PLEASE Help Alysha be
a Marathon-a-thoner!
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Alysha is trying to get by with a little help from her friends...
One of my FAVE discoveries from the NOTE Marathon is Justine Dorsey (and her Sister Kerris).
You HAVE to listen to this talented young lady.
I need your help!
I have only days left to raise money
And so far only one sponsor
Wanna Sponsor Me in a Marathon?

In case you missed it I will be WATCHING
The 21st Annual Hollywood PERFORMANCE Marathon at
Theatre of NOTE
This highly anticipated local tradition is an all-day-all-night extravaganza of eclectic performances, including comedy, pancake juggling, poetry, chin puppets, fire-eating, hula dancing, music, magic, monologues and much more

The entire all-day-all-night event is a fundraiser for our non profit theatre company. The Marathon-athon works much like a swimathon
or walkathon or anything like that.

I get people to sponsor me, as an audience member, for a certain dollar amount per hour that I stay at the marathon.

You can sponsor anything from $1 to $1,000,000 per hour

All donations are tax deductible and it's all for the arts
You can set a maximum if you'd like.

Example $5 per hour or max of $50 whichever comes first.
In full disclosure I do plan to be there the entire time.
The show starts at 3pm and the last act will probably end around 3am.
I'd love it if you could help me achieve my goal!!!

**If even a handful of you pledged $21 for our 21st I COULD DO IT!**

This is the perfect way to support and contribute to the arts, and all for very little time, energy and/or investment.
Every dollar helps!
After the marathon on Saturday January 16th, I'll tally my hours and pledges and then report back to my sponsors with the total amount due.
At that time, you'd send a check to me, or you can pay with a Visa or Mastercard

Just Click on this PAYPAL Link

and  tell me once you've done it and for how much

Did I mention that it's 100% tax deductible?
Let me know if you're interested and / or have any questions....and I'll add you to my sponsorship list!

And on a very personal note...

Theatre of NOTE is my LA Home...

I love it..
I want to keep performing on stage here,
with my theatre family...

If you CAN give even just a little to help us keep our doors open
and keep all my wonderful company of actors/producers/directors
making art for a

democratically run
theatre company

then please do.



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