Happy Holidays to all of our OCC families!
Have a wonderful break and we'll see you in January!
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'Tis the Season to Share the Gift of Music!

Dear OCC Family,


It is the holiday season, and the season of cold, icy, wintry nights.  I find my memories of singing and being close with those I love heighten in this time of year.  Whether we need to stay warm together, or whether we are missing the ones we are not able to be close to anymore, I hear music in my head for each of these occasions.

Our choristers have given us the wonderful gift of their music: they have been singing about the love that surrounds us and warms our hearts, giving concerts and performances around town and spreading joy and inspiration everywhere they go. What a joy it is to experience music and connection in our lives! For those finding the season bringing sadness and loneliness, songs from youth and children fill our hearts and bring us to each other to celebrate what is good in this world.

As we prepare to show love to others through gifts or time together, may you find music to be joyful, peaceful and fill you with comfort.  The memories of the Oregon Children’s Choir concerts this season are a gift to you.  The collaboration with the wonderful instrumentalists were such a gift also this season.  Please enjoy your time together and find the music in each of your lives that gives the gift of connection, inspiration and love to all.

I am so excited about our new year that will start together on January 8 and 9 (unless you are told otherwise by your directors). Do you have ideas and inspirations for the new year?  Let us know at

Music Connects, Inspires, and Moves Us All!

Dody Hansen

OCC Executive Music Director

All of our choirs did a wonderful job at the Winter Concerts! Here is a video of the combined Prelude and JAS choirs singing "Christmas In About Three Minutes!" You can view more videos on our YouTube Channel!

Benefit Concert! 

Can you contribute items
for our silent auction?

We are gearing up for our Annual Benefit Concert on March 6th and are already looking for donations.  If you can donate an item for auction or raffle, or if you are connected with a company who might be able to donate and item or service for auction or raffle, please let us know.  Some ideas are:

— Any unwanted gift cards you received over the holidays (we would gladly take them off your hands)

— Gift cards or items/services donated by local businesses

— Hotel or vacation rental stays

— Wine donations

— Nearly anything else someone might want to buy!!

We will be coming up with themed raffle baskets and gift card tree ideas soon.  We will be accepting donations for these starting in February.  Any questions and donations, please email Kathryn Genoves at

It's Not Too Late to Donate to OCC!

If you believe in the mission of Oregon Children's Choir to share the joy of music with youth in the Eugene/Springfield community, we hope you'll take this opportunity to share a monetary donation with us! Whether big or small, every contribution adds up and makes a difference in terms of our ability to serve. The more donations we receive, the more scholarships we can offer!

And, EVEN BETTER, if you donate to OCC and a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust, you'll receive a 100% tax credit for the Oregon Cultural Trust!!

The Oregon Children’s Choir is a proud member of the Oregon Cultural Trust.  If you donate to OCC (up to $1000.00 per household, $2500.00 per class-C corporation) and match the same donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust, you will receive a 100% state tax credit. To donate to OCC, please click here:

To donate to The Oregon Cultural Trust, please click here:

Thank you for supporting the arts in Oregon!

Spring Trip Information!

All choirs (except Prelude) plan on taking a trip this Spring. Trip Deposits will begin to appear on statements in January. The elementary choirs will take a one day trip (average cost $50-$75)  The middle school choirs will be taking multi-day trips (average costs $300-$800 depending on choir). Some high school groups will be taking a one-day trip and some will be taking a multi0day trip (please contact your director/parent helper for more information.)

To secure travel plans, OCC will be billing a non-refundable trip deposit. Please discuss with your director if you will not be joining your choir’s trip this year (trips are considered a requirement as a member of the choir unless it has been approved by your director to miss the trip). The deposit will be due beginning the end of February. For any questions, please contact your director or Kathryn Genoves, Accounts Manager at

Deposit amounts are as follows:

* JAS choirs -- $25 deposit
* One day high school trip deposits -- $50 deposit
* Multi-day road trip deposits -- $100 deposit
* Trips including airfare -- $200 deposit  
Trip Scholarship Drive!

Can you help us to raise money for scholarships?

Last year OCC provided nearly $2,500 in trip scholarships to those who needed financial help for choir trips. This year we have a 25% increase in membership and will be taking bigger trips, so we anticipate an even greater need for financial assistance than we saw last year. Our goal for 2016-17 is $3,000.

** If you need a trip scholarship, please let us know ASAP! **
Email Kathryn Genoves at

If you would like to donate to the trip scholarship fund, just click here to donate!
Thank you for helping our choristers have such memorable experiences!!

Parents, we are always looking for volunteers to help in a wide variety of capacities! Click here to sign up for a volunteer position at one of our events! (This Signup Genius page will be updated throughout the year!)

Right now, we are also specifically looking for an
 alumni coordinator
as well as fundraisers.

Please remember that all families are asked to volunteer for at least 2 tasks per year. The other option is to pay $100 (tax-deducatible) and be excused from volunteering duties. To inquire about that option, send an email to

If you have skills in any of these areas, please let us know!
Just email
Thanks so much!

Rehearsal Days/ Times/ Locations

Here is the schedule/ location for each choir:

Prelude (K-1): Monday 4:30-5:30 in room 19
JAS Boys (Gr. 2-5): Monday 4:30-5:30 in room 11-12
JAS Girls (Gr. 2-5): Monday 4:30-5:30 in room 16
Girlchoir (Gr. 6-9): Monday 4:15-6:15 in Basement/Office
Boychoir (Gr. 6-9): Monday 5:15-7:15 in the Youth Center
Young Men's Ensemble (Gr. 9-12): Monday 6:45-8:45 in the Youth Center
Young Women's Ensemble (Gr. 9-12): Monday 6:45-8:45 in room 19
Noteworthy (Gr. 6-9): Thursdays 4:30-5:30 in room 16
Outburst (Gr. 9-12): Sunday 4:30-6:30 in room 8 (subject to change)
Synergy (Gr. 9-12): Sunday 2:00-4:00 in room 11-12
Sforzando (Gr. 9-12): Sunday 4:00-5:00 in room 11-12
Some Cool Guys (Gr. 9-12): Sunday 2:00-4:00 in room 19
Intermediate Mixed A Cappella (Gr. 9-12): Sunday 1:30-3:30 (location TBA)

NOTE: OCC strives to make all singers feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum. We use gender-based names for our choirs mostly to distinguish between higher and lower voices, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about placement in one of our choirs!

Mark Your Calendar!

(Note the changes!!!)

Free admission to all official OCC concerts! (Each choir may have additional performances throughout the year.)

Benefit Concert
March 5, 2017 at 1:00pm - 4:00pm
South Eugene High School
(Elementary School  choirs perform 1:00-2:00pm, Middle and HIgh School choirs perform 2:15-3:15pm)

Final Concerts

May 7, 2017 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm 
Prelude, JAS girls, Girlchoir, YWE and Synergy, Intermediate A Cappella 

May 7, 2017 at  6:00pm - 7:30pm
JAS Boys, Boychoir, YME and SCG, Noteworthy, Outburst, SFZ

June 4, 2017 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
All OCC A Cappella Concert 

Additional Performances

Jan 27 – Synergy and Some Cool Guys ICHSA

March 4 – A Cappella in Albany – HS A Cappella with Madison Kettwig

April 15 – Rose City Sing Off – Synergy and Some Cool Guys

April 18 – Oregon Children’s Choral Festival – GC and BC in Hult Center

We hope to see you all at all the concerts, and we encourage choristers to support each other! We think that our youngest choristers will benefit the most from these changes, as it is especially hard for them to sit through longer performances.  Thanks for your patience and thoughtfulness of others' schedules.  Please let me know if you know of any major conflicts for large groups of our singers.  The directors and I are trying to accommodate as well as we can. Thanks!

Calling all high school female singers!
We're bringing back the Young Women's Ensemble!


The fabulous and delightful Megan Perdue, a former OCC chorister and an accomplished choral director, is excited to be directing this group, especially since she was once a part of it! This ensemble will perform more traditional choral repertoire and will focus particularly on the nuances of the female voice. If you are interested, please register on our website -- and invite a friend or two!
Did you know? Any choristers registered with another OCC group can ADD this group for only $150 for the whole year! 

Have you heard about the
Oregon Young Mens' Ensemble?

The Oregon Young Men's Ensemble was once a widely known and admired part of Oregon Children's Choir, and after several years of being on hiatus due to budget constraints, the choir is coming back! The ensemble will be led by Chris Dobson, who is a former member of YME and is now an award-winning choir director.  He plans to retain the high level of musicianship and atmosphere of deep camaraderie the choir achieved in the past while aiming for the future with creative performances of challenging literature.
The best part is: any choristers registered with another OCC group can ADD this group for only $150! 
Learn more at

Oregon Children's Choir is growing!
We need your help!

We are so delighted by the growth that our organization has seen over the past few years, and we are eager to welcome many new students into our fabulous choirs! As we stretch a little in order to accommodate this growth, we need some financial support from our community in order to launch new programs and expand existing programs. We want to be sure that we can offer a high-quality, comprehensive choral program for all of the youth in our community! Here's how you can help:

1. Make a donation. Whether it's big or small, it will help us to reach our fundraising goals! (It's tax-deductible, too!)
2. Seek business sponsorships. We need help soliciting local businesses to sponsor our choirs!
3. Invite your friends. Whether they join a choir, attend a concert, or make a donation, telling your friends about OCC helps tremendously! 

Thank you so much! We're thrilled about our future, and we're glad that you're a part of it!
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