The holiday season is upon us once again. As we watch the first of the twinkling lights begin to illuminate around the city, as we hear the music transition from the everyday to the holiday, as the days get shorter and colder, we are reminded. 
We are reminded that in Nepal, there are women in school because of the generosity of you, our donors and supporters. Women whose lives and entire communities are changed for the better because you cared enough to give. We are reminded that every gift, large and small has made a huge impact. Even a few pennies can stretch to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We are reminded that sometimes, the greatest gifts are not found in a store but in the commonality as beings of this earth. The joy we receive in giving, truly makes for the happiest of holidays.
Nepal is a world away. But when our humanity extends beyond our own backyards, we believe we are made richer by our giving. Thank you for being part of the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation family.
Sonnia and the Board of Directors
From Neema’s Desk
In September, our Nepal board (MSN) and BMKF scholars convened for our annual general meeting. After board updates, we celebrated Dashain and everyone received handmade cards from “a secret admirer.” Visit the BMKF website to see photos and read blog posts by myself and law scholar Binita Devokata to learn more about Dashain & Sisterhood and Tihar -- The Nepal Festival of Lights.
In other news, Babita Sharma ’16 has been appointed as Public Service Commission Engineer for Nepal’s Department of Roads. To be selected for government service at such a young age, amid rigorous competition, is a huge accomplishment and I feel so proud of her! I am also genuinely glad for her. I had the opportunity to work closely with Babita when we traveled together, with my sister Pema Sherpa ’15, to conduct a sanitation survey in Mustang last year. She is kind, talented, and smart!
On Right: Babita Sharma '16, with her brother and sister, Sarita Sharma '14
Here in Nepal, BMKF scholars have finished their exams and are busy writing self evaluations and setting goals for next year. Five scholars graduated: Manisha Shah (Business Studies), Rebika Bhandari (PCL in Nursing), Mandira Sakpota (BSc in Nursing), Prabha Bohara (BSc in Nursing), and Saraswoti Adhikari (Public Health). They’re eager to start their careers and are looking for opportunities!
From a fun perspective, law scholar Saniya Giri won a grant from Nepali Travelers, a local organization that funds solo travel for women. She recently completed a 19-day trip through the Mid-Western Region of Nepal. You’ll be hearing more about “Tiny Saniya” and her BIG achievements, including her unconventional solo adventure, in a few days, when we launch BMKF’s end-of-year fundraising campaign.
Thank you again for the love and support you give us. We can feel it!
Warm regards,
Neema Sherpa’14, Program Coordinator
Rebika Bhandari ’17 and the
Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center (SIRC)
Rebika Bhandari ’17 (PCL Nursing) recently completed a one-month volunteer position at the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center (SIRC) in Saangha. Here’s what she told us:
“Volunteering at SIRC was a fruitful experience! I learned so much, especially new procedures. I made rounds with a multidisciplinary team composed of a physiotherapist, dietitian, doctor, nurse, and wheelchair technician. I also participated in special programs, including World Physiotherapy Day, a Children’s Day screening, and a Dashain celebration. The programs at SIRC are so exciting. Volunteering at a rehabilitation center gave me a chance to explore my knowledge. I feel great!”

BMKF sends out a great big THANK YOU to Kate Coffey who helped us get in touch with the SIRC's medical director for the opportunity.
Three cheers for BMKF’s 2017 graduates!
Left to right: Mandira Sapkota, Rebika Bhandari, Manisha Shah and Prabha Bohara - Photo credit: Neema Sherpa
On right - Saraswoti Adhikari - Photo credit: Gloria Posada
Congratulations to our five bright and beautiful BMKF scholars who recently completed their undergraduate studies:

Manisha Shah, Bachelor of Business Studies
Rebika Bhandari, PCL in Nursing
Mandira Sakpota, BSc in Nursing
Prabha Bohara, BSc in Nursing)
Saraswoti Adhikari, Public Health
New Arrivals: It’s a boy!
Congratulations to new mother Shanta Sapkota ’11 (Education). Shanta’s healthy baby boy was born on October 17. Welcome to the BMKF family!
The Phoenix Penny Drive Grand Finale
This year the Phoenix Penny Drive broke its own record with a whopping $3,000 raised for scholarships by our fabulous Phoenix and her amazing helpers Kaia, Teo and Ely. We are deeply grateful for the contributions of so many supporters and local businesses who participated in this year’s drive. Thank you everyone!

With the 6th season now behind, the children are beginning to collect pennies for next year and looking for other kids who may want to join their team. More businesses are also invited to join the fun. Interested? Let us know!
A Sneak Peek at Saniya’s Solo Travel Journey:
Taking the unconventional path
In October BMKF law scholar Saniya Giri went on a 19-day solo journey through the Middle-Hills Region and Terai. Her adventure was funded with a grant from Nepal Travelers, an organization that empowers Nepalese women to push social conventions by exploring new terrain. They believe solo travel is a platform for transformation that allows women to gain wisdom, confidence, and perspective through triumphs and misadventures on unconventional paths.  
Here’s a message Saniya shared midway through her journey:

“Rolpa was a bit hilly, and there was a lot of debris. It was a difficult path. I didn’t realize the way I walked was recently affected by landslides, until I reached my destination two days later. I saw beautiful butterflies, birds, and snakes. I’m texting from Pyuthan right now. I love looking at stars from this place. It’s so beautiful…the skies so full. I just love the tranquility it provides. Unfortunately, I cannot capture them with a photo, so I’m capturing all of them into my heart, to the fullest.”
Please watch your email and Facebook for announcements about BMKF’s end-of-year fundraising campaign in support of Saniya Giri’s law degree. This remarkable young woman is going places and she’s going to make a big difference in Nepal!   
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