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Hello and welcome to my newsletter
Here is a small update of what I'm up to in my acting career... and more ;-)
Promote Your Peeps!

Acting Class:

Looking for a new acting class?
With a free class audit?
(310) 441-FAWN

(seriously... you calling yet?)

Looking for a way to jump-start your diet?
I tried this Vegan Shake on the 30 day shake and cleanse and lost around 14lbs
(I didn't weigh and measure correctly the first week so its either
12lbs or 16lbs!!)

Its not cheap but its yummy and worth it!
I'll be doing it again when I have some more cash
Here is the link
(oh and I have heard the chocolate whey shake is also amazing!)
Accelerated Artist
I love these people. They even have a FREE Preview Class!
Check it out.
Tapping Therapy Plus
My Mother has started her own business as an EFT Practitioner.
If you live in the UK you can visit her practice and if not (or if you dont wish to travel) then you can Skype her for a session!
Shes brilliant (it runs in the family) and shes getting amazing reviews
(dont believe me... go to her website shes just launched and check out the testimonials)
Her technique can be used to help with acting, phobias, weight loss, stress, smoking... YOU NAME IT!
Check it out
Theatre of NOTE
I had my first ever New Member Audition and we not only had a GREAT turn out BUT we were able to invite
9 members to join our
amazing company!
I couldn't be more pleased
I'm already excited to get the next auditions underway

If you wish to join this amazing company
email me with your headshot resume
and a cover letter (5MB total) to:
I Heart 99
I have a Commercial Agent!
It just kinda happened
Tiauna Jackson from The Jackson Agency is now representing me along with my
UK & USA Talent Managers
Ive updated my Acting Reel
Its not much but it will do for now
Check it out HERE
Banana Frozen Yogurt
Roasted Chickpeas
It took me a while before I tried these for myself but now they are my
go-to snack.

So good!

I like trying these with all sorts of different seasonings.
So far I prefer them a little spicy
but the Italian Seasoning Chickpeas aren't half bad either

Heres a link to one of MANY recipies around the web
(BTW they can also be known as Garbanzo Beans)

One Last Thought From The Brit:

Keep Going

One of my favourite poems is one that finishes

"And you can never tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems so far

So stick to the fight when you're
hardest hit
Its when things go wrong that you must not quit"

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