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Thursday 24 June 2021

Dear St Andrew's Community and Friends

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of our School. As we farewell a successful Term 2 at St Andrew's, we are reminded that it takes a village to raise a child, but did you know that it takes a village for a school to be successful? Our School prides itself on being a welcoming community where children enjoy their childhood, and their families are along for the ride – supporting, caring, nurturing, guiding. Our School is a special place!

Our village is vast and diverse. Bringing that village together requires people from our School to volunteer their time and to help the staff create cohesion. There are many informal and formal ways we do this. Our School has many support services, networks and mechanisms we have to bring our community together. Another very important network is that of the Associations that support our School. Our School would not be what it is without the essential services that our Associations provide.

The four main Associations for our School are the:

  • School Board
  • School Foundation
  • Parents’ Association
  • Old Scholars’ Association

Each Association begun the year by working through the strategic directions they wish to take for the next two years, so there is a clear focus and purpose for the work they do. This is also helping to ensure each Association has its own remit so that they do not overlap. The support that is provided to our village is essential and it is important that we receive the assistance in the right places.

These are the formal parts of our village that support us, keeping us healthy and safe in so many ways. Our Class Representatives also make sure the village is cohesive by organising events for families and parents to come together.

A successful school is only as strong as the village supporting it. And St Andrew’s has a very strong village supporting our children to exceed their potential and show the world how remarkable they are in their capabilities and competencies.

Warm regards,

Jackie Becher 

Jackie Becher's Commissioning

The official Commissioning of Jackie Becher as the 20th Principal of St Andrew's School took place on Wednesday 16 June overseen by Archbishop Geoffrey Smith. This was a service that highlighted all that was important to us as a community: ensuring children receive an outstanding education underpinned by Anglican values, whilst preserving their childhood. 

For this important occasion, there was a whole school Assembly with invited special guests, and parents. Students also played official roles in the ceremony including presentation of symbols, readings, banner and cross bearers, bell ringing and Acknowledgement of Country. 

National Reconciliation Week

Ngadlu tampinthi ngadlu Kaurna yartangka inparrinthi.

We acknowledge that we meet on Kaurna land.

These words are often spoken at the beginning of events at St Andrew’s School. We have actively sought ways for us to support the work of Reconciliation in Australia since 2016, through our school Reconciliation Action Plan. However, we acknowledge that we are on a journey and this year, we commit anew to our action plan.

The theme of National Reconciliation Week 2021 was action #morethanaword. We know that real action comes from real understanding and opportunities to learn more about the First Nations cultures we are privileged to witness and experience.

The children and staff are committing to actions that allow Reconciliation to live and breathe at St Andrew’s School and for it not only to exist in signs, assemblies and documents.

The following are some of the actions voiced by the children this year:

I want to talk about changing the date of Australia Day.  

I want to find a place where I can learn how to play the didgeridoo. 

I’m going to water the Butterfly and Bushtucker garden.

I’m going to help organise another Great Book Swap to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

I  want to learn how to say more phrases and words in Kaurna.

I want to learn more about Aboriginal art.

I will ask if an Aboriginal artist can come to school and teach us.

We would love the support of our parent and friends community in our journey. If you have any insight you wish to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cerys Phillips
RAP Coordinator

Love India Day
On Monday 10 May, St Andrew's hosted a Love India Day to support the COVID-19 crisis in India. In the School hall, a large heart was the canvas for students to place gold coins on. A Gold Heart for India was created. Thanks to all the students who participated in Love India Day and contributed their time and money toward a great cause, we were able to raise $828.

We will be donating the funds to UNICEF who are currently running programs in India for children whose families are affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 
We would like to thank our community for their support of this day!

Preparing our children for the future

By Jackie Becher
Principal, St Andrew’s School

During the past couple of months, I have engaged with the community at St Andrew’s School to find out about areas in which we excel and where we require improvement. A recurring theme that emerged was that children, particularly upper primary children, need to experience preparedness for a global job market. Coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic creating economic uncertainty and the shifting nature of the workforce within South Australia, it is little wonder that our community are concerned. But, as we often do at St Andrew’s, we have taken these challenges and concerns and turned them into opportunities for our students and our School – some of which I will share with you below.

Future-focused work force

As a school we are always asking the important questions about the future – one of which is, How will local and global contexts impact on education and future prospects for our children? To help us navigate this inquiry, we have become the first school in South Australia to be a member of the Committee for Adelaide

This membership enables us to connect with industry leaders, be a part of the conversation about the future of Adelaide, all while providing a voice for the next generations. These connections are invaluable as a strong emphasis on future-focused employment becomes the centrepiece of the state. 

Finding your passion

One of the key delights of childhood is finding your passion! Education and psychology research highlights the need for children to find their passion, as it protects them from ‘falling into the wrong crowd’ as they grow older. It also helps children set their direction for high school and university. In fact, Dr Helen Street (2018) states in her book, Contextual Wellbeing: Creating Positive Schools from the Inside Out:
‘If we want young people to have the best chance of experiencing wellbeing and building resiliency, we need to help them identify their strengths, find their passions, learn how to fail and how to succeed, and commit to their journey – their way.’ (page 66)
This research and the context of South Australia positioning itself to be a leader in many disciplines – health, space, defence industries, technology – has influenced our Board’s decision-making. Examples of this are our new ‘Bright Futures Centre’[MB1]  (working title), the emphasis we place on our curriculum, and the experiences we offer our St Andrew’s children. 

The context of South Australia’s future directions, a COVID adjusted world, global economic uncertainty, and our desire to help children find their passion, has led us to develop pilot holiday camps for our school community – the first of which is our forthcoming Space Camp.

Space Camp: Enhancing children’s competencies

Families have communicated about their concern for the need for children to be learning about a competitive workforce. There are a diverse of ideas from many families on how to how to accomplish this. We need to consider the beliefs we have about learning and the research about the skills children will need in a future workforce. 

Research by the World Economic Forum outlines the need for children to be competent in skills including: resilience; stress tolerance and flexibility; leadership and social responsibility; active learning and learning strategies; just to name a few. With these competencies in mind, we asked for St Andrew’s children to independently apply for a place at our inaugural ‘Space Camp’.

We intentionally asked children to create a video or write about their passion for science; how they are a team member, and their willingness to learn. Not only does this begin to prepare children for the future of work, it also asks them to apply in a meaningful way much of the knowledge and skills we develop here at school. This includes writing to persuade; having an open mind and being able to think deeply about their passion. To enable children to do this, we have asked parents to take the role of encourager, guide, and support in this process, rather than completing the application on their child’s behalf or forcing them to complete it when it may not be of interest. One of the hardest things about parenting is empowering children and enabling them to find their voice. 

For the children who may not be successful at gaining a place at Space Camp this time, they will experience an important lesson in optimism and resilience. Martin Seligman, a key researcher in Positive Psychology, encourages parents and teachers to create an optimistic environment for children to develop resiliency. Optimism is a key part of  Seligman’s PERMA theory on wellbeing, and it is the underlying principle of resiliency. As such, if children do not succeed, we have asked parents to communicate with their child about how they can try again next time, develop better time management skills, apply themselves more deeply, or answer the question more directly. I highly recommend Martin Seligman’s book The Optimistic Child

Moving Forward 

At St Andrew’s School, we will continue to ask the important questions about what the future looks like and connect with industry leaders so we can be at the forefront of future-proof education. This means that we need to equip our children for the future by enhancing their learning in disciplines such as health, space, defence industries and technology. Allowing our children to find and follow their passion in STEM, has led us to develop our inaugural Space Camp. We look forward to witnessing the children thrive at Space Camp and open up their minds to the wonders of science and space. stay tuned for our next exciting development in the world of future-focused education!
The Parents' Association's Wine Familes' Dinner held on 11 June  was a huge success. Parents and friends came together at the Walkers Arms for a night of great conversation, atmosphere, and of course, wine! Guests enjoyed a carefully handpicked variety of wines to taste and enjoy during their three course meal.

Some lucky ones were fortunate enough to win at the raffle draw, taking home some fantastic prizes from the wineries that helped bring this fabulous night together. The Parents' Association would like to thank the four wine families that contributed to the night; Kies, Barossa Valley, Fox Creek Wines, Furche South Australia, and Orchid Wine Estate.

Suzette Black
Community Engagement Coordinator
Our new building. Photos of progress.
Take a look at this progress!

The structural steel is nearing completion and the building is really taking shape. Partek Construction & Interiors and the team at Swanbury Penglase continue to amaze us with the progress each week. The roof is on and more concrete will be poured soon. It is a delight to see the children comment and watch the progress when they cross the St Andrew's bridge.

Inspirational Science - Electron Microscope

Recently, students of all ages visited the Year 6 Science Space to see the Scanning Electron Microscope that the school had on loan from Inspire STEM Education. Earlier in the term, three of our teachers (Mr Boden, Mrs Moffat and Mr Hannigan) attended training off site on how to use the microscope.

When I visited the Year 5 students, they were closely observing the hair follicles on the body of a red back spider. Amazing!
Heather Wood
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

Children in Years 3-7 were encouraged to apply for a unique opportunity to attend Space Camp in the school holidays.

Mr Boden, Mr Hannigan and Mrs Egarr work together to create this experience for our children. Spaces in the camp were limited so children were asked to apply for a position.

Children were to take responsibility for their own application and the timeline attached to it. The process is to ensure children are truly committed to coming along to Space Camp due to their own interest and passion about space and science.

Children were given the chance to be creative and let their passions shine in their applications. This is at the heart of as St Andrew’s education!

Space Camp commences on 28 June and we can't wait to share news and photos from the camp. Follow our socials to keep updated.

Around Our School

Reunion 2020 Alumni

On Friday 23 April, we welcomed back the Alumni of 2020. Past students reconnected with friends and shared their experiences from their new schools.
The President of the Old Scholars' Association, Michael Herbert, presented the group with their Old Scholars' pack. The pack included a welcome letter, a membership certificate, and a badge which is a replica of the original worn in 1913.
They enjoyed delicious pizza and doughnuts, whilst they reminisced about their school days. Many stayed on to enjoy the Parents’ Association outdoor movie night.
The next Old Scholars reunion for the Class of 2020 will be in 2025 when they reach Year 12. We do look forward to hearing about all their accomplishments in the many bright years ahead.
Upcoming reunions
We are on the hunt for alumni from the following years to act as convenors to help organise and host reunions this year:
  • 2001 - 20 year reunion
  • 1981 - 40 year reunion
  • 1971 - 50 year reunion
As a convenor, you represent your cohort as the key point of contact to assist with planning the event as well as locating and attracting as many Old Scholars from your alumni to attend as possible. Suzette Black, Community Engagement Coordinator, will provide all administration support in the organisation of the reunion including booking the venue and organising invitations. 

If you are interested, willing and able to help, please email Suzette at 
St Andrew's ELC -- Playgroup
St Andrew’s School runs a friendly and relaxed Playgroup in our Early Learning Centre (ELC). This facility provides an additional orientation for our new children and their families who are intending on beginning a St Andrew’s education in our ELC.  Playgroup children have full exposure to all that our ELC has to offer.

To register your child for Playgroup, click here

Our next School Tours are happening in Term 3. Meet the Principal, Ms Jackie Becher, and gain an insight into her vision for St Andrew’s students’ education and 21st century learning environments. The next dates are:

Saturday 14 August 10.00am

Tuesday 17 August 9.30am

Register for a School Tour by clicking HERE.

Should you prefer to have a private tour or are unavailable on the advertised dates, please contact the Enrolments Manager and a convenient time will be organised for your family.

Helen Charles
Enrolments Manager
Tel: 08 8168 5511

Find out more about our ELC and Reception

We are incredibly proud of our ELC and Reception students, who helped us to produce these two wonderful videos to welcome new students to ELC and Reception.
Welcome to the ELC
Welcome to Reception
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