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Board Meeting date: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PTA Update
  • Staff Gifts—Staff/teacher gifts were distributed on Friday, December 16, 2016. A total of 97 Fitbits were given to the 97 full time staff, including two outgoing faculty (Sara Heim-Smit and Lexy McDowell).To date, the staff gift fund has collected $16,473.00. Of that total, approximately $8,500.00 was used toward the purchase of the Fitbits.
  • Gift Drive—DLS PTA gift drive fund provided 30 DLS families with gifts this holiday season. That is an increase over 2015 when 22 families were included.
  • Colorado Gives Day—Colorado Gives Day received $31,970 from 107 donors on that single day. We are expecting $945.00 from the One Million Incentive Fund. For all direct giving donations, DLS is currently at $50,350.00 which puts the budget on track for the year.
Financial Update
Mill-Levy – no final numbers, but we estimate DLS will receive somewhere between $200-400K more for this year alone. More information to come on this. Currently, the surplus is sitting at about $1400.
Facilities Update
West Campus – still working on security issues related to elevator. The elevator is functioning, but not in use yet. Over the break, DLS will complete new carpeting and improved lighting in the hallways.
Governance Committee Update
Board Bylaws are not currently ripe for approval. The Bylaws were sent to management team at DPS for review. Once we receive them back, we will do a final reading.
Principal’s Update
English Program
  • DLS has brought on two new hires. Nicole St Clair and Renee Sullis. DLS is very excited to welcome them to our staff family!
  • IStation—DLS has implemented this new assessment tool and it has been phenomenal. The program assesses the students every time they log in. The school is able to review new data every month and use that information to determine what part of the program the student needs to be in and what skills to work on.
Chinese Program
  • iChinese – similar to istation. The Chinese Program is very excited about this new tool. Teachers are trained and have started to test their students. Students are tested with listening and speaking—all computerized. This program provides the teacher with immediate feedback by student and per level, so that the teacher can tailor methods/approach accordingly. This is the first time the Chinese program has something concrete and objective by which to assess their students. This is a big breakthrough to have this diagnostic tool.
Spanish Program
  • iStation is testing kids in Spanish, as native speakers, not as immersion program speakers. So, the percentage results are as compared to native speakers across the nation.
  • DLS has received 90 Chrome Books – should be a 1 to 1 computer ratio for each student in middle school. We will reallocate computers around the rest of the school to have at least 6 laptop computers in each classroom. Plus, thanks to donations, we have 45 other computers for the computer lab, thus freeing up laptops for classroom use. Should be starting these new computer assignments starting in January.
  • Reviewed SOPA/ELLOPA Scores – Student Oral Proficiency Assessment (SOPA) / Early Language Listening and Oral Proficiency Assessment (ELLOPA). 
Development Committee
Between 250 individuals have toured DLS. Recruitment effort have been healthy/robust. DLS has attended all recruitment fairs. DLS ran an ad in the park hill newspaper.
Educational technology—DLS has formed two partnerships with PC’s for Learning and PC’s for People. We expect that by the end of the year we should be able to handle our technology needs.
Math testing results – DLS out performs all the other charter/district schools, even despite the fact that they take the tests in English, despite learning the math in their target languages. This reinforces that the immersion model is providing benefits in Math. The abstract thinking in particular.
Trip to China is a go. 16 students, 6-8 grade will be travelling to four cities for almost two weeks.
Strategic Plan
Robust discussion regarding scope and purpose of strategic plan. The Board re-established larger goals, strategies, and activities around the Board’s strategic goals. Drafting is ongoing.
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