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  Welcome to Fabulous February!

Although February is known as the month of intimate love, it also offers the perfect opportunity to expand our consciousness about what the word truly means.  As many of you know, my theme for this year is “Love and Laughter”, emphasizing the importance of both in our quest for Soul Health. 

Love consciousness involves moving away from fear-based living and into a more loving and “inclusive” way of relating with self and others.  Below you will find my article “Oneness: The Ultimate Expression of Love”, which describes the path from separation to connection through soul—or love-based interactions.  It emphasizes that when we seek Soul Health as individuals, we also open the window to become one with others. 

This month also offers the chance to take a look at the relationship you have with yourself.  If you would like to develop a better relationship with your body and with food, consider attending my Soul-Based Eating workshop on February 21st, which is designed to help you understand emotional eating habits and practice mindful body techniques.

Finally, we are nearing the formal launch of Soul Health Travel.  I’m finalizing the itinerary for the September trip to Peru and would love for you to join us!  Details coming very soon!

My wish for you this month is to remain safe and healthy as you enter the next level of love consciousness.

                In shared light,

Katherine T. Kelly,
                                                  Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Oneness:  The Ultimate Expression of Love 

“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”  ~ Swami Vivekananda

Just as Soul Health was being published, I had a conversation with a fellow author who lives in Sedona, Arizona.  We were talking about our respective projects and how our subject matter was related but from different angles of practice and application.  After telling her about the Soul Health Model and how it provides the blueprint to both radiant living and our soul’s evolution, she asked “What are we evolving to?”  I immediately answered “to oneness”.

Oneness is the fact or state of being unified or whole. Although the Soul Health Model provides a visual road map to creating “whole health” for an individual, it is this individual wholeness that allows us to better connect with others as well.  It is our misalignment with self that also misaligns us—or separates us—from one another.  In other words, when one soul is unhealthy or damaged it creates roadblocks and obstacles to oneness with others.  This is why our journey to soul health is so important in shifting to a love consciousness instead of remaining mired in fear.

A prime example of this is the recently released movie, Selma.  The film tells the story of Martin Luther King Jr’s mission to legalize voting for blacks through organizing a peaceful protest walk from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.  The movie did an amazing job of showing what happened when fear-based living separated two races, and later, how love consciousness shifted a divided population to oneness. 
Imagine a world where everyone could live in their truth, welcomed by complete unconditionality, love, and understanding.  This would certainly represent a different kind of planet where everyone simply got along.  Love consciousness is all about releasing our fear-based living that creates a sense of “difference” from others.  It means releasing the fears about loving our self and each other—and embracing the opportunity to connect in a deep and meaningful way.  As our souls evolve, we are more able to see and relate to our similarities rather than focus on our differences.  When this happens we not only experience more individual radiance and alignment, we also create a collective glow that joins us together.

What fears of your own prevent you from connecting with others?  How would your life change if you practiced unconditional love?  In what ways do you need to love yourself so that you can better love others?

Seeking soul health as an individual opens the door to love consciousness and assures meaningful connections with others.  Are you ready for oneness?

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Gary Chapman’s, “The Five Love Languages”, is well-known—
and for good reason!  This book helps you to identify how you share and receive love so that you can develop long and meaningful relationships with others.  This is a great book for couples, but it is also helpful for learning about other loved-ones as well.  My little tip for reading this book it to take the quiz at the end of the book before you read the chapters.  This will help you to identify your love language with little bias involved.  Enjoy!

 Heart Challenge

As we launch into the New Year, I’d like to make a request. I ask you to send pictures of naturally-occurring hearts that you find throughout the year to my email, or post to social media at #soulhealthhearts. I will circulate these on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At the end of the year I will provide a link, so you can view these in one place. (If you don’t already follow me on social media, click the links above!) One of your pictures may also be featured in upcoming newsletters. 
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