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Here is a small update of what I'm up to in my acting career... and more ;-)

Acting Class:

Looking for a new acting class?
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(310) 441-FAWN
Accelerated Artist
I love these people. They even have a FREE Preview Class!
Check it out.
Theatre of NOTE
The Marathon at Theatre of NOTE was AMAZING! I staid the ENTIRE 13 hours! I saw so many things. From magic acts to clowns, from comedians to dancers. The night was FILLED with amazing acts and I was truly entertained the ENTIRE night!!
10mins each act for 13 hours and I could have done MORE!
I did my personal best for raising money on this my only second year (THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!) and NOTE raised its goal for 20K!!!!
I Heart 99
I have been very vocal about this subject on facebook and twitter but have yet to share anything via emails.
Well that changes now
If you are a member of AEA (the American Equity Association for Actors) then PLEASE familiarize yourself with the next referendum they are trying to put into place here in Los Angeles.
The 99-Seat referendum.

I love my theatre company here in LA. It has not only kept me on stage but kept me acting as a whole. I have been privileged to not only be a part of wonderful plays ON stage but BEHIND stage too.
I have had invaluable experiences with this company and bless the day my friend told me I should join.
I have made life long friends
I have a theatre home
I have a theatre family

This new referendum I believe WILL kill my theatre home
I'm voteing NO

I want there to be a change for sure but I dont believe the change they are asking for is the right one. I vote NO because I want to go back to the drawing board with Equity and come up with something I can say YES to.
Believe me a YES on this is a YES. Period. There is no going back.

But I dont want to make up your mind FOR you
So I ask that you just listen to the NPR radio debate.
Two from each side talked about why THEY felt THEIR side was right
Then after please do your own research has many articles and actors who are against this particular plan

if you are in LA pay your dues TODAY so you can vote.
Have your voice heard.

If you are a member of AEA PLEASE pay your dues also (even if not in LA)
so that if/when it goes to a wider vote you can be able to give your opinion too

Thank you
and yes

NPR 99-Seat Debate
Theatre of NOTE
So on that subject of being both on stage and behind stage
I have been Associate Producing a little show at Theatre of NOTE called NIAGARA FALLS
It has become the darling of the Pro 99 seat cause and has won over
critic after critic
I wish we were going on longer
(as we keep having SOLD OUT HOUSES)
but this Thursday Friday and Saturday are our last days!

Its been a great ride
Amazing cast
Fantastic crew
Couldn't be more proud

Have a look at what the LA Times said about us HERE
I've got some brand new Heashots!
Thanks to FAWN for introducing me to KARMAN
The Accelerated Artist group for all the prep work I knew to do BEFORE the shoot
And Karman Kruschke for working with me to get these great shots
Alysha Happy
Alysha Blue
Alysha Sassy
Alysha Grin
I have been given the great responsibility of becoming the
Head of New Membership at
Theatre of NOTE
So if you wish to join this amazing company email me with
your headshot resume and a cover letter (5MB total)
Banana Frozen Yogurt
Banana Frozen Yogurt
THIS is my absolute new favourtie thing!! Sooo yummy, sooo easy... SOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!!

You take a few bananas
Chop up, peal and freeze overnight
Get out your blender
Put frozen bananas into blender
Have a plastic spatula in case
(my blender is slow and takes a VERY long time to blend things so I needed the spatular)
Wait until the frozen bananas get nice and creamy white looking
Top with toppings should you so desire

And that is it

If, like me ,you'd like to see a video on how it should come out there is one below
(and yes there is a cute little bunny in the video too)

Banana Frozen Yogurt

One Last Thought From The Brit:

Its OK to say NO

Im a "YES" person.
Probably because my instinct IS to say "no" all the time.
After seeing the movie "Yes Man" I knew that most of the time I'm saying "no" out of fear
& that's not a good place to come from

But when you say "NO" out of LOVE
that's a VERY ok thing to do
Especially if you are saying "NO" because you need to take care of yourself

Remember the aeroplane motto:
Put your oxygen mask on first
that's important in all aspects of
your life

So Im not saying here that you should just say "nah I dont feel like it"
all of the time
but what I AM saying is if you know deep down that saying yes isn't good for you...
then be ok with yourself to say
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