An out-of-office editor's note
Thanks for being a Civic Minute reader! I'm on vacation from the Civic Minute this week, but it'll be back in your inbox next Sunday, February 10th. 

If you want to catch up on what happened last week, I'd recommend the following sources:

The local section of the Seattle Times.
The Evergrey's online newsletter archive (you can also subscribe to their daily newsletter about Seattle here).
Erica C. Barnett at The C is for Crank.
Sydney Brownstone at KUOW.

Seattle Weekly 
Joel Connelly at the P-I.
Real Estate Corner
Most of the stories I post here come from either The Seattle Times or Curbed Seattle.
Upcoming Events
Most of my events come from one of the following:

Things that people have invited me to on Facebook (they also have a great event discovery feature).
Events 12 (great for special events).
Town Hall Seattle.
The Stranger Suggests.
So there you have it--everything you need to make your own Civic Minute! The full version will be back in your inbox next Sunday, February 10th; have fun out there in the meantime.

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