Can you believe it’s almost 2020?? Where does the time go? Usually, as the end of one year approaches, we look back… and then we look forward. Back, at what we've accomplished, the memories and the highlights, the lessons learned along the way. Ahead, at what we want for the next year, bigger goals, a new year like no other.

When I think about the 53 women scholars In this last newsletter of 2019, as we look back, we have much to celebrate. What a year it’s been! Seven, yes, seven scholars graduated! Nepal now has even more courageous young women prepared to change the world. We celebrated 15 years as the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation! We also welcomed our second journalism scholar into the family during this “Year of the Woman.”

Looking ahead, how do we top that? How do we ensure that we don’t lose this momentum? Six more scholars will graduate between 2020 and 2022. We will welcome four lawyers, an engineer and a journalist into the alumni family. These six women are well on their way to changing Nepal and the world through their contributions. We have a new Program Manager in Nepal, a BMKF alumnus who is excited and ready to make a difference.

And we have you. Yes, you. You make all the difference and without your continued love and support, none of this matters. So, looking forward, we are ready to make 2020 the best year yet!

We at the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation hope that you have had a wonderful 2019 with hearts full of hope for 2020. You are part of our family and we wish you a happy holiday season.

Shannon Chapman
BMKF Board President
Please join us in welcoming Chadani Shrestha to the position of Program Coordinator in our Nepal office. Chadani, one of our scholars, is a recent graduate, having earned her degree in Business Management this past year. Chadani is very excited and thankful for this opportunity.

“I am excited about this position because I can finally give something back to the organization. And I want to bring a lot of positivity, teamwork and fun to this.”
Art by Chadani Shrestha
by Shannan Chapman
Beenita Devkota is a driven young woman. Everything she does, she does with purpose. She seeks out and finds inspiration that calls her to action in her studies and her personal life.

When I first met Beenita during my time in Nepal in 2018, I was struck by her confidence and level-headedness and not surprised to learn that she was studying law. She calls it “a noble profession,” one that will empower her to serve and seek justice for others. A profession that not only inspires her to her best in her studies, but to also set high goals and pursue them passionately. Four years in, she will graduate in two more years and plans to work as a government attorney with her sights set on one day becoming a judge.

Beenita’s classes are challenging but interesting. Her favorite is a class she took in her 3rd year called “Public International Law,” in which she learned about international cases. It was one of the most difficult classes and yet, she put in the hard work, did extra research, and even helped her friends as they struggled with this class.

It’s hard to imagine Beenita with any free time, but when she can, she loves to travel and read books that inspire her. After reading The Diary of Anne Frank, she started a journal. After The Alchemist, she found an internship and after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, she changed her spending and saving habits! It’s also hard to believe but Beenita is actually an introvert who likes spending time with herself. And yet, she seeks out and admires people who are genuine, humble and decent with a goal of developing these traits herself.

Beenita lives with her mother in Kathmandu. Her mother, she says, is very proud of her and is her constant motivator and a source of inspiration. Because of her mother, she has extended family members who have become supportive as well as she pursues her studies.

The scholarship Beenita received from the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation changed the trajectory of her life. If you ever meet her, you will see that she is strong, independent and confident, a woman who goes after what is right, true, and serves a purpose.

We who support this organization are fortunate to be able to provide the type of opportunity that allows young women like Beenita to put that passion to work to make Nepal and the world a better place!
In August this year, Board Vice-President Amanda Wager hosted “A Toast to Education” at Sol Stone Winery in Woodinville, WA. Now in its 5th season, the event this year netted $4400 to be used towards BMKF scholarships!

It was a beautiful evening in the Pacific Northwest as we toasted our scholars and raised money through wine tasting, a silent auction, and bidding on some great prizes, including artwork, trips, and more. We connected with old friends and made new ones as this BMKF community gathered together to show support and share our common love of Nepal and our scholars. THANK YOU to Amanda and her family for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. Well done!
Would you help us raise $10,000 by the New Year?

Make a gift that changes lives and transforms communities. Donate as little as $15 to help us reach our goal of $10,000 by December 31st!

Education doesn’t just happen. It requires a support system. Make a gift to help smart, determined young women like Chadani and Beenita reach their goals.

Art by Chadani Shrestha
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