Saturday, July 20
5:00 p.m.
Holy Eucharist

The Rev. Kay Sylvester, preaching

Sunday, July 21
Holy Eucharist
The Rev. Kay Sylvester, preaching

10:00 a.m. - CHURCH SCHOOL
Church school children meet at the welcome table
to be walked to the Pavilion for outdoor church school

"INTERFAITH PEACE - JUDAISM" - Katrina Miller, Teaching

Child Care is Available from 9:45 am - 11:30 am

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Sunday, July 21 from 11:30-1: 30 pm

It's time to play! Join other families for a picnic lunch followed by some old classics like gunny sack races, parachute games, egg toss, and of course concluding with a water balloon toss. Activities provided for ages 11 and under. If you have kids older than 11, I'd love to have them as my helpers to fill water balloons! RSVP HERE to attend or to help with lunch or activities. 
Saturday, July 27, 9:30-11: 30 am

Home of Karen Meade

Join other moms from St. Paul's for warm drinks and light treats as we open our hearts to each other about the challenges and joys of parenting. We hope to see you! Please RSVP HERE. 


On Sunday, July 28, we continue our “Connect” series on faith and values with a look at some of the several issues before us concerning the environment. Why should Christians care about the environment? Aren’t there more important human issues to discuss? How can we possibly make a difference?

We’ll share some healthy snacks, discuss our values regarding the care of Creation, see a short film, and join in small group conversation to explore and identify what is central to us about our planet as we listen to campaigns for 2020 ramp-up. Let us know you’re coming so we'll have enough food!


You have asked when reconstruction will begin on the Parish Hall.  In a word, the answer is, "soon!'

County departments are reviewing our detailed application for building permits, and we expect to hear back from them by this Friday--hopefully with approval to proceed with construction!   Meanwhile, we are negotiating with the contractor selected to carry out Parish Hall work.  These negotiations include carefully analyzing all work to be done in the Parish Hall, ranging from kitchen renewal to roof replacement, from new air conditioning to replacement of partitions, from flooring to storage, etc., to be sure that we are doing all--but not too much--needed to make our Parish Hall ready to meet our ministries for decades to come.  

Work is also going on to secure County approval of our courtyard repair/replacement, to negotiate a contract for this work and to prepare a cost-effective design for the new parish office and education building.  

Thanks for your patience as we work through these important front-end steps.  Your Vestry and Capital team will continue to provide oversight of all of this work.  And we'll keep you current as approvals are received and as contracts for work are executed.  Please talk with Pat Ash, George Turner, Jerry Premo or Kay Sylvester with questions!

Following the example of many Anglican provinces throughout the world, St. Paul’s will observe a late-summer “Season of Creation”, beginning the first weekend of August and concluding with the Feast of St. Francis, celebrated this year on October 6. The lectionary readings will remain the same, but the prayers, collects, Eucharistic Prayer, blessing, and other liturgical pieces will point our attention to the incredible gift of the earth and our relationship to her.

Matthew Fox, renowned author and speaker, talks in one of his seminal works about “Original Blessing”, his phrase for the Creation as God intended it, with humankind, all creatures, and all environments in a state of perfection and blessed relationship to the Creator. Our Scripture bursts with images of the natural world as our best glimpse of the Divine. Given the current state of our planet, and the human disregard and greed that has does so much damage to her, we want to reclaim the language of blessing, beauty, praise, and reverence for the earth in our liturgies this summer. Please be here for as much of it as possible!
We are planning several activities around this season, too; watch for announcements coming soon! 
Sunday Supper appreciates your kind donations of protein and canned meals. Our guests look forward to choosing these items to help them feed their families throughout the week. We continue to need these products. Thank you for your faithfulness to our program. 


We can’t do everything, but we can do something
“What can we do?”  We’ve all heard this question, or asked it ourselves.  “We want to do something for the families who are part of this current migration to our border. “
 Last Sunday, fifteen St. Paul’s folk met to discuss how we might, as a congregation focus our resources on areas at the border and closer to home.   We learned that there are people of good will throughout the country who are responding compassionately and generously to every aspect of human need.   Many St. Paul’s people are working through those agencies. 
Beginning next Sunday, we will provide a list of ways that you can be involved. Options include: public witness, political action, support for local families affected by detention, the collection of goods, and monetary donations. Each agency has been vetted through our own research or personal involvement.  
In the meantime, St. Paul’s is connected with two women who are active at the border in New Mexico and El Paso, and who distribute items personally to people who are in shelters and/or being released to travel to family members. These refugees have been stripped of everything, so the intent is to supply them with some basics. Any of these items you would like to send, either personally or by Amazon or other online company, would directly help another human being. 
Contact me if you have any questions: Peggy Catron
Send these items to:   Sylvia Corona    1406 Brown Rd.    Las Cruces, NM  88005
  • Teen clothes: girl and boy pants
  • Women’s clothes: Small or medium pants
  • Men’s clothes: Small or medium- pants/shirts/belts/shoes
  • New packages of underwear and socks for all ages
  • Small backpacks
  • Combs
  • Toothbrushes
  • Ponytail holders
  • Shoe laces
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Small boxes of crayons
  • Welcome letters
Send these items to: Kaze Gadway   1111 Cardenas Dr. SE  Apt. 222  Albuquerque, NM  87108
  • Pedialyte packets for rehydrating children
  • Sippy cups
  • New packages of underwear for women and men – small or medium
  • New packages of socks – regular length, not short
  • Used or new backpacks
  • Baseball caps
  • Mini plush toys
  • Children’s books in Spanish (Dr. Seuss, etc)
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Shoes good for walking (new or used)
  • Welcome letters
As you consider and pray about what gifts you have to give to this effort - time, energy, companionship, money, goods, etc. - please remember that no matter where you are or what you have to give in other ways, you can - and should - pray.
  • Pray for children separated from their families.
  • Pray for adults in detention.
  • Pray for the many agencies and communities of faith who are working to provide direct services, legal aid, and policy advice to deal with this humanitarian crisis. 
  • Pray for the 4 Episcopal dioceses on the southern border, all of whom are working hard to meet needs: The diocese of San Diego, the diocese of Rio Grande,  the diocese of Arizona, and the diocese of West Texas
  • Pray for Border Patrol agents and leaders; ICE agents and leaders; city governments on both sides of the border.
  • Pray for our President, Senators and Representatives, and the Department of Homeland Security, that their policies will be informed by the Biblical mandate to care for the stranger in our midst. 
Here is a LINK to a set of prayers, followed by some data regarding refugees, provided by Episcopal Migration Ministries, an arm of our national church:
In support of Families Who Continue to be Separated
Thursdays beginning July 11- September 19 at 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
St. Joseph Center: 480 S. Batavia St., Orange
 We are asked to gather outside the Mother House for prayer, followed by a walk to make a public stand with our prayer and support of children separated from their parents seeking refuge.  Carpooling will be available from St. Paul’s at 5:30 pm.
2019 BISHOPS CONCERT will feature Debby Boone
Are you ready to light up your life?
Get your tickets before August 1 and save!
Bishop John Harvey Taylor and Canon Kathy O'Connor are pleased to invite you, as a member of the diocesan community, to the second annual Bishop's Concert, featuring Grammy Award-winning singer, actor and author Debby Boone, on Friday, October 11 at the episcopal residence, located at 3435 E. California Boulevard in Pasadena.
Debby Boone is known for the 1977 hit “You Light Up My Life” (listen here), her 1980 country song “Are You On the Road to Lovin’ Me Again,” and albums of country music, contemporary Christian songs, and songs for children. In 2005 she released Reflections Of Rosemary, an album featuring music that her mother-in-law, Rosemary Clooney, performed as well as other songs that Boone felt reflected the woman her family knew. Boone also has appeared in many musical theater productions, television series and movies, and has written several children’s books illustrated by her husband, the Rev. Gabriel Ferrer, vicar of St. Martin’s Church, Winnetka.
Gates will be opened at 6 p.m. and refreshments will be served before the performance, which will begin at 7:30 p.m. Valet parking will be available. Tickets are $75, but yours will be $60 if you make your reservations before August 1. To reserve your tickets, visit Proceeds will support diocesan ministries.


God of silence and God of all sound,
help me to listen.
Help me to do the deep listening to the sounds of my soul,
waiting to hear your soft voice calling me deeper into you.
Give me attentive ears
that begin to separate the noise from the sounds that are you;
you who have been speaking to me
and through me my whole life,
for so long that you can seem like background noise.
Today help me hear you anew.
         - Author Unknown

Always-present God,
help me to be present to all who need me.
Help me be present
to those, I know too well to actually see
and to those who are unseen strangers to me.
Give me the ability to model your attentive, loving gaze
when I view my world,
my family
and my friends,
who are seen and loved by you first.
Finally, may my availability be marked by a desire
to be like your Son:
open to being sent,
open to being loved,
open to becoming love in the world.
        - Author Unknown

This week, we remember those among us who suffer the pain of illness, fear, or loss especially, Sue, Sylvia, Bob, Kelly, Royce, Jan, Rosemary, Alec, Anna, Debbie, Angela, Doriel.
Give them courage, strength, and healing.  Help them to know your love and grace. Amen


Saturday – July 20, 2019
             6:00 am       AA Meeting (Daily)
             8:30 am       Parents’ Al-Anon
           10:00 am       Citizenship Class
            11:30 am       Altar Guild
             5:00 pm       Holy Eucharist
Sunday –  July 21, 2019 
            SINGLE SERVICE
            10:00 am       Holy Eucharist
10:00 am       Church School
            11:30 am       Games on the Lawn
Monday –  July 22, 2019
             6:00 pm        TOSP
             7:00 pm        Al-Anon Meeting 

 Tuesday – July 23, 2019
             9:00 am        New Church Band Rehearsal
            10:15 am        Staff Meeting
              6:00 pm        Teen Cafe
Wednesday – July 24, 2019 
             7:00 pm        The Way of Love 
 Thursday – July 25, 2019
              11:00 am       Prayer Group
              12:00 pm       Holy Eucharist
               5:30 pm        Carpool leaves for Sisters of St. Joseph 
Friday – July 26, 2019 - Parish Office Closed
            12:00 pm         OA Meeting
              7:30 pm         AA Meeting

St. Paul’s Staff

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Cassie Lewis, Children and Family Minister

Stacey Letteriello, Preschool Director

Debbie Magnussen, Music Associate

Sue Martin, Music Associate

Nathan Smith, Sexton

Hilda Hernandez, Sexton

Brad Nickle, Sexton
St. Paul’s Vestry

Sr. Warden:

Pat Ash, 952-657- 4009
Jr. Warden:
Katrina Miller, 714-943- 2575

Kathy Chai, 714-376-1887 
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Doris Longmead, 714-744-1866
Dennis MacDonell, 949-748-9081
Julie McNeely, 714-289-1506
Janet Miles, 714-544-7093
Martin Sancho-Madriz, 562-310- 5651
George Turner, 714-241-1227
Adelle Yeaton, 952-657- 4009
Sean Voysey, 949-237-1663

Rhonda Matini

Ryan Harlow-Nakano

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