The Aleph Institute Honors The GEO Group’s William Zerillo With the National Warden of the Year Award

The Aleph Institute, a national nonprofit advocating on behalf of Jewish inmates and military personnel, recently honored Warden William Zerillo of The GEO Group’s Queens Detention Facility with the National Warden of the Year Award....
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10 Graduate From Louisville Day Reporting Center

When a judge referred Rebecca Bramel to the Day Reporting Center, an alternative sentencing option for nonviolent offenders, she said she didn't know what to expect. Six months later, Bramel led the group of 10 offenders who successfully completed their program into a graduation ceremony....
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Abraxas Marienville Grad Begins Next Chapter At Clarion University

After 10 months of working through treatment, making changes in himself, earning his diploma, running track, playing football and planning for his future, Ja’Sani is college bound...                       Read More

Arthur Gorrie Inmates Help Free Plant Program Flourish

A plant supply partnership between Ipswich City Council and Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre produced more than 17,000 seedlings in an 18-month period, which helped to restock council's free plant program. Environment and Conservation Committee chairwoman Heather Morrow said the agreement was now permanent... Read More

Lycoming County Reentry Service Center’s Early Stages Prove Successful

In the five months since its opening, the Lycoming County Reentry Service Center has thus far proved successful in key areas of saving taxpayer dollars and reducing overcrowding in the Lycoming County Prison....
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State Program Aims to Reduce Recidivism

More than one-third of people who are released from Indiana prisons end up returning within three years. A new program is aiming to cut that rate down with education and individual attention for first-time offenders. The state program is in its third month at Heritage Trail, formerly known as the Plainfield Correctional Facility...
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Inmate Graduation from New Mexico Junior College

Beverly Lewis wiped away tears as she watched the man she calls her son receive his diploma during a graduation ceremony December 11, 2014. “I knew I should have brought a box of tissues with me,” Lewis said. “I am just so proud of him.”...
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