BMKF will award 5 new scholarships, 16 total!
Sabita's father wanted to send her to work in a foreign country. Prabha survived an abusive marriage. Topala worked in construction, carrying bricks. Rama, Manisha, Saraswoti, and Rebika rely on crutches. Despite the hard challenges life has thrown at them, these strong young women are determined to use their education to change their lives and make a difference, especially for other women.
BMFK scholars amaze and inspire me. They are why I volunteer for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation — and why our Education Committee teamed up to sponsor an extra scholarship last year. Because these remarkable young women can’t do it alone.

This year, BMKF will award five new scholarships, including two designated law degree scholarships funded by individual donors. In addition, we will renew the funding for 11 continuing students, for a total of 16 scholarships.
A Wonderful Dilemma:  So many deserving candidates....
We expect to see more applications this year than ever before, from bright young women who have dreams for the future. Just for starters, we know that candidates will be referred by friends and partner organizations in Nepal, including DHC Newlife Centre (a home for disabled students where several current and former BMKF scholars come from), Kopila Valley School, Little Sister Fund, the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre, and Possible, a nonprofit that delivers free, high quality health care in Dolakh District and western Nepal.

It’s going to be a tough decision. Fortunately, we have a great team.
Over the past year the Education Committee improved the application process with guidance by Nepal program manager Sabita Ghising. We raised minimum academic requirements and changed our deadline to better match the Nepalese school year. Board directors from MSN, our sister nonprofit, also got involved. MSN recommends giving priority to candidates from remote districts beyond the Kathmandu Valley and will interview BMKF scholarship finalists again this year.

You can learn more about the BMKF Scholarship Program, including BMKF scholar stories at If you would like to help evaluate scholarship essays, we love new volunteers. Contact me at   

Thanks for your support!

Erin Inclán, Co-chair, BMKF Education Committee 
Would you like to volunteer with BMKF?
Let us know! BMKF seeks volunteers to work on various projects. We have something for everyone, whether you want to work behind the scenes, tackle a hands-on project, or find new ways to help share our story. Email Sonnia at
Wedding Bells and Bagpipes
Congratulations to BMKF volunteers Russell Williams, our website developer, and Susan Newbold, who designs our newsletter.
Russell married his lovely bride Erica in January. Susan jumped the broom with Jon MacLaren this summer, at Kilconquhar Castle on the east coast of Scotland, near Elie. Thank you both for making BMKF even better. May your marriages bring great joy, love, and passion into your life!
Amanda raises funds for BMFK, Jai Ho!
In August, BMKF board director Amanda Wager hosted her Raise Your Glass and Wallet, Jai Ho! fundraiser at Sol Stone Winery in Woodinville and raised more than $3K for scholarships with help from family and friends. Now she’s headed to Nepal to meet with BMKF scholars and visit some of their villages and homes.
If you’d like to host a BMKF fundraiser, Amanda has this advice:

“Remember to have fun and make sure you have a visual, so you can show people our awesome BMKF scholars in Nepal.”  
Phoenix's Magic Penny Drive
As we go to press, Phoenix has raised nearly $600 -- and the funds she raised will be matched by a donor. This young lady has been raising money for the Bo M. Karlsson Foundation since 2011, when she was only six years old. Penny by penny, coin by coin, Phoenix has raised thousands of dollars for scholarships with the help of family, friends, and local businesses. We’re proud of our young philanthropist!
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