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Thursday 10 December 2020
From the Principal
Dear School Community

What a wonderful 10 years, a decade, of being Principal of this incredible School. It has been my privilege to serve the school. I have worked with the Leadership team and staff to create a vision for a future-focused school that will continue to provide an exceptional primary education beyond 2020.
As I reflect on these ten years there are some areas of change that I wish to highlight. 
It has been a goal of mine to develop a strong community spirit and sense of belonging. I believed that it was important to connect with St Andrew’s Church. It was the members of the congregation in 1848 that had the vision for an Anglican school. The Anglican values provide us with a solid foundation and connect us to the church which in turn adds to our wellbeing. The school’s values; Integrity, Inclusivity, Creativity and Celebrating Success guide our thinking and they make us more principled individuals. 
I have witnessed significant growth in wellbeing, social and emotional education. It manifests itself in our behaviour, where empathy is no longer in short supply. Caring for each other is a quality I see every day in the students of St Andrew’s.
There has been a rise in the use of data to inform teaching. It stands to reason that the more we know about a student, the better equipped we are to understand their journey – and that is when we can play the greatest possible role in making it a success.
Students today place far more importance on their endeavours to look after 'Mother Earth' and ensure the sustainability of our fragile planet.
The growth in the use of technology cannot be denied. This has made enormous strides over the past decade. Virtual and augmented reality play an increasingly prominent role in the education process, as does online gaming. We need only think of our many innovative responses to the impacts of COVID to appreciate this.
Traditions and events that give a sense of belonging have continued to be important. I have many special memories of student events and rituals that we share each year; Sports Days, Year 4 Musical, the concerts, student achievement, Graduation, Speech Night, Over the Bridge, Junior Primary Carols and Reunions and of course the wonderful music (and the list could go on and on)!
My vision for further expanding our ELC and the building of the new ELC classrooms have been proud achievements, as has the strong enrolment growth. However, it is the people and working with the team of staff and parents, getting to know all the students and their names that have brought the most joy.  We are blessed to have dedicated professional and passionate staff who are committed to providing the best primary education and school community that they can. I know I pass on a healthy, happy, strong school to Ms Becher who is excited about continuing the School’s journey as a leading primary school. 
Finally, on a most positive note, I can hand on heart assure you that just as they were at the start of the decade, relationships remain key...and when we get them right, things invariably go well.
And in my humble view, that is precisely what is happening in the classrooms, where the evolving teacher and student relationship sees the teacher as no longer the ‘force at the front’ but a partner in the educational journey, and this is reaping appropriate rewards. Students know what they are learning and why they are learning it which add greatly to engagement. 
It is a joy coming to school each day to see the children who are at the centre of every decision that I have made. What hope! What potential! What a privilege to lead the school to enable possibility to unfold in each student. 
In conclusion I turn to Christopher Robin, who eventually grew up and had to leave the Hundred Acre Wood and while he didn’t want to, it was how it was. I feel just like Christopher Robin when he said “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
I wish you all the best for the future, for lovely holidays and a terrific 2021. 

Kind regards

Deb Dalwood
Deb Dalwood Farewell Message 2020
This week marks the last week of 'school' for our beloved Principal, Mrs Deb Dalwood.
As a community there have been a range of events to farewell Mrs Dalwood. The students farewelled Mrs Dalwood at the final music assembly on 2 December, where they presented her with a book containing artwork and messages from every class and a special farewell video was shown, parents said goodbye at the Farewell Drinks on 4 December (see photos below), and staff will bid farewell at a staff function this Friday.
On behalf of the whole school community, we thank Mrs Dalwood for her 10 years of dedicated service to St Andrew's School, and wish her all the best for the next chapter of her career.
Around the School

Sports Day

St Andrew's School students showcased their athletic talent this term at the Sports Day Finale for years 3 - 7 and the Junior Primary Sports Day for years Rec - 2. The Junior Primary students enjoyed activities running, jump rope, AFL football kicking, long jump and more! There was so much enthusiasm and cheering from all the students.

For the Upper Primary, the students competed against their age group peers in running events, high jump, long jump and more. Place ribbons are awarded at each event and age champions at the end of the day. Smith House triumphed with the most points from the day and won the house cup!

Star Bear

The joy of Christmas events and activities has been beautifully celebrated in the ELC. We have had a special visit from Star Bear, from Anglicare, a 10-foot bear who came to visit the ELC children and some CARE Club older children. He came to say ‘thank you’ for all the gifts we donated to Anglicare. It was beautiful to listen to the lovely comments made by the children, acknowledging their understanding of why they were donating to others. The simple notion of helping others was greatly appreciated and understood by our ELC children.


Year 6s recently visited the Microscopy Department of the Adelaide University in support of a previous science unit on microorganisms. The students were shown five of the state’s most expensive microscopes with one having a price tag of $3m. 
Using this electron microscope, the students could see images of, amongst other things, the single lens of a fruit fly’s eye and even individual atoms. They also saw the COVID virus, which didn’t look scary at all, and learnt that there is a direct correlation between a biscuit’s porosity and how crunchy it is. 

CSIRO STEM Professionals in School's Program

Last year, Year 6 students created mini remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) with the help of Mr Brenton Binder, an engineer with the Australian Submarine Corp. As part of the CSIRO ‘Engineers in Schools’ program, Mr Binder assisted for two hours a week in Science and Design and Technology sessions. St Andrew's School have participated in the program twice with Subs in Schools by RIE, who helped with the supply of the kits.
St Andrew's are now part of the STEM Professionals in Schools completed video series. View the video below to see St Andrew's School in action.
STEM Professionals in Schools partners, engineer Brenton Binder and teacher Heather Wood, lead year 6 students in an activity to design mini remote operated vehicles (ROVs), seamlessly combining science, technology, engineering and maths subjects.
Music News
St Andrew's Speech Night is traditionally held at the Adelaide Town Hall each year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this was not possible and the event was spread over two school days. The Music Ensemble performed first and was recorded for the parents to watch at a later time. Pictured below is the Senior Concert choir sang beautifully on stage in our St Andrew's School Gymnasium and the Percussion Ensemble.
Foundation News
The St Andrew’s School Foundation has launched its ‘Designing their Future’ fundraising campaign to raise funds for the construction of the Bright Futures Centre (working title). For further information about how you can contribute to this exciting new development – which  will enhance educational outcomes for St Andrew’s students for decades to come – please view our information brochure or contact Alice Turnbull.

Now that the school year has concluded, the demolition for the Stage 2 ‘Bright Futures Centre’ (working name) on the Kennion House site will commence.
At the start of Term 1, 2021, construction will be underway. Following this, the Stage 3 ‘Lifelong Learning Centre’ (working name), will include the re-purposing and refurbishment of the current Administration Building on the Upper Primary Campus.
We anticipate that construction of Stage 2 will be completed in Term 4 2021. We will continue to provide updates on progress throughout the coming months.

Below are the concept drawings of the new Stage 2 building.

Scholarships at St Andrew's School

Old Scholars News

Welcome Back Alumni 2015

Students from Year 7 in 2015 were welcomed back to the school on Sunday 15 November to celebrate their Five Year Reunion. The students, who have just completed Year 12, came together to reconnect with their St Andrew’s school friends and teachers. Many thanks to the parents who also came along and to the reunion convenors: Mary Trimble, Christine Edwards, Sophie Mintz, Flavia Martini and Liz Zikos
Suzette Black
Community Liaison Officer
Upcoming reunions
We are on the hunt for alumni from the following years to act as convenors to help organise and host reunions this year:
  • 2011 - 10 year reunion
  • 2001 - 20 year reunion
  • 1991 - 30 year reunion
  • 1981 - 40 year reunion
  • 1971 - 50 year reunion
As a convenor, you represent your cohort as the key point of contact to assist with planning the event as well as locating and attracting as many Old Scholars from your alumni to attend as possible. Suzette Black, Community Liaison Officer, will provide all administration support in the organisation of the reunion including booking the venue and organising invitations. 

If you are interested, willing and able to help, please email Suzette at 
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