection and closeness, Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world, Keep conflict discussion calm, Strengthen and maintain the gains in relationship.
The course is conducted twice a year on the first Wednesday of May and November of every year. 
Read More

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Confession Table

This week: Year 9
Next week: Year 10


Ground Cleaning Table

This week TBA
Next week TBA


Cleaning Roster

This week   TBA

Next week  TBA


Kitchen Roster

This week   TBA
Next week  TBA

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Voice of the Copts
Every Tuesday
1:00pm – 1:30pm EN
1:30pm – 2:30pm AR

Skype Arabic Bible Study
Thursday from 7:00 till 08:30 PM
Account: Masee7i

CCCP  “Coptic Communication Channel in PERTH”
This VIBER group does not represent the Church in any way or mean and the posts on this group represent the personal views of respective persons.

Church Bus Service

If interested in the Church bus service for the families who attend St Mary & Archangel Michael Church from the Northern Suburbs on Saturdays and Sundays, please contact Deacon Mina Shakir  0401 544 111. 

Visit our Youtube Channel

WA Coptic TV. Channel "WACTV"

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Happy Father's Day 

Fr. Abram Abdelmalek, Fr. David Kamel and their families, the deacons, the servants, the committee, the youth and all other church services wish a very happy Father's Day to  


  and his partner in the Apostolic Liturgy 

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II                                     His Grace Bishop Surial

Pope & Patriarch of the great city                               Bishop of Melbourne and

          of Alexandria                                                          Affiliated Region                  
And  All our Spiritual & Biological Fathers.


On this occasion the church is cordially inviting you to attend this day with us

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The Silver Jubilee of the Church 

Under the Prayers of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St Mark and the leadership of His Grace Bishop Suriel, Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions. The Church is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of her establishment in Perth-WA in 1991.

The celebration will be headed by His Grace Bishop Suriel Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions.

The celebration will include:
Megalo ceremonial Liturgy, formal and informal functions, photo and video clip albums of sentimental moments of the history of the Church, memorable display, souvenir gifts, choirs, booklets, etc... Any one who has got any ideas or would like to help and be part of this event please contact Fr. David Kamel who is coordinating this event.


The date of the celebration is Sunday 25th September 2016. More details to be revealed soon. Stay tuned.
Other news on the celebration is under the Church News part in this bulletin.
A photo from the memories album of the Church

العظة الأسبوعية 

الأنبا تواضروس الثاني

لا تخف أيها القطيع الصغير


Spiritual Talk
   How does God love us?
Bishop Angelos
General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox
Church in the United Kingdom, 
To listen to the Talk press the image

من أقوال الأباء 

" حينما تصلى إلى الله من كل قلبك ؛ فأنت فى الواقع تحدث الله ليس كأنه خارج عنك ؛ بل هو فى داخلك وفى عمق قلبك" (القديس يوحنا كسيان)

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قصة أعجبتني

وَلَكِنَّ ٱللهَ بَيَّنَ مَحَبَّتَهُ لَنَا، لِأَنَّهُ وَنَحْنُ بَعْدُ خُطَاةٌ مَاتَ ٱلْمَسِيحُ لِأَجْلِنَا"رومِيَةَ 5:8

نشأ الصبيان بيار وطوني، في عائلة متواضعة، يعمها السلام. ولفرحة والديهما لم يكن بيار وطوني أخوان فقط، بل كانا أفضل صديقين لبعضهما البعض. لكن للأسف، لم يدم السلام والراحة طويلا في تلك العائلة، إذ بدت علامات الضعف والمرض تبدو على جسد طوني الصغير. بعد استشارات طبية عديدة، تبين أن الصبي الصغير طوني، مصاب بمرض عضال، والذي سيؤدي إلى موته، إن لم يخضع لعلاج قوي، يعقبه عملية نقل دمسلم والدا طوني، الأمر إلى الرب بالصلاة، بينما انهمك الأطباء، بالتحضير للعلاج، والبحث عن شخص مناسب، ليتبرع بدمه لهذا الصبي الصغير.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Both Tony and Peter were raised up in a well humble family, these two boys weren’t just brothers but also they shared a great friendship. Unfortunately,  peace and rest didn’t company the family for a long time, illness and health problems began to appear on Tony.
After a lot of doctors appointment and medical advise, it was conclude that tony would die from illness, if he didn’t undergo a surgery and a blood transfusion afterward .
Read More

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بعض تذكارات القديسين          



نياحة ميخا النبي
نياحة القديس أغسطينوس
إستشهاد القديس حديد

إستشهاد 30 ألف بالأسكندرية
إستشهاد القديس دميان بأنطاكية

نياحة القديس تكلا هيمانوت الحبشي
نياحة القديس توما أسقف مرعش
نياحة القديس بيصاريون الكبير
نياحة القديس البابا مكاريوس الثالث 114
إستشهاد القديس مويسيس وسارة أخته
إستشهاد القديس أغابيوس الجندي
وأخته تكلا
استشهاد القديسين بنيامين وأودكسيه
إستشهاد القديسة مريم الأرمانية

تذكار الأباء إبراهيم وإسحق ويعقوب


العودة للمحتويات

Saint of the Week

The Departure of St. Takla Haymanot, The Ethiopian
On this day the 24 of Masra, the great hermit and the blessed St. Takla Haymanot, the Ethiopian, departed. He was born in a village nearby Jerusalem which was the share of Zadok and Abia-thar the priests during the reign of King Soliman, son of King David. 
Zadok begot Azariah, Azariah begot Zadok, who was named after his grandfather, and Zadok begot Levi, and so forth till the father of this saint was born. His name was Tsega Ze-Ab (which means the Grace of the Father) and he married a woman whose name was Sarah. They were righteous, God fearing and very rich. They always celebrated the commemoration of the honorable Archangel Michael on the twelfth day of each Coptic month, and gave alms to the poor and the needy.
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سـيرة قـديـس هذا الأسبوع

نياحة القديس تكلا هيمانوت الحبشي
ففي مثل هذا اليوم 24 من شهر مسري المبارك، تنيح القديس المغبوط والناسك العظيم تكلاهيمانوت الحبشي وقد ولد في 24 كيهك في قرية قرب أورشليم كانت نصيبا لصادوق وأبياثار الكاهنين في عهد الملك سليمان بن داود فصادوق هذا ولد عزاريا. وعزاريا ولد صادوق علي اسم والده وصادوق هذا ولد لآوي. وهكذا إلى أن ولد والد هذا القديس وكان اسمه سجاز آب (أي نعمة الأب) ثم تزوج بامرأة اسمها سارة وكانا كلاهما بارين خائفين الله وغنيين جدا وكانا يعملان تذكارا لرئيس الملائكة الجليل ميخائيل في اليوم الثاني عشر من كل شهر ويقدمان صدقة للفقراء والمساكين أما سارة والدة هذا القديس فكانت حسنة المنظر جميلة الطبع متحلية بفضائل كثيرة لذلك دعوها اكزيهاريه (أي مختارة الله) غير أنها كانت مرة النفس متوجعة القلب هي وزوجها لأنهما لم يرزقا ولدا يقر عينيها وكان زوجها أيضا يذهب إلى الكنيسة وقت رفع البخور ويعلم الشعب أصول الإيمان وفي كل مرة كان يأخذ معه من ماله الخاص تقدمه لبيت الله ثم اتفق الاثنان علي توزيع أموالهما علي الفقراء والمعوزين والأديرة والكنائس. 

العودة للمحتويات

Words with Meaning
By Fr Abram Abdelmalek
  • The negative person could lose great fortunes fearing over the few pennies in his pocket.
  • An dventurer person may succeed or may fail, but he who fears the adventure surely will fail
  • Half of the profit of the merchandiser comes from courage, the other half comes from honesty and decency. 
  • Fear handcuffs people of doing charity.
  • If dogs are to smell your fear,  they attack you.
  • The coward cannot serve and he who serves should not be a coward.
  • If you were forced to relinquish your rights, you are a coward. However,  if you do that willingly, you are a perfect man.

كلمات ذات معني

للقس إبرام عبد الملك

  • السلبي قد يخسر ثروات طائلة، خوفا على الدراهم القليلة التي بجيبه.
  •  المغامر قد ينجح وقد يفشل، أما الذي يخاف من المغامرة فحتما سوف يفشل.
  •  نصف ربح التاجر من الشجاعة، والنصف الآخر من الأمانة ولطف المعاملة.
  •  الخوف يغل الأيدي عن فعل الخير.
  •  إذا أشتمت الكلاب رائحة خوفك... هاجمتك.
  •  الذي يخاف لا يستطيع أن يخدم، والذي يخدم يجب ألا يخاف.
  •  إذا أجبرت على التنازل عن حقوقك فأنت جبان، أما إذا تنازلت عنها بمحض إرادتك فانت رجل كامل.

االعودة  للمحتويات


Church of the Week


St Antonious Monastery, Waldsolms-Kröffelbach, Germany  


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Coptic Church Approves Draft Law for Building Churches

The Coptic Orthodox Church yesterday issued the following statement regarding the draft law proposed by the government for the building and restoring of churches:
“On Wednesday 24 August the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church held a special meeting to discuss the draft law which the Egyptian Churches had helped draft a few months and which should be shortly placed before the House of Representatives. 

Read More

بيان المجمع المقدس للكنيسة القبطية بخصوص مشروع بناء الكنائس 

عقد المجمع المقدس للكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية، برئاسة قداسة البابا تواضروس الثاني، الأربعاء الموافق 24 اغسطس 2016، جلسة خاصة حضرها 105 مطران واسقف من بين  أعضاءه البالغ عددهم 126 عضوًا وذلك لمناقشة “مشروع قانون بناء وترميم الكنائس”، والذي شاركت في إعداده الكنائس المصرية منذ عدة أشهر والمزمع تقديمه الى مجلس النواب خلال ايام.

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Biblical Geo-Science Group

On Monday the 22nd of August, Fr. Abram Abdelmalek together with other geo-scientists established the "Biblical Geo-science Group" (BGG) in WA.
This group aims at advancing the geological and geo-scientific knowledge from a Young Universe Biblical World View. Anybody who is interested to know more about this group, please contact Fr. Abram Abdelmalek.

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Newsletter 24 August 2016

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 Messing with marriage will hit constitutional bump

Australia has an express provision in its constitution granting Federal Parliament power to introduce legislation on the topic of marriage and correlating issues. In light of such provision, an amendment to the federal Marriage Act (the Defence of Marriage Act) was enacted in 2004, which defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. 

Read More

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Egyptian army delivers on church rebuilding promise, victims of anti-Christian violence resist “reconciliation” meetings, and knife-wielding attacker at Cairo church shot dead
Read More

Christians in Aleppo cry out to their brothers and sisters: You can help them
Read More

For more News on Presecuted Christians, visit
For Barnabas Prayer Focus, visit Prayer Focus

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OMI Alert: National Child Protection Week 2016


The National Child Protection Week supports and encourages the safety and wellbeing of Australian children and families through the Play Your Part awards, events, programs and resources.
The week is launched on Father’s Day in September every year.
This year, the National Child Protection Week theme is ‘Stronger Communities, Safer Children' and the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (DCPFS) invites you to participate on an event to stand against domestic violence:
Date:           4:00 – 6:00 pm Thursday 8 September 2016
Venue:         Court 4, Herb Graham Centre
                     38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka
For enquiries, please contact City of Stirling on 9205 8555 or DCPFS on 9344 9666.
More information is available on the OMI events calendar.

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OMI Alert: Annual consultations on Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program


The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) is holding its annual national consultations on the future of Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program.

This year’s consultations will focus on four key issues:

  • Australia’s response to international refugee needs
  • Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program
  • settlement support for all humanitarian entrants.

To share your views about Australia’s refugee and asylum seeker policies,. you are invited to the consultation sessions held in Perth on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 September 2016.

To register please access this link.
For more information including the consultation questions please visit the RCOA website.


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OMI Alert: Associations Incorporation Act 2015

The new Associations Incorporation Act 2015 commenced on 1 July 2016 and now applies to all incorporated associations and clubs registered in Western Australia.
Transition packs to help associations with understanding the changes required by the new law are available on the Department of CommerceConsumer Protection Division website.

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St Mary's Feast Celebration

The Church celebrated St. Mary's feast on Monday the 22nd of August by praying the Holy Liturgy. The Liturgy was co-celebrated by: 
Fr. Abram Abdelmalek & Fr. David Kamel from St. Mary & Archangel Micheal Coptic Orthodox Church, Fr. Asefa A. Desta and Fr. Mahary from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church and Fr. Siltane from the Eritrean Orthodox Tawahedo Church.   

After the liturgy all the people gathered in Fr. Abrahm's marquee over an Aghapy meal.
May St Mary's intercession be with us all Amen.

Special Meeting for the Silver Jubilee

On Saturday the 21st of August, an extended meeting to prepare for the Silver Jubilee Celebration was held in the church. The meeting was attended by the clergy, the committee and the youth. 

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Fr. Bishoy El Antony Visit to Perth

On Friday the 26th of August, we were blessed by the arrival of Fr. Bishoy El-Antony the Director of the Christian Youth Chanel (CYC) to Perth. He will stay with us till Monday the 29th of August. For details for his program please see below. May God Bless his service.

Arrival of Rev. Fr. Luke Sorsok

Rev. Fr. Luke Sorsok of St. Antony & Archangel Micheal Church, Oakleigh, Victoria, blessed us by his visit to Perth Saturday 27th of August till Monday the 29th of August. We wish the best for Fr. Luke in his short visit to Perth.

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1- His Grace Bishop Surial Visit to Perth
We will be blessed by the presence of His Grace Bishop Dr. Anba Suriel, Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Region during the period between Friday the 23rd of September and 26th of September to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of St. Mary & Archangel Micheal Church. His Grace is be the host of the celebration.

2- His Grace Bishop Daniel Visit to Perth
It gives us joy to announce that his Grace Bishop Daniel abbot of St. Shenouda Monetary & NSW, has confirmed his coming to Perth to celebrate the Silver Jubliee with us. It is worth mentioning that his grace played a great rule in the early history of our church. He served as a priest in Perth during 1994 - 1997. His itinerary is as follows:
1- Arriving to Perth on Thursday 22nd of September at 4 pm. QF 577.
2- Leaving Perth on Monday 26th of September at 12.30 pm. QF 580.

3- Disciples of Christ 
     (DOCS) News  

Youth Choir
If anyone is interested in participating in the youth choir 
for the Silver Jubilee Anniversary, please inbox Sarah Rizk with your interest, including any song recommendations!

Silver Jubilee 

We will be discussing the St Mary's Feast Celebration! Please everyone come and help us out. All help will be greatly appreciated! Have a blessed week!



Exiting Existing Exiting .....

New Arrival for the Silver Jubliee
New collection on display. please visit us


We welcome Tamer Sabry Hanna to his new home Perth. We pray for quick settlement and prosperous future.   

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