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Hello friend,

It's been a minute and I missed you. The last time I wrote, we were all making sourdough starters, fluffy coffee drinks, and we were glued to the news.

I'm taking bigger breaks from watching the news these days, leaning into listening to a funny morning news podcast instead while drinking fruit-loops flavored morning tea

But I've also been (unintentionally) taking bigger breaks from the things I love since I'm feeling a bit burnt out. I could only go so long without stopping, I suppose.

I've been drawing a bit less since my 100 day project ended. I'm still talking a lot about my feelings in 10 minute bursts on my wedding photography Patreon Podcast and continuing to be kind to myself during the winter, which is hard when motivation is scarce, which brings out a lot of not-kind-feelings and down-in-the-dumps moods.   

So, I joined a free Happiness Class with a few friends in hopes that I can find new ways to be kind to myself, even when I'm not able to work. Because sometimes the answer isn't to find more productivity. Sometimes, the answer is to accept the pace your body has asked for. Slow down and just try to be happy. 

I hope you are warm wherever you are and I hope you are happy, and if not happy, at least content. 





One of my very favorite artists, Rebecca Green, shares the most beautiful, in depth look at the process that goes into making her children's books. Since I had "Becoming a Good Creature" preordered for half a year, I absolutely read through this blog post three times over so far. 


I will treat myself with chocolate every time it's an option, so having an entire holiday dedicated to chocolate (fight me on this) is the kind of holiday I want to be a part of. 

Harlem Chocolate Factory just happen to make these beautiful brownstone imprinted chocolate bars that I can't get out of my head because they're so pretty. 



My heart misses so many people that I've been taking every opportunity to send off things in the mail lately. This "miss your face so much" postcard set comes with a bunch of tiny heart stickers to personalize each postcard (the goatee is my favorite because there's probably at least one of those in every family)

I couldn't help it. I miss so many faces.


If you've seen photos of my house, you may have noticed my love of so tchotchkes, creepy art, and dachshunds, so the tiny collage sculptures Zebra Broz does fits all of my boxes.

They're cute, strange, sometimes a bit gross and honestly remind me so much of the creepy patch-work toys Sid from "Toy Story" put together.

10/10, I like this account. 



There's something so calm and beautiful about Salva Lopez's work. She's a Barcelona based photographer and there's a calmness and light that had me flipping patiently through all of her work; her personal work portraits, still lives of furniture, her interiors all feel like a pastel dream. Each one of them is like drinking a warm tea. 


An entry, from the journal about a dream:  

You see, we’d fallen out of love. We both knew it would happen someday, so i handed you an envelope marked “exit plan” and I left without saying goodbye. It was a small note; just latitude, longitude. A date, a time. Directions to a cafe somewhere north that we’d seen a sign for off a highway exit on a trip. 

This was how we ended. 

The room was filled with white noise; the sound of forks on ceramic plates; glasses clinking; bacon crackling noisily from the kitchen somewhere behind the diner's bar. I barely notice when you walked in. You sat down two booths away, facing me. You mumble as you order coffee and blueberry pancakes. We only make eye contact later, as you start pouring amber syrup on your plate. I tip my chipped coffee cup to you, you nod back, and after you catch me drawing you halfway through your meal, you move your plate to my table and we meet, for the first time. 

And you ask about my life, since we’re just strangers. “I was a food critic.” I lie. “World renown. And every few years, I have to change my hair, my name, my entire identity to keep my anonymity.” You watch my lies with a slight smile as you draw a circle in spilled sugar on the tabletop. 

“But then two years ago," I continue "i came to this diner. I ordered the blueberry pancakes and the coffee, and it changed my life. And I decided this is the persona i wanted to keep. This face. This hair. I always want to look in the mirror and see the woman that ate blueberry waffles at this restaurant that very first time. For the rest of my life.” You laugh, but don't challenge my story. We’ve just met. It would be presumptuous. You ask what I’ve done since then, assuming food critiquing was out. 

“I ghost draw for Charles Schultz.” I say. 

“The Peanuts comic strip?” You reply. 


And you accept it. Maybe because I pique your interest. Maybe because you just want to get to know this girl that blatantly lies about subpar blueberry pancakes on a roadside diner. Maybe you accept it because sometimes accepting new truths is what’s needed to fall in love again. 

I woke up from the dream and I searched for a moral (I assume the best dreams have morals) and here’s what I have: 

If something works once, it can work again. If you want love to last, you have to put in effort. And maybe it’s OK to lie to strangers about Charlie Brown over coffee. IF the timing is right.



Thinking back to big weddings and this day where I photographed two amazing women getting married and parading through the streets (and into the metro) of DC.


One from the archives. A trip to Paris I took with Sam in 2017.  I've been dreaming of days where I can once again walk around a city and pretend I'm Amelie.
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