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Hello and welcome to my newsletter
Here is a small update of what I'm up to in my acting career... and more ;-)

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Accelerated Artist
I love these people. Check them out.
As we reach the end of 2014 its easy to sit back and notice all the things you DIDNT do
But I for one am going to notice what I DID do with my year and I invite you to do the same
1- I co-produced the Hollywood fringe festival AND I acted in TWO shows at Theatre of NOTE
The first was understudying for two amazing actresses in Dissasembly. It was a wonderfuland scary challenge that only made me grow as an actor.
The second was the show I closed in November- Banshee. This play was a dream come true. A meaty role, an irish dialect, a fantastic cast and crew who I felt always had my back... And to top it off my parents were able to come to an absolutly amazing closing night
2- Although he is no longer with me my beloved Toby (pet rabbit) thought me so much this year about patience life and unconditional love. I took care of him three times a day for every day of his last 18 or more months of life. Challenging is the right word but it showed me so much about myself and about life. That rabbit had the ultimate will to live and enjoyed every breathe he breathed. May we all be more like that.
3- I went to an amazing workshop (Accelerated Artists) and amongst many things I learnt it motivated me to start this very newsletter to keep in touch with all my friends and family about my acting career!
And so much more
Sure I could notice that I didn't land a sitcom, become the next companion on Doctor Who nor did I make an appearance as a new ward on Downton Abby... (Yet)
But I'd rather look at all the positives that this year DID bring me and use the rest as motivation to challenge myself with in this next year coming
Here's to 2015
To bigger brighter more abundant days...
And hover boards
Last year I took part in a marathon!
Yes I did!
Ok it was a performance marathon at my theatre home in LA Theatre of NOTE
I will be sending out more information as it comes but this year I will be taking part in it once more!!! Janurary 17th!!! Yay :)
I mention it now because it's the end of the year and I'm going to be a marathon-athoner
That means I'm going to be sponsored to sit theough the day and night of nonstop performances (10mins each slot starting around 3pm and going till Last Man Standing at around 1,2 or 3am) at NOTE and I'm looking for people to sponsor me to do this and raise some money
To be up front Im looking to stay the entire length of the time. So if you DIDNT want to sponsor me at say $5 an hour for as many hours I can sit... Then you CAN just give a lump sum of whatever you wish to my cause and that will still count towards my and the theaters goal!
If ths sounds like something you wanted to do right this minute before the end of taxes 2014 then please just head over to click on the bricks on the front page/PayPal link and dedicate a certain amount towards note. If there is a way to put in the notes that this is to me (Alysha Brady) for the performance marathon that will be helpful... You can also email me yourself saying you PayPal-ed it and I can contact the relevant people
Again more info to come and thanks for your help! Every little always counts
I have been given the great responsibility of becoming the Head of New Membership at
Theatre of NOTE
So if you wish to join this amazing company... contact ME! :-)
Hot Carmel Apple Alpine Drink
Veggie shepherds pie
I LOVE Shepherds Pie on a chilly winters night (yes we even get them in LA!)
It's super easy and with all the meat alternatives out there along with veggie filled and lentil filled pies
you don't even have to worry about the red meat (if you don't want to)

You can take whatever variation
you find on the web
(click here for one yummy option)
However all you need is the filling (Morningstar crumbles should you so wish)
the veggies and some mash and you're good to go

One Last Thought From The Brit:

Welcome the change

Whatever happened last year
It changed you
Of course it did
You are not going to be the same person you were a year ago
Welcome this change
Embrace it
See what positive things you can influence this new you that is about too emerge
Remember: the only constant is change
Let me be the first to wish you
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