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Here is a small update of what I'm up to in my acting career... and more ;-)
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Tapping Therapy Plus
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Bella as a baby bunny
(Bella as a baby bunny)

I'll be open here... 2015 was NOT an easy year for me. I lost my other Rabbit Annabella ("Bella) the day after my birthday and to be honest that's how most of the year felt month-by-month

HOWEVER choosing to look back at some good things that happened...

I helped produce a fantastic show "Niagara Falls" at Theatre of NOTE to great acclaim and sold-out houses.
I was part of a Theatre movement here in LA "Pro 99" which I am still proud to be part of AND even made a fun susse-like poem about it... which you can read here.
I have a FIT model agent now and currently am going out on Fit Modeling Calls.

But finally I had the GREAT fortune to take part in a table read with the ISC company. If you know me you know the last two years I have been celebrating my birthday at "Free Shakespeare in the park" in LA which is done by the fantastic company The Independent Shakespeare Company of Los Angeles.
I had a BLAST reading with them and look forward to what might come because of that, in the future.
Last year I took part in a marathon... Yes I did!
Ok it was a performance marathon at my theatre home in LA Theatre of NOTE. And (spoilers) I'm doing it again... And for the THIRD TIME I will be a marathon-athoner!
A Marathon-a-thoner means I'm looking to be sponsored to sit through the entire day and night of nonstop performances (10mins each slot starting around 3pm and going till Last Man Standing at around 1,2 or 3am)

Right now I'm desperately seeking people to sponsor me to do this and raise some money for my Theatre home.
To be up front Im looking to stay the entire show.
So if you DIDN'T want to sponsor me at say $5 an hour for as many hours I can sit...
Then you CAN just give a lump sum of whatever you wish to this cause and that will still count towards my and the theaters goal! If this sounds like something you could help with then please just
 Click here to make a donation to NOTE via paypal
Also please put in the notes area that this is to sponsor me (Alysha Brady) for the performance marathon.
Then email me saying you PayPal-ed it so I can tell the right people
Otherwise you can email me back and tell me if you'd prefer to donate money per hour I'm there or a lump sum and we will go form there.

Oh and if you're in LA ON January 16th why not stop by yourself? $20 for one of the BEST variety shows in town (pancake juggling, puppetry, musical numbers, poems, monologues, scenes, comedy acts... YOU NAME IT! Every 10minutes something new!)
Grilled Veggie Pitas

Its just so easy to pick up some whole wheat pitas, veggies, maybe some pesto and goat cheese and make yourself a super yummy healthy dinner in no time!
Or just grab ingredients you already have in the fridge, warm up the oven and get a nice toasty pita sandwich. Why keep using bread slices? Mix it up a little!

Here is one recipe if you need some more inspiration :-)
New You

One Last Thought From The Brit:

With the New Years
people LOVE to do Resolutions

Im not so keen on the bad rap those get.
I AM a fan of taking a minute to realise where you are
and figure out how you wish to propel yourself to where you want to be in the new year.

Me Personally
I will be "RE BRANDING" myself
(like they say in Hollywood)
I'm so looking forward to what new doors it will open
as well as seeing what ones I can kick down

New Year?
New You?
I'm looking forward to this...

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