Newsletter #010 "Monterey Council to revise anti-medical marijuana ordinance."
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Monterey Council to revise anti-medical marijuana ordinance.

by Nick Rahaim  Nov 19, 2015 from Monterey County Weekly

In wake of Gov. Jerry Brown’s sweeping new regulations on medical marijuana, Monterey City Council must scramble to keep the city’s prohibition on distribution and cultivation relevant. If Monterey’s current ordinance isn’t updated by March 1, the city will lose authority over the delivery of medical marijuana, thereby making it legal within city limits.

At a Nov. 10 City Council retreat, City Attorney Christine Davi told the council they must change the current ordinance to either expressly prohibit or expressly allow distribution and cultivation.

The prohibition on dispensaries in city limits is not affected, says Davi.

The twist is that usurping local control was an unintended consequence of the state’s landmark legislation, Davi adds. While the Legislature is set to change the wording in early 2016, the city shouldn’t assume it will.

The city attorney’s office will not make specific recommendations, but will outline the legal framework for either legalization or the continued criminalization. Police Chief Dave Hober and the city Planning Department will likely make specific policy recommendations. At this point, Hober is still researching and considering ramifications of the issue, says Monterey Police Department spokesperson Lt. Jeff Jackson.

City staff will report to City Council Council Dec. 1. Mayor Clyde Roberson didn’t respond to requests for comment, but during the retreat on Nov. 10, he indicated Hober’s position on the issue would carry significant weight.

In April, Del Rey Oaks became the first city in Monterey County to allow a medical cannabis dispensary to open.

“The landscape is evolving. I look at Del Rey Oaks and I don’t see the city having a problem [with medical marijuana],” says city council member Timothy Barrett. “We have a model that works well, but for me it’s really about what the community wants.”

Monterey’s current marijuana code is written to prohibit recreational use and the sale, distribution and cultivation for medical uses, as the city anticipated the possibility of legalization in crafting the ordinance in 2011. Two laws in the state’s three-bill medical-marijuana package are causing the city to hustle: AB266 and AB243. The former would allow distribution and the latter would add complications on cultivation.

Under AB266, the state creates a dual licensing program by both state and municipal agencies. Delivery services would be able to get a state license and operate in city limits unless it is expressly prohibited. Ironically, a simple search on shows multiple delivery services already operate in Monterey. The Monterey Police Department had no comment on the current, technically illegal deliveries.

AB243 would strip the city of its regulatory authority if it were to ever allow cultivation in the future. Coincidentally, if the city were to allow cultivation it would not be able to regulate on its own because the city lacks the budget and technology to comply with AB243’s protocol requiring genetic identification of cannabis strains, Davi says.

The city’s ban on cultivation is through permissive zoning: If something is not expressly permitted it is prohibited. But is it recommended for cities with permissive zoning to adopt a resolution that directly prohibits it, Davi says, to hedge against possible litigation.

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Reggae Giving Thanks CAA Fundraiser

Friday, November 27th, 2015, the day after Thanksgiving.

The Sandbar, at 211 Esplenade, Capitola, CA, from 7:30 to Midnight. 

Ancestree, Red I Jedi, DJ Kelau (Bigga Happiness), and Rudi B. (Selecta 7 Sound).

It is also a signature drive.

There is a full bar and patio.

The cover fee is $5.00 and there is a $10.00 suggested donation, with a raffle ticket for every $5.00 donation.

There will be a raffle from sponsors, who include Big Pete's Treats, SC Labs, Santa Cruz Hydroponics and Organics, Kind People's, Cannacruz, and other sponsors.

(831) 462-1881

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Slack Channel: #team-events



Welcome to The Emerald Cup!

Thank you for your interest in competing in the 12th annual Emerald Cup!

This event was started as a friendly competition to highlight the hard work of outdoor, organic cannabis farmers. It has always been and will always be about celebrating the passion of California's best cultivators, breeders, and makers of concentrates, edibles, and topicals.

As many of you know, The Emerald Cup has grown exponentially – since 2004! – in large part due to the increasing number of sun-grown, organic entries we have received each year. We’re always humbled to see the outpouring of interest from across the state of California to compete in The Emerald Cup: last year, 900 entries were submitted!

The Emerald Cup gets bigger and, we hope, provides better service to our community each year, and we’re excited about a number of changes for 2015. These include a much larger 215 area, new competition categories for solventless concentrates (icewater hash, rosin, and dry sieve), new competition categories for CBD flower entries (split by CBD:THC ratio) and terpene testing and awards. Another change from past years: we are now requiring a $250 fee (for your VIP Weekend ticket) to accompany each entry (i.e. donation to Healing Harvest Farms).

We know this is a big shift from the past 11 years, and we want to be fully transparent with you, our contestants, and explain exactly why we made this change. We want to assure you up front that our intention is not to profit from these fees, but simply to cover the costs associated with running a huge competition, including lab testing for all entries.

Every entry will receive a full spectrum of tests (microbiological, pesticide, residual solvent, and cannabinoids/terpenes, as applicable) from SC Labs. The microbiological, pesticide, and residual solvent testing is, to us, a minimum requirement to protect health and safety, and we’re including the terpene testing to recognize the critical role they play in how we interact with cannabis (The Emerald Cup will give its first award for Best Terpenes this year).

For the safety of our judges, lab tests will be completed before any medicine is actually judged – and any entry that fails microbiological, pesticide, or residual solvent testing will be disqualified prior to judging. In the past, many entries have been dropped off at the last minute, which puts a lot of pressure on SC Labs, drop-off locations, drivers, judges, and other staff to ensure a quick turnaround and confirm that everything is done as safely as possible. We’re doing the best we can to avoid that crush, but with drop-off locations across the state, the competition remains an exciting challenge to bring to fruition.

We want to host The Emerald Cup for years to come, and we will always strive to operate this competition and the entire event with the highest level of integrity. We know that many of you will have opinions about the changes we are making this year, and we want to hear from you to learn how we might further improve things in the future. Please send comments to and know that we will consider your input as we craft next year’s event. We truly appreciate your continuing interest and participation in The Emerald Cup, and we value your patience as all of us navigate the realities of coming together for the world’s largest and longest-running, outdoor, organic, medical cannabis competition. It’s going to be a great year!

See you in Santa Rosa in December!

Tim Blake

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The Scientist: Cannabis History

Watch The Scientist: A New Medical Marijuana Documentary

by Garyn Angel    September 08, 2015 from

“As scientists, indeed, as intellectuals, we should try always to be skeptical.” Just imagine: What if the cannabis plant and its astonishing range of healing properties had been suddenly discovered today in a remote forest? The find would send seismic shockwaves blasting through the scientific community overnight. The plant would immediately come under frantically intense study in every nation on earth, and the person who first identified the active compounds would be revered as an inspiring icon of medical science, forever.

Well, thanks to politics, 10,000 years later the global scientific embrace of the humble and spectacularly versatile ‘miracle plant’ has yet to transpire. But at least, thanks to The Scientist from Zach Klein and Y. Klinik Productions, we still get to know in marvelous depth our inspiring medical icon—and to revel in his fascinating and unlikely journey of discovery spanning nearly half a century.

Klein’s 2009 deRaphael Mechoulambut Prescribed Grass documented the stunning success of cannabis therapy so thoroughly, it prompted health officials in Israel to launch what is now the world’s largest state-sponsored medical cannabis program. He has followed up that effort with what should be regarded as the frontrunner for 2015 Documentary of the Year. The Scientist is a compelling masterpiece that chronicles the life and times of famed Israeli biochemist Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D., who is hailed as the “grandfather of cannabis research”.

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