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Dear friends and colleagues!

Spring is here and we're heading for Atalante in Gothenburg with our newest show Paradise Now (2014) this Friday and Saturday. We are also preparing for Oslo International Theatre Festival where Paradise Now is part of the program March 23rd and 24th. We welcome you all to join us in Oslo for the festival. 

Currently we've started to work on a new project called Beat the Drum. This will be a series of works which heighten our awareness around the feeling of interconnectivity through stories, bodies and the room we share together. First part will be presented in Copenhagen June 2015. Find more info below.

We're looking forward to see some of you in Gothenburg or in Oslo this month! For any questions about Verk, our projects or touring contact producer Pernille Mogensen: 

All the best, 
Verk Produksjoner 
Paradise Now 

The whole idea for Paradise Now started as a question, why have we ended up here? Who influenced us in our existential choices in life, and why did we choose that? We were wondering. We talked about our forefathers in theatre, Artaud, Grotowski, Brook and Barba and their travels in search after an inner universal core in the actor, and found it pretty naive today. They really thought they could change the world. Why? And why does their search after a universal language sound so naive today? When we stumbled over the film “My Dinner with Àndre” they were talking about the same issues, and we decided to use the film as a reference to talk to friends about their choices in life. Approaching the discussions we desired a re-establishment of the enigmatic time in which crucial choices were made. We revolve around the creation of the ‘I’, which idols that have been essential in our lives and riots, or escape routes we have shaped on our way through life. 

March touring dates for Paradise Now:
6 - 7: Atalante, Gothenburg (SE) 
23 - 24: Black Box Theatre, Oslo (NO)
Beat the Drum: The Play

"Beat the Drum" is a series of works which heighten our awareness around the feeling of interconnectivity through stories, bodies and the room that we share together. It is a wish from our side to create new connections in a rigorous attemt to create a contemporary ritual that intensifies our mutual dependence towards each other. 

In "Play" we are examining the present in search for a pathway, a corridor, maybe a passage that can lead us into the future. We need help, we are lost, we don´t know where to go. So we have asked leading artists, intellectuals and collagues to share with us their thoughts of the present times. What do they see? What do they want to see? They have generously shared stories, anecdotes and dreams. Our hope is that we will manage to come out of our bewilderness and together and manage to build a small passage into the future. 

 The performance is a self-examination that explores the subconscious connections between power and desire in our work and in our relations.

Premieres June 2015 in Copenhagen. 
Paradise Now (Norwegian, full version). 
PASSWORD: paradisenow
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