January 2015 Newsletter: The Downtown Little School

January Announcements

There is no school on Monday, January 19th.

Bring in your corks! The Yellow and Purple Rooms use corks for their sculptures. Please drop off corks in the office. Thank you!

Tuition is due January 23rd. Contracts and deposits for the 2015 - 2016 school year will be sent out on January 16th and due on January 30th. 
Sewing at The Downtown Little School

A few years ago, a child accidentally ripped the button off a teacher's jacket in a game of tag.  No problem!  When the class went back to the classroom, the child took a needle and thread and sewed the button back on.  

The children in the Yellow and Purple Rooms sew. They start with a small mesh square, a blunt needle and brightly colored yarns.  The first small square feels like a big achievement to each child.  But, by the end of the school year the children have sewed pillows, bags, dinosaurs and kittens. They have made patterns and rainbows, thinking about colors and design.

They have had tangles and been helped by a teacher.  They have had tangles and fixed them by themselves or helped a friend.  They’ve learned to manage a sharp needle with thread.  Sewing involves fine motor control, eye hand coordination, persistence, problem solving and more.  The process is challenging but within reach for each child.  The product is deeply satisfying.

Sewing is about mastery—trying, failing, trying and succeeding!
Sewing at Home

You will need:

one square of mesh (carpet backing)
masking tape
tapestry needle (if you do not have a tapestry needle, masking tape can be  wrapped around the end of the yarn to fashion a needle)

1. Tape the edges of the mesh square so it does not fray.
2. Cut a length of yarn (shorter is better for beginners).
3. Thread the yarn on the needle so that it is a double thread. (If using masking tape to make a needle, fold the yarn in half then wrap tape around one end.)
4. Knot the end of the double yarn thread to the first square in the top row of the mesh.
5. Pull the needle and doubled yarn thread through each square in the row.
6. When the length of yarn is finished, cut a new length of yarn, thread the needle so that it is doubled, and tie it's end to the first length.
7. Sew until all of the squares on the mesh are filled and tie the yarn. Felt can be sewn to the mesh square to make a pillow or purse!

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