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Hi everyone, I hope your end of the 2nd half of 2021 went well. It was of course very busy on my side as always and also the reason the newsletter is a little later than expected. As we head into the 2nd half I really want to push the message of events that are coming your way. I know this is a competitive time of the year for events, I want to try and ensure that I provide as much attention to at least two upcoming events, namely Spring One and VMworld for you to keep on your agenda.

I wish you a fantastic start to Q3.

Virtually Yours

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-Arnaud Cogoluègnes dropped more streams knowledge on the world, this week with a post showing how RabbitMQ streams can detect and filter out duplicate messages
-On Between Chair and Keyboard, Nate Schutta talked with Sharat Chander, Oracle’s director of Java product management and developer engagement, about the future of Java, the growing influence developers hold in organizations, the importance of setting boundaries for remote workers, and more
-Ray Chuan Tay published this new Kubernetes guide in the Developer Center, showing how to use NGINX ingress to forward client certificates automatically
-Josh Long wrote his weekly Spring roundup of news, releases, and general goings-on
-And if you’re behind on the latest in the Spring community, don’t fret. Josh also posted his roundup of Spring news for the whole month of July
-For Tanzu Tuesday, Hananiel Sarella and David Tillman joined Tiffany Jernigan to talk about what’s new in the Steeltoe 3.1 release, highlighting messaging and stream processing, along with some demos
-On the latest Bootiful Podcast, Josh Long talked to Microsoft’s Asir V. Selvasingh about Azure Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Microsoft Azure and more
-Bob Glithero did the honors of announcing Data Management for VMware Tanzu, which gives folks a new user interface that simplifies the operation, automation, and scalability of Tanzu SQL databases
-Purna Mehta created this three-minute video intro to Data Management for Tanzu
-On TGIK, Jay Vyas and Ricardo Katz surfed through the design and architecture of CNI providers, including Antrea and Calico
-Kit Colbert wrote this post breaking down the concept of modern least privilege, how it can be applied throughout the DevSecOps lifecycle to properly secure modern apps, and how the Tanzu portfolio helps organizations implement it 
-The Tanzu Value Advisory Team reconvened for another webinar, talking about the need for businesses to both adopt shiny new technologies while maintaining what they have now, how to adopt a mindset of modern tech adoption, as well as anti-patterns that tech leaders and business execs must avoid

Is Enterprise Virtual Reality Ready to Be Actual Reality?
VR enables enterprise teams to socialize and interact as if they were together in a physical space. However, how/when will VR be an actual reality? 
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