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Hi everyone, here we go another feature packed newsletter for you this week. I hope you have all been productive and if you are in the USA had a good long weekend for Memorial Day. I have been spending a lot of my time building up a new Tanzu Application Service (TAS) on Azure. I have decided to do this using the fully manual approach to spend a bit of extra time seeing exactly what it takes, any potential gotchas and how to improve on the process. I have to say that in many ways it was pretty easy, following the documentation provided, however there are also a number of gotchas on the Azure side that you need to be aware of. I might do a blog post on this and provide it in a newsletter but if you do have any interest in this please reach out to me via my email below.

I wish you all a fantastic rest of the week and week ahead, and hope you enjoy this weeks newsletter.

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Discovering Kubernetes-Ready Solutions for Cloud Native Applications
The way we architect and build applications has changed over the last decade or so. Where monoliths (or single, large codebases) used to be the standard, modern applications are now built using a combination of new architecture patterns, operational models, and software delivery services. By shifting to a microservices architecture, teams can more easily update, replace, and innovate on small, modular codebases—driving faster business innovation while reducing risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership.

The Truth About Kubernetes: the Benefits & Challenges
Organizations are continuing their Kubernetes buildouts and increasing production use, according to our 2021 State of Kubernetes survey. The challenges around skills and security still exist, but reaping the benefits of better resource utilization and speeding up the software release cycle have become a critical priority, as more organizations rely on software as the primary way of interacting with customers.

How the Public Sector Can Transform User Experiences with App Modernization
People around the world have access to digital experiences in almost every part of their lives, all from the touch of a button. So it only makes sense that they also expect the same—if not better—seamless experience when it comes to how they engage with government organizations.
The services and information governments provide are crucial to keeping society running and enabling people to live their lives to the fullest. Everything from their ability to lodge a tax return correctly to receiving timely alerts during a national crisis hinges on governments having the right technology in place to deliver services quickly, securely, and in a way that’s user-friendly. A recent survey by VMware and Vanson Bourne found that when it comes to digital transformation, one-third of government respondents across APAC rank improving the customer experience among their top three priorities. 

-Major kudos to Pat Johnson, Chloe Jackson, Rachel Holland, Steve Lichtenstein, Sarah Pham, and Carlos Aviles Buitron! They conceived of, designed, wrote, curated, and built this Apps and Cloud Transformation Assessment, which evaluates what kind of transformation respondents are undertaking and how far along they are in the process, then gives them recommended resources to push those initiatives forward. | 
-Pop the Nutella jar! Michael Coté’s new e-book, Changing Mindsets: The Missing Ingredient to Digital Transformation, is out! This book covers all the messy human stuff business leaders need to consider when undergoing digital transformation, including rethinking how software drives a business, redesigning an organization's culture from the top down, and viewing software as a product, not a project. | 
-Kip Cole wrote about three ways app modernization is helping manufacturers in APJ gain a competitive advantage and thrive on the global stage—by taking an agile approach to operations, increasing innovation initiatives, and improving security | 
-In this Tanzu Talk episode, Coté explained how you can get better at making software by doing smaller releases more frequently, reducing risk of failure and getting more feedback along the way
-For Tanzu Tuesday, Glenn Renfro joined Tiffany Jernigan to show off the tooling capabilities of Spring Cloud Data Flow, with demos showing how to create a real-time streaming pipeline on Kubernetes and how to schedule and continuously deploy batch workloads on Kubernetes
-On the Bootiful Podcast, Josh Long talked to Micrometer lead and observability guru Tommy Ludwig about metrics, tracing, and Tokyo
-Josh Long chronicled the week in Spring news and updates
-Josh also rounded up all the most interesting and important Spring stuff from the month of May
-Tanzu Observability was recognized as an industry leader by GigaOm; Stela Udovicic and Stephanie Xavier made this report come to life | 
-Moin Tavargere, Scott Rogers, and Stela Udovicic presented this hands-on webinar, which showed viewers how to use Tanzu Observability to get the most out of products like Tanzu Application Service and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to speed up services delivery, pinpoint bottlenecks, and get sophisticated alerts, metrics, and logs. | 
-Chris Sterling joined RedMonk’s KellyAnn Fitzpatrick to explain the ins and outs of distributed API management, and how to get started with API portal for VMware Tanzu | 
-Chris Sterling and Rita Manachi joined Coté on this Tanzu Tanzu episode to discuss Spring Cloud Gateway, the power of internal APIs, the difference between an API gateway and a service mesh, and how they can work together to make your users’ appliance-searching dreams come true
-Over on the VMware Cloud Community blog, Eric Horschman wrote about new integration with Tanzu Standard edition and Microsoft Azure VMware Solution | 
-Ramiro Salas and Ning Ge wrote this white paper, which gives an overview of the security measures implemented in Tanzu Mission Control, and discusses the shared responsibility model for securing a complex cloud environment. | VMware advocacy
-On TGIK, Jay Vyas and friends walked through how upstream Kubernetes builds both container and OS imagesacross the project
-On Between Chair and Keyboard, Nate Schutta talked with Abdellfetah Sghiouar, a cloud engineer at Google focusing on Kubernetes, service mesh, and serverless technologies

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