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Hello and welcome to my newsletter
Here is a small update of what I'm up to in my acting career... and more ;-)
Cara&Jr in Banshee

Acting Class:

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Accelerated Artist
I love these people. Check them out.

...and you dont need to take my word for it
"Director James R. Carey and his cast ... attack their material with considerable craft and sincerity.
Brady's bluff matter-of-factness is particularly refreshing, and Voorhees charts his character's mental disintegration with unsettling specificity."
- F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times
"Cork-born Cara (Alysha Brady)... Jerry’s ego-boosting, too-good-to-be-true and unconditionally loving girlfriend.
"The question of whether the real banshee is Cara, Kit or a more pathological kind of entity inside Jerry himself is enlivened by strong performances from Odell, whose Una O’Connor-ish cartoon of a brogue-spouting harridan turns decidedly sinister in Act 2; and
Brady, who hints at something more grotesque and unseemly beneath Cara’s brightly nurturing façade... A first-rate production"
- Bill Raden, Stage Raw

"...and introduces him to a lonely, beautiful divorcée-with-child, Cara (Alysha Brady), who, like his mum, speaks in Celtic brogue....It's a bit like The Glass Menagerie with actual nightmares. This is no play of ideas, but it's an amazing, sentimental thrill ride under James R. Carey's spot-on direction of this terrific ensemble."
-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

Reviews can be found on my website
***For those of you that DON'T know I have a fund going to help me get a Scooter :)

I have recently decided that I will actually be going to get a scooter very soon & the money in this kitty (however small or large it gets) will help me towards a deposit.
I want next year the year to me always saying YES to my acting career & I see having reliable transportation as a fundamental key towards that goal.
So if you have already put money into this kitty THANK YOU THANK YOU! You're helping me pluck up the courage to do this once & for all. Everyone else anything you are able to give (no amount is too small) towards this deposit will be a huge help.
Either way please help me get the word out & share this link with others

Cheers m'dears

I can officially announce that I have been given the great responsibility of becoming the Head of New Membership at
Theatre of NOTE
So if you wish to join this amazing company... contact ME! :-)
Hot Carmel Apple Alpine Drink

Hot Carmel Apple

This is my favourtie drink discovery from Pintrest because it is
SUPER easy &
ooohhh soooo yuuuummmmyyy

You can take whatever variation
you find on the web
(click here for one yummy option)
but all you need is hot apple cider & butterscotch schnapps... & you are in
holiday heaven

One Last Thought From The Brit:

Take Time To Relax

With the Holiday season coming up everyone gets even MORE stressed with work, money & family obligations.
Try not to let it stop you from taking some time to enjoy yourself.

I recently had the pleasure of taking my first Holiday since July of last year.
I had one week off work to spend some time with my parents who came to see the show & visit with me.
We went to Santa Barbara for the grand finale.

I didn't realise how much my body & soul needed that break. I was too wrapped up being an independent contractor & needing to pay bills before.

Take time for yourself.
Seriously. Even just a long weekend.
It's good for the heart & wonderful for your soul
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