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Week # 41                      14 October 2016

«الْحَقَّ الْحَقَّ أَقُولُ لَكُمْ: مِنَ الآنَ تَرَوْنَ السَّمَاءَ مَفْتُوحَةً وَملاَئِكَةَ اللَّهِ يَصْعَدُونَ وَيَنْزِلُونَ عَلَى ابْنِ الإِنْسَانِ» 
 (يوحنا 51:1)
"Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man."
   (John 1:51)


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Special Edition

Silver Jubilee

(1981 - 2016)


St Mary's 20th

Annual Celebration
Through the prayers and Guidance of HH Pope Tawadros II & under the Pastoral care of HG Bishop Suriel, St Mary & ِArchangel Michael Church celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the Church & 20th St Mary's Annual Celebration, it was held from 23rd - 25th September 2016, where around 400 people attended the event. It was a blessed festival season.
You will find the Details of the events throughout this special edition
Elevation of Fr. Abram to the Rank of Hegemony

Thanks and Gratitude

Fr. Abram Abdelmalek offers his thanks and gratitude to His Grace Bishop Suriel, Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions for sharing his valuable  time, love and wisdom over the past weekend in Perth celebrating the Silver jublee of the Church. 
He also thanks His Grace for his confidence and trust he places in him to elevate him to the rank of Hegemony. "A rank I don't deserve but may be I need to look after the vine of God in a better way" Fr. Abram said. He added "I received this gift from his blessed hands praying and asking for his accepted prayers that I don't receive it in futile or in vane but I apply it to the fullness of it for the sake of His people".
He asks the fathers to pray for him and he renewed his vows to be their least and a servant for them
May the Lord keep His Grace for us as a father and Sheppard for many years to come 
Thanks and Appreciation
Fr. Abram Abdelmalek would like to express his deep gratitude to His Grace Bishop Danieel; Bishop of Sydney and Affiliated Regions, and His Grace Bishop Daniel; Bishop and Abbot of St. Shenouda Monastery, and the V. Rev. Fr. Macarius Wahba, and the V. Rev. Fr. Abanoub Atalla for their presence and blessings throughout the Silver Jubilee Celebration, and the participation in the promotion to the rank of Hegemony.
May the Lord reward you in heaven and bless me through your prayers.
Distinguished Guests

Many distinguished guests attended this special celebration, they are:
  1. Bishop Suriel; Bishop of Melbourne & Affiliated Regions THE HOST
  2. Bishop Danieel; Bishop of Sydney & Affiliated Regions
  3. Bishop Daniel; Bishop & Abbot of St Shenouda Monastery
  4. V. Rev. Fr. Makarious Wahba Vicar General of the Diocese of Melbourne & Affiliated Regions and Parish Priest of St Mary's Church in Melbourne
  5. V. Rev. Fr. Abanob Attalla; Priest of St Mina & St Marina Church, VIC
  6. V. Rev Fr. Polycarpos El-Baramousy
  7. V. Rev. Fr. Titus El Baramoisy
  8. V. Rev. Fr. Abram Abdelmalek and Tasouni Magda
  9. Rev. Fr. David Kamel and his wife Tasouni Fayza
  10. Rev. Fr. Tsegay Tedla; The Ethiopian Orthodoz Tawahido Debre Amin Teklehaimanot Church
  11. Rev. Fr. Abba SahleMariam Tefera; The Ethiopian Orthodoz Tawahido Debre Amin Teklehaimanot Church
  12. Rev. Fr. Mahari; The Ethiopian Orthodoz Tawahido Debre Amin Teklehaimanot Church
  13. Rev. Deacon Theodore Essa; the Syrian Orthodox Church and the Presdent of the Council of Churches of WA CCWA
  14. V. Rev. Fr. Panaiotis Dimitracos and his wife Susan; The Greek Orthodox Church
  15. V. Rev. Fr. Walantine Mouchim; The Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  16. The Most Rev. Bishop Gerard Holohan; Catholic Bishop of Bunbury, Roman Catholic Bishop of Bunbury
  17. The Most Rev. Bishop Greg Pfeiffer; LCA WA District President - St John's Lutheran Church and representing the Assosiation of the Heads of churches of WA "WAHOC"
  18. Rev. Fr. Elias Kilzi; The Parish of Our Lady of the Annuciation of the Melkite Catholics
  19. Ps. Youssif Mikhael and his wife Mrs Mervat
  20. Ps. Mike Keating; Australian Christian Church
  21. Mr. David Lowe and his wife Ruth; The State Director of FamilyVoice
  22. Miss Dahlia Messiha; the State Director of The Australian Christian Lobby "ACL"
  23. Rev. Dr. John Yates
  24. Mr. Philip Sheilds; the Convener of the Catholic Archdiocesen Taskforce for Catholic-Orthodox Bridge-building
  25. Mr. Peter Abetz MLA  representing The Hon Collin Barnett MLA, Premier of WA,
  26. E/Prof Max Kamien and his wife; University of Western Australia
  27. Dr. Samir Ibrahim
  28. Mr. Jose; from Richmond Well-being
  29. Ms.Emma Assadi  from Richmond Well-being
  30. Dr. Effat Shihata, from Aghapy Australia TV Channel
  31. Mr. George King and His wife Rana from el Hayat TV Channel

Congratulations to Our New Deacons

The Church congrats those who got the blessings of ordination/promotion in the different ranks of deaconship at the hands of Their Grace Bishop Suriel, Bishop Danieel, and Bishop Daniel. 

Promotion to the Rank of Reader:
Mr. Ashraf Kaddis by the name of Shenouda
Mr. Botros Attia by the name of Daniel
Mr. Girgis Basta by the name of George
Mr. Nader Saad by the name of Mina
Mr. Peter Nashed by the name of Peter
Mr. Ramez Ghobrial by the name of Archieledis

Mr. Tamer Messeha by the name of Sorial

Ordination into the Rank of Reader:
Mr. Haylemichael Ghebrregziabher by the name Aragawi
Mr. Malak Hanna by the name of Barsoum
Mr. Monir Rizkallah by the name of Samaan
Mr. Nabil Naguib by the name of Kosman
Mr. Youssef Hanna by the name of Abanoub
Mr. Wassim Tadros by the name of Makarious

Ordination into the Rank of Chanter:
Abel Hadgat by the name of Isaac
Andrea Sorial by the name of Moses
Arsanios Bernab by the name of Tadros
Christian Boctor by the name of Rafael
Martino by the name of Gabriel
Mina Fakahani by the name of Jacob
Paula Rizkalla by the name of Abraham

See More Photos

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Reopening of the Church

Over the 25 years of the life of the church, many innovations, expansions, and alterations have happened in the church.
For example, the land of the church has grown around three folds the original size, from 970m2 to 2500m2
Creation of Sunday School classes, kitchen, christian shop, office, ... etc
Removing internal wall
Installing new floor
Installing new roof
Concreting and landscaping
Painting, decorating, refurnishing the church building and the other buildings are just a few examples of the expansion and renovation of the church.
To acknowledge all this effort of the community, their Grace Bishop Suriel, Bishop Danieel, and Bishop Daniel uncovered the reopening plaque and reopen the church before vespers on Saturday 24 September 2016.

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Foundation Stone of the New St Mary & Archangel Michael Church

On Sunday 25 of September 2016, The Foundation Stone of the new St Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church was laid.
The stone was laid by Their Grace:
Bishop Suriel; Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions
Bihsop Danieel; Bishop of Sydney and Affiliated Regions
Bishop Daniel; Bishop and Abbot of Anba Shenouda Monastery, Putty, NSW
And in the presence of Rev. Fathers, many elders, deacons and laity of the faithful of the Parish.

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St Mary's Annual Award goes to SMOS 

Over the past few years, the work & service of Saint Mary's Outreach Service Organization has been highly acknowleged and appreciated by many governmental departments, similar charities, clients, and individuals.
This year, the church has decided to give the annual award to SMOS in acknowlegment of their dedicated service.
Dr. Ashraf Kaddis, the CEO of SMOS received this year's award in the form of Certificate, and presentation cheque of the value of $500.
May the Lord bless all their endeavors. 

Appreciation Awards for the Founding Members & Pioneers 

The Church aknowledges the pioneeers and those who participated in the foundation of the church. His Grace Bishop Suriel presented certificates of appreciation to the following people:

- V. Rev. Fr. Makarious Wahba Parish Priest of St Mary's Church in Melbourne

- V. Rev. Fr. Abanob Attalla; Priest of St Mina & St Marina Church, VIC
- Certificate of Appreciation to Late Mr. George Wahba
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Fikry Rizk
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Lewis Bolis
- Certificate of Appreciation to Late Mr. Albert Bolous
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Shawgi Boctor
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Adil Shihata
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Mounir Garas
- Certificate of Appreciation to Late Dr.Fouad Shihata
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Richard Elhaj
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Ronnie Elhaj
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Dawood Salib
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Ramzi Sawiris
- Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Saad Abdelnour
- Certificate of Appreciation to Late Mr. Sabri Salama

The following Pioneers and Fathers are not forgotten. From here, we send to them our sincere love and appreciation.

H.H. Pope Tawadros II; Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the see of St. Mark
Late H.H. Pope Shenouda III; Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the see of St. Mark
Bishop Anba Bakhomious; Most Senior & Elder Metropolitan Archbishop of the Holy Metropolis of Damanhour & Beheira
Bishop Anba Tadros; Metroppolitan Bishop of the Holy Metropolis of Port Said
Bishop Anba Antonious Markos; Bishop of Exarchate of African Affairs
Bishop Anba Serapion; Bishop of the Diocese of Los Angelos and Southern California
Bishop Anba Asheia; Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Tahta, Juhayna & Gabalein
Bishop Anba Paula; Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Tanta 
Late V. Rev. Fr. Youhanna Thabit
Late V. Rev. Fr. Theodocios Alanba Bishoy
Late V. Rev. Fr. Mina Nemattallah
V. Rev. Fr. Mina Kamel Discorous
; Priest of Anba Abram Church, Long Point, NSW
V. Rev. Fr. Samuel Wadie; Priest of St. Antony & St. Paul Church, Guildford, NSW
V. Rev. Fr. Mina Ibrahim; Priest of St Antony & Archangel Michael Church, Oakleigh, VIC
V. Rev. Fr. Sourial Sourial; Parish Priest of St Mark Church,Preston, VIC

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Annual Merit Awards

The Church acknowledges some of those who serve the name of Lord in different ways & means on an annual basis, there are five categories the merit certificates are awarded to:
- Sunday School Servant of the year to Logein Sabry 
- The Youth Servant of the year goes to Madonna Salem
- The Church Servant of the year goes to Nicole Sawires
- Senior of the year to Mr. Raouf Rostom
- The Small Business of the year goes to Farha Samir

Certificate of Completion 

Those who completed the "Introduction to the Coptic Orthodox Church" course have received their certificates of completion

Congratulations to:
Amber Chia
Sherif Girgis
Jason Naoum
Mariam Bashay

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St Mary's Annual Competition

St Mary's competition is an annual fun & educational quiz that was prepared  by Mrs Sonia Farag, His Grace Bishop Suriel handed the prizes to the winners. 
1. Mrs. Elham  Girgis -- 100%
2. Mrs. Sally Hany -- 99%
3. Mr. Adil Shihata
4. Mrs. Eva Shenouda
5. Mrs. Marina Mokhtar

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Church Celebrations
Back to the program of the church celebrations, the following are the highlights of the events:
1. Youth Celebration
2. Official Celebration
3. Spiritual Celebration
4. Public Celebration

Youth Celebration

On Friday, the 23rd of September 2016, a combined youth conference was held at St. Mark & St. George Church, the main speaker was His Grace Bishop Daniel; Bishop & Abbot of St Shenouda Monastery.
His Grace highlighted some of the virtues of St. John the Baptist, and how he is a good role model to the youth.
After the meeting everyone enjoyed a meal of aghapy in the church.

Official Celebration

The official lunch took place at Tawarri Reception Centre on the 24th of September 2016, many dignitaries representing the state government, parliament, churches, and media.
Over lunch, some of the dignitaries give speeches in recognition and appreciation of the coptic Orthodox Church in Perth, of those who gave talks:

Mr. Peter Abetz; 
MLA, Member of Southern River, Liberal Party representing the Hon Colin Barnett The Premier of WA.
Bishop Greg Pfeiffer; 
LCA WA District President on behalf of WAHOC
Rev. Deacon Theodor Issa on behalf of the Syrian Orthodox Church and representing the Council of Churches of WA.
Miss Dahlia Messiha on behalf of the youth of the church and representing Australian Christian Lobby
Dr. Eihab Boulos the Church Secretary
Fr. Abram Abdelmalek; The Senior Parish Priest of St. Mary & Archangel Michael Church
His Grace Bishop Suriel; Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions

Between the talks, Miss Sarah Rizk and Miss Veronica Basta chanted Solo some spiritual hymns.

Spiritual Celebration

Vespers Program
After reopening of the church, His Grace Bishop Suriel together with Their Grace Bishop Danieel, Bishop Daniel, and the clergy prayed the vespers on Saturday 24th September 2016.

After vespers, the St Mary & Archangel Michael Hymns and Ritual School choir under the supervision of Fr. David Gobrial, presented few beautiful coptic hymns.

After the choir, His Grace Bishop Daniel; Bishop & Abbot of St. Shenouda Monastery gave a spiritual word about St John the Baptist.

After that is finished, we enjoyed an aghapy dinner together.

Holy Liturgy Program
A Mighalo Liturgy co-celebrated by Bihsop Suriel, Bishop Danieel, and Bishop Daniel on Sunday 25th September at the church, During the liturgy, Bishop Suriel e
levated Fr. Abram Abdelmalek to the rank of Hegemony, and ordained/promoted 20 of the deacons to the ranks of Psaltos and Oghnostos.
See More Photos
After the liturgy, a message from his Grace Archibishop Timothy Costelloe is read.
See below

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Protocol Greeting of the Catholic Archbishop of Perth 

At the conclusion of the Holy Liturgy on Sunday 25 September 2016, His Grace ARCHBISHOP TIMOTHY COSTELLOE; Catholic Archbishop of Perth sent a message of greeting to our Church on the Silver Jubilee Anniversary. Mr. Philip Shields; Convener, CATCOB delivered the message.
Read the message
The Church sincerely thanks Archibishop Timothy Costelloe for his kind and warm words in his message.
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Public Celebration

A public Celebration had been held at the Sicilian Club on Sunday 25th September where different activities took place, some of those activities were:
- Performances of three choirs namely Hos Airof Adult Choir, Disciples of Christ (DOC) Youth Choir , St Mary's Church Choir.
- Two Solo Performances by Miss Sarah Rizk, and Miss Veronica Basta
- Four talks by His Grace Bishop Suriel, Fr. Macarious Wahba, Mr. Adil Shihata, and Miss Sarah Rizk
- Awards & Recognition Ceremony presented by His Grace Bishop Suriel & Fr. Abram Abdelmalek was conducted after the celebration is finished, prayers and venerations were sung by all.

See More Photos

 The Jubilee Logo Design

Thanks go to Sarah Rizk for designing the Logo of the Silver Jubilee, every family in the church received a medal for this memorial occasion. If you haven't received yours, you can still buy it from the Alfa Christian Shop.

 Alfa Christian Shop Annual Silent Fundraiser

There was a fundraiser held and raised for about $500. We would like to thank everyone who participate in this fundraiser for the great effort they presented.

Thank You

The church would like to thank everyone who participated towards the success of her 25th anniversary, special thanks should go to the church committee, the deacons, the ladies group, the youth, Saturday Hymns and Ritual School servants, the administration team, the kitchen staff, the technical support staff, accounting staff, Alfa Christian Shop, Mounir Botros (Booking & Administration), Nahed Hana, Rasha & Sameh Bekheit (MC), Marian Gobrial (Decoration), Emad Aliny, Dr. Gamal Estephan, Bassim Boulos, Carol Raouf (Videography / Photography)
The youth in general, Veronica Farag, Margrette Salama, and Margrette Messiha made all of us proud. Big Thank you

Thank You

We would like to express our gratitude to Aghapy TV Australia for the excellent coverage of our Celebration. Many Thanks to Dr. Effat Shihata for coming. 

Aghapy Australia will air the coverage of the celebrations in five episodes.
The time of broadcasting are as follows:
Wednesday 11am and 6.30pm
Thursday 12.30am
Friday 4pm
Sunday 6pm
Tuesday 10.30pm


We would like to thank Wilson Security for their great effort during the celebration.

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