GEO News November/December 2015
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GEO’s Kutama Centre Donates Water Borehole for local Pre-School

Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre (KSCC) donated a water borehole to the Waterval Pre-School which caters for over 100 children.... Read More 

Players and coaches from Sheffield-Abraxas co-op give unique insight to Sports

One football coaching magazine, five head coaches and 20 years of an unbelievable amount of time and sacrifice later, the Sheffield-Abraxas co-op has become not only an inspiration for the football program, but one for the community as well... Read More  

New Center Helps Those on Parole and Probation Reenter Society

According to the Department of Corrections, and other sources, Louisiana has more people incarcerated per capita than any other place in the world — and most of these people, will one day be set free. That's why re-entry programs are seen as crucial to help offenders integrate into society.... Read More  

South Bay Canal Clean-up

The GEO Group’s South Bay Correctional Facility staff and other volunteers worked together to help clean up around Rosenwald Elementary School in South Bay, Florida. Volunteers worked vigorously to clean up the canal banks before children would be walking to school....                 Read More

GEO Group Supports Christmas on Broadway Event in Junee

Junee will start their festive season with a bang on Sunday, November 28 with Christmas on Broadway.The event is being supported by local businesses and The GEO Group who are contributing to the event’s running costs. JBT president Tony Butt said that support made it a free event for the community.....                     Read More

High school forum empowers Junee

Junee High School is basking in the success of their public forum about 'ice' or crystal methamphetamine. The forum was organised jointly between the high school, Junee Shire Council and The GEO Group. More than 160 people filed into the school’s MPC to hear from experts about the dangers   and impact of crystal methamphetamine.....         Read More
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