Newsletter #20 "Monterey County Stakeholders"
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This is going to be the most intense year for cannabis legalization in the state of California, and finding pro-cannabis candidates is key to winning this battle.

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"Yes, we actually built a working board game to simulate zoning districts, license types, and the board of supervisors stance on cannabis," -Ryan Munevar 

Monday Night Board Member Only Meetings

Every Monday Night from 7-10 PM we will be having our general members meeting both in person at the office in Salinas at 16 W. Gabillan St., and online using a combination of Google Hangout and Slack.

We will continue working with the google drive documents for Attachment A, B, C, D, and E from the Monterey BOS.

Please bring a laptop or tablet to work on the Google Drive Documents.

For those of you that want to access it via Google Hangout please send a message to and ask to be added.

And check out this tutorial on Google Hangout:
Tutorial New Google Hangouts 2015

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Direct Democracy by Electronic Debate

For those of you that consider yourselves Stakeholders in Monterey County I suggest you check out the following document:

Monterey County Attatchment A - Draft Cannabis Ord Use Permit

It is a copy of the current draft being circulated around Monterey and we have opened it up to comments on Google Drive.

See it's a nightmare for anyone to take 1,500 emails worth of notes and process them all down into a sensible list, so we decided to make it a bit easier on them.

By having all the stakeholder comments listed on the side of the actual language we can streamline the process of communicating with our elected officials and city planners. 

Last time we did this was with the City of Salinas Draft ordinance and when they were asking for 1 Cultivation, 1 Manufacturing, 1 Dispensary, and 1 Mobile Delivery Service we went in with a google drive document, just like the one above and asked for 3 of each.

We were organized, efficient, and fast, so fast in fact that the meeting with the city council took a whopping 15 minutes.

After that we got 3 of each for a total of 12 in the city of Salinas.

Now we are trying to replicate that bit of magic at the county level so if you would like to help out simply click on the link above and start making comments.

Granted we wish the county would have no caps on the number of permits but we don't live in that Cannatopia just yet.

Currently the Draft has: 
-100 Cultivation Facilities up to 22,000 square feet (50 Acres)
-15 Manufacturing
-15 Dispensaries
-5 Transporter/Distributors
-2 Analytical Labs

Considering this is a pilot program and we have 4,800 growers in un-incorporated areas by conservative estimates we should have at least 10% of that so we really need to go for 480-500 cultivation facilities for a real pilot program.

There should be a ratio of at least 1 Manufacturing permit for every 5 cultivation permits.

So between 20-100 Manufacturing.

Same logic should be applied to dispensaries.

There should also be an equal number of Labs to Transporter/Distributors so go for 5 Labs at least.

Other major concerns and issues are:
-Zoning Restrictions, where grapes are allowed to grow then so should cannabis
-Outdoor Grows
-3rd Party Certification System for Organic Cannabis Cultivation
-Conditional Use Permits for Public Consumption
-Cannabis Farmers Markets.
-And a million other valid issues...

What other types of permits should we be asking for?

Here is a tutorial on how Google Drive works if you need a refresher:
Google Drive Tutorial 2015 - Quick Start

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Hash Church Episode LXXIII 73

Hash Church with Bubbleman every Sunday Morning from 9 AM to 12 Noon PST

This is a community for HASH CHURCH which can be seen on YouTube every Sunday morning between 9 AM and High Noon Pacific Coast time.

Streamed live on Feb 14, 2016

A discussion on our 73rd show of HASH, Mostly Water extraction, we will discuss the history from the SKunkman Sam perspective, the Mila Perspective, the Delph Perspective, and of course My perspective.. We will have special guests the bizarre bros, Nikka T , The Melts ( at least Ken maybe Jibs) The West Coast concentrate ( for a new perspective on things) and some of our regular members. Hope you can make it :)

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Google Drive Public Folder for Monterey County NORML


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