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Here is a small update of what I'm up to in my acting career... and more ;-)
Promote Your Peeps!
Accelerated Artist
I love these people. They even have a FREE Preview Class!
Check it out.

Looking for a way to jump-start your diet?
Its not cheap but its yummy and worth it!
Here is the link

Acting Class:

Looking for a new acting class?
With a free class audit?
(310) 441-FAWN
Tapping Therapy Plus
My Mother has her own business as an EFT Practitioner.
EFT/Matrix Reimprinting can help with most issues, including...
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fears
  • Grief & Loss
  • Phobias
  • Stress
  • Weight
  • Emotional & Physical disease and Pain
In person or in the comfort of your own home, via Skype
"Guiding you along the Path to Emotional and Physical Well Being"
Check out her website
I went on my first vacation in a very long time to NYC
I went to see a few of my LAMDA Friends from school some of whom I haven't seen in 15years!
We all gathered around to celebrate one of our beloved teachers Rodney Cottier and his 60th birthday!!

I feel very lucky to have not only studied AT LAMDA but with Rodney

(interviewed recently in The Guaridan)

The weekend was a whirlwind but I dont regret it one bit.
I loved connecting with my friends again and I even took in a Broadway Show my second night there

("Something Rotten" is BRILLIANT!)
A week later I was celebrating again with him and some more LAMDA friends in Los Angeles
I now have a Fit Modeling Agent
Penny Middlemiss
with Mavrick Artists
ok... this isn't a recipe per say... BUT its something you can USE in your recipes and I LOVE IT!!
You know last time I posted about Chickpeas/ Garbonzo beans?
Well that water that's inside the can... you can SAVE that and USE IT to be an egg substitute!
Great for vegans or anyone who wants to cut down on their diary.
Esp great is you dont have eggs and you're looking to bake something
Look in your cupboard and you might have the best replacement right there.

check out these websites to find out more
Aquafaba website
"Glue and Glitter"
how to use it &
the Facebook group "Aquafaba Everything"


One Last Thought From The Brit:

Have compassion

I had two very interesting "run-ins" the last few months.
Both were strangers who needed someone to help.
I stepped in and both physically & emotionally held the hands of these people.
I very easily could have walked away, put on my headphones and/or just ignored the situations entirely.

I'm glad I didn't.

Compassion is so important
Don't Leave Home Without It
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