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400 participants from 70 countries during three days in Valencia for the WFAL2016/FMAT2016
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#FMAT2016 400 participants from 70 countries discuss the human, economic & ecological impacts of #landgrabs
#FMAT2016 Find out how to secure #landrights for rural communities #landrightsnow

2 billion people suffering from Insufficient access to #landrights causing hunger, poverty & rural exodus #FMAT2016

Initiatives aimed at improving #landrights & access to natural resources are failing. Find out why #FMAT2016

Forests have been reduced by 50% in 100 years! Where is the equilibrium between societies &-natural resources? #FMAT2016

Ocean biodiversity & family fishing are  in great danger. What regulations can change this course? #FMAT2016  

Gender inequality in  access to land & natural resources undermines #landrights in rural areas. How can we change this? #FMAT2016
Financial mechanisms are needed to protect #landrights for rural people! Where is the financial commitment? #FMAT2016

Family farming or agribusiness? How do we compare their ecological, social & economic impacts?  #FMAT2016  #landrights

Rural communities using peasant knowledge are critical to spreading the #agroecology perspective #FMAT2016
 For the International Organizing Committee
The WFAL2016 Permanent Secretariat
#landaccessforum #FMAT2016 #WFAL2016