April/May 2015 Newsletter Vol I Issue IV
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The Nurse Practitioner Show™ Newsletter

It's Autism Awareness Month, so we created a series of podcasts this month for autism awareness. If you know of any helpful autism resources, please be sure to share any that can help others.

There's been a lot of grassroots action by nurse practitioners across the nation to initiate legislative changes and increase access to care for their patients. We've highlighted a few of these efforts in the newsletter, as well.  

If you know of any topics that would be of interest to you or help you in your practice, please feel free to share a voicemail with your thoughts or comments on our SpeakPipe page listed below. We'd love to hear from you!

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The Art of Nursing

The art of nursing blends the science of nursing with the philosophical holistic approach nurses implement to treat the patient as a whole, or the heart of nursing. The art of nursing transcends research data to also consider the patient’s biopsychosocial needs, spiritual needs, cultural preferences, and the patient’s individual health promotion and disease prevention values for their optimal health. Nursing practice is grounded in scientific evidence. However, without blending the art of nursing into patient care, nurses are unable to meet their ultimate goal as a holistic patient advocate. The art of nursing is an essential component to the nursing profession.

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"Nurses are the heart of healthcare."  ~Donna Cardillo MA, BS, RN, CSP
Florida Nurse Practitioners: Activating Advocacy for Change. Access to healthcare affects us all - especially when it is denied. Florida is facing an inevitable physician shortage. There is a solution. We will let you decide. Watch. Comment. Share. Get involved with health policy changes within your state. Go to

Florida Nurse Practitioners:
Activating Advocacy for Change

Access to healthcare affects us all - especially when it is denied. Florida is facing an inevitable physician shortage. There is a solution. We will let you decide. Watch. Comment. Share. Get involved with health policy changes within your state.

Empowered Nurses Telesummit Series
April 20 - May 1, 2015
Empowered Nurses was founded by Nurse Attorney Lorie Brown JD, MS, RN. Dr. Brown and 10 nursing co-authors  will share real life strategies that led them to a fulfilling professional career. Click on the image to learn more about this free event created to empower nurses.

Celebrate Nurse's Week with The Art of Nursing 2.0 Virtual Conference May 5 - 8, 2015

Learn how to navigate the shifting healthcare environment and still enjoy your nursing career. Be inspired, connect with the nurse you were meant to be with dynamic speakers, such as nursing theorist Dr. Jean Watson.

Need a refresher on the different types of anemias? Normocytic is usually caused by acute blood loss or anemia of chronic disease. Microcytic anemia with elevated RDW is due to either alpha or beta thalasemmia minor. The etiology of marcrocytic normochromic anemia with elevated RDW is usually dietary-induced Vitamin B12 deficiency, pernicious anemia, or folate deficiency anemia. Drug-induced macrocytosis usually without anemia is commonly related to medications. Click here for more details via Dr. Fitzgerald's Anemia Chart (printed with permission).
We're looking for Nurse Practitioner Bloggers interested in writing tidbits of NP knowledge to share with others. Are you a blogger? Or interested in getting started writing? Or just want to share some helpful information? If so, click here to find out more. NP students are welcome to be guest bloggers, too.
Health Policy
  • Obama signs Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 emphasizing quality of care for Medicare Reimbursement
  • Louisiana HB 486 is scheduled for the House Health and Welfare Committee 4/21/15
  • Florida HB 547 Full Scope of Practice of APRNs is headed to the House thanks to physician FL Representative Dr. Cary Pigman, MD
  • The Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association meeting on 4/23/15 at 6pm. They have invited the lobbyist for the TN Full Practice Authority bill to update the NP group on the progress of the bill for 2016
  • Maryland legislators have completed the legislative process for HB 999 and its Senate companion bill, SB 723for Full Practice Authority. It willl be signed by the governor this month! Congratulations to Maryland Nurse Practitioners!
  • Public comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are due by April 30, 2015 on the FTC websiteShare your thoughts on how unfair healthcare competition interferes with your practice as a Nurse Practitioner and with access of care for your patients. This includes contracting policies. collaborative agreements and regulatory activity may enhance or undermine healthcare competition strategies. 
  • AANP members can stay up to date on legislative matters with the State Legislative Tracking Center.
  • Ask Members of YOUR Congress to support the Home Health Planning and Improvement Act (S.578/H.R. 1342) so NPs can certify their patient's eligibility for home health care services
Some Antibiotics May Increase Diabetes Risk

The human gut microbiome effects the pathogenesis of certain metabolic disorders: obesity,  insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Researchers studied antibiotics, medications that alter gut microbiota, and determined certain antibiotics increase the risk of developing diabetes. There findings were published in the European Journal of Endocrinology.
Dr. Rachel's Book Club

From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System is co-authored by 11 nurses, including Editor, Registered Nurse and Attorney Lorie Brown JD, MS, RN. This book is a superb example of how nurses cohesively work together inspiring the transformation of health and healing not only as patient advocates, but as nursing advocates for one another. According to the general public, the nursing profession is regarded as the most honest and ethical profession. The co-authors of this book share their authentic experiences with action strategies they individually implemented to successfully achieve empowerment and fulfillment. It’s the perfect gift for nurses across the career spectrum, from new graduate nurses to those with roles as nursing leaders and educators. Each co-author gifts you with a light to ignite the power from within to achieve your nursing dreams.
Men's Health

Yale University researchers published article in the British Journal of Cancer discovering men utilizing muscle-building supplements had a higher risk of testicular cancer.
Research Grants and Scholarships
Health Services Research Projects: Submissions due by April 27th. AHRQ will fund 5-10 awards up to $3.5 million to support patient safety research projects. The focus must be on understanding the epidemiology of patient safety in ambulatory settings and resident long-term facilities, gathering evidence on strategies to improve patient safety with evidence-based tools to implement the strategies.

Small Research Grant Program: Submissions due by June 16th. The AHRQ is interesting in supporting small research grant applications, such as pilot and feasibility studies, secondary analysis of existing data, small self-contained research projects, and development of new research technology. 

Career Development and Dissertation Awards: The AHRQ is interested in supporting individual Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Awards, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Mentored Clinical Investigator Awards, and the Grants for Health Services Research Dissertation Program.
Mental Health and Air Pollution

Two studies published in the March 2015 BMJ indicate air pollution is not only linked to physical health, but mental health, as well. Results revealed women living in areas of fine particle pollution, such as car exhaust, industrial sources and power plants, had higher anxiety levels compared to women exposed to less air pollution. 
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The NP Show Episode 10:
What is Autism?

April is Autism Awareness Month, so we are giving a series on autism to increase the knowledge and awareness of autism. Click here to read the show notes for this episode. Learn about the origins of autism and the milestones to observe for possible developmental delays related to autism . 💡Feel free to share your comments about autism at the bottom of the page. 
Listen to Episode 10 MP3
The NP Show Episode 11: An Autism Diagnosis, What Now?
We continue our series this month on autism, answering the question "what to do once diagnosed with autism?" Read our blog article for this episode's show notes to discover autism resources, such as early intervention services and therapy options.
Listen to Episode 11 MP3
In The Spotlight
The Nurse Practitioner Show™ is featured as 1 of 4 awesome nursing podcasts! Hooray!! The other 3 nursing podcasts listed are the Nursing Show, RNFM Radio and Reiki Radio: An Rx for Self-Care in Healthcare.
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