Change is a part of life, yet oftentimes we resist, fearful and nervous. There are usually elements of bitter and sweet. Bitter because we lose something we hold dear. Sweet because as we turn the page, we discover something new and exciting.
This month, the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation continues to grow and move forward. As Neema leaves us to move on to the next chapter of her life, we are joined by a new Program Coordinator and a new Board Member. Every change brings a fresh perspective to what we do and while we will dearly miss Neema, we are excited to see what Pabita and Bindu will bring to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation.

Regardless of the changes we lament and welcome, our mission remains the same. We are dedicated to the women we serve. We continue to endeavor to send as many women to college as we can, to see them through their journeys and watch in pride as they flourish and succeed. And then we say goodbye, turn the page and welcome the next chapter. And so it goes.
Neema Sherpa
Whenever Sonnia Didi asked me to write something on assignment, I would immediately jump into it and kick start the writing. This time, it’s different and… challenging. As I sit to write a farewell message, my mind has turned as blank as fresh first page of a new book devoid of single words; like it’s a whiteboard and somebody just erased everything on it with a duster. I am unable to find the right words.

Managing Bo M. Karlsson Foundation’s scholarship program in Nepal and working directly as well as very closely with Sonnia Didi for past one year was a pleasant, honoring and rewarding experience to say the least. On a personal front, it was a pleasure and an honor working with Didi, somebody with lot of wisdom, rich life experiences, humorous, kind and judicious. One could never fail to feel her warmth and tenderness because it naturally radiated from her like the way sun radiates light and heat, naturally and endlessly. Professionally, working at a leadership position for the organization, supporting empowerment of young, aspiring women has been very rewarding. It equipped me with managerial and decision-making skills; something I had not done before. Moreover, I learned the most important life lesson that “I still need to learn. A lot!” With this realization about the need to increase my intellectual and analytical capacity, I am embarking on an academic pursuit of advanced Masters Study with special focus on women and gender.    
As I take this leap of faith, I am equally saddened and gladdened. The decision to leave my direct service to BMKF as Program Coordinator has been very tough and saddening since I am leaving behind a wonderful working environment and team in US as well as Nepal. But looking at the silver lining, I am gladdened to represent BMKF at the international level and envision a world of possibilities of giving back to the organization in many different ways. Let’s just say that I am going out on a holiday only to come back home a little wiser, full of enriching experiences and new things to share. 

Neema Sherpa
BMKF Program Coordinator
Kathmandu, Nepal 
Pabita Basnet
Warm Namaste!

I am Pabita Basnet, the newly appointed program coordinator for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation and Mahilaa Sikshya Nidi, BMKF’s sister organization in Nepal. I am currently on the final semester of my bachelors, majoring in development studies. I have always been very interested in the field of social development, especially regarding women and children. I am quite fortunate that I am getting to work in such an organization whose main motto is to empower women through education.
I am really hoping to learn more things, gather experiences and grow professionally and personally. I will work hard to fulfill the core mission of the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation. I believe that being a part of this family will help me bring a positive difference in the lives of my fellow Nepalese women and their communities. I will work with love and passion. I am thankful for this incredible opportunity and am ready to take on this next chapter!
We are extremely pleased to welcome Bindu Shrestha to the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation Board.

Born and raised in Nepal, Bindu was the first Nepalese woman to receive a scholarship from the Bo M Karlsson Foundation. Because of this support, she was able to complete her Nursing studies in 2007 and went on to work at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Nepal.  

Bindu recently moved to Seattle with her husband Prem, a BMKF advisor and outdoor enthusiast.
They are both enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She loves reading, travel, hiking, camping, cooking and baking. She also enjoys yoga and listening to music.

Bindu is thankful to be part of the organization that gave her the opportunity to pursue a career in Nursing, a long-held dream of hers. She is excited to get started and help impact the lives of women just like her because she knows what it’s like to walk in their shoes:

"I know how it feels when you almost give up on your dream because of the financial problems but then an angel comes into your life and makes it happen. Sonnia Karlsson was that angel and I'll always be thankful to her for everything she did for me and my education."
Meet: Pooja Yadav

By Shannan Chapman
Pooja knew early on that she wanted to be a Nurse. When she was a child, she had polio. Yes, polio. As I interviewed her, I couldn’t help but draw in a breath when she spoke those words. My father’s sister died from polio when she was 12. That was in the 1940s. In 1979, polio was declared to be eradicated in the US. And yet, Pooja tells me in a very matter-of-fact way that she wants to be a nurse because when she was a child, she had polio and at first, the nurses frightened her. But over time, she came to trust them and knew that one day, she wanted to help others the way they helped her.
Pooja was born in a village called Rajbiraj, in the southeastern region of Nepal. Currently her family lives in a village about an hour from Kathmandu. Besides her parents, she has a younger and older brother, both of whom are in school. Her village has no women in college. Pooja is the first and she hopes to inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

Pooja is in her 2nd year of studies. When she graduates next year, she will receive her PCL in Nursing and hopes to then go on and pursue her Bachelor’s Degree. She loves to care for disabled people and wants to work in a hospital when she completes her studies. Right now, Pooja is focused on trying to fit in the demands of practical and theory classes.  There isn’t a lot of time for extracurricular activities so she tries to celebrate special days when she can.

Pooja credits the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation with helping her to pursue her dream. She learned of the scholarship through a relative and is determined to excel in her studies and give back to her family and her community. She hopes that she too can one day inspire a little girl to follow her dreams and go to college.

Deep gratitude to Marisa and Darren Schoen for sponsoring Pooja!!
 Marisa and Darren Schoen                                                                 Pooja and her Father
A Little Wine (or a lot) For A Good Cause!
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Determined to Elevate Women’s Voices in Nepal: A New BMKF Scholarship for Mass Communication & Journalism has been announced.

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