Learning to Laugh Again
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 Spring Greetings

Spring is in full force, spring flowersand as we watch the world unfold into the many wonderful colors, sounds, and smells, we also invite in the joy and fun that the season brings. What is feeding my soul this spring? The lettuce that is thriving in my garden, the hummingbirds who have made an early appearance, the cool evenings that still allow me to enjoy the occasional fire on my back deck, and the arrival of my favorite local fruit—fresh and luscious strawberries! Life is good.

Remember to check out my events in the sidebar, and consider attending the Soul Health Study/Discussion Group which is generally held on the first Monday of every month. As usual, I will be taking a bit more time away over the summer to recharge and do some planning for the fall and early next year. In the meantime, make sure you take a look at my weekly blog/vlog—I love the comments that I receive and hope you will send your own!

Have a wonderful, laughter-filled month of May!

                       In shared light,
      Katherine T. Kelly
        Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Learning to Laugh Again

laughterOur soul is nothing without joy. It is our sense of joy—or lack of one—that serves as a key measure of our soul health. And as we all know, fun—our ability to let loose and play—is highly under-rated among adults. As our responsibilities increase, our ability to laugh and have fun often decreases, leaving us “soul-starved” or wilty. Biologically speaking, fun and laughter do more than soothe the soul, having a positive effect on serotonin, stress hormones, and even the immune system.

Despite the positive effect of pure fun and laughter, many people have forgotten how to experience this key ingredient to radiant health. Inevitably, when I ask clients and workshop participants what they do for fun, they are often speechless and cannot answer.

Our human condition often instills the idea that laughter is a luxury, but in my mind, it is a necessity. Our soul’s most natural state is that of joy, and when we forget to allow fun into our lives, we deprive our souls from a vital source of renewal. 

Have you forgotten how to laugh and have fun? Do you believe you’re worth enjoying a hearty chuckle? Has your busy life stripped you of the ability to experience joy? If so, here are some steps to help you re-integrate laughter into your life:
  1. Look for reasons to laugh. (Set the intention that you will find daily opportunities to have fun.)
  2. Give yourself permission to laugh. Literally say out loud, “I now grant myself the permission to laugh and have fun whenever possible.”
  3. Be a kid again. Find ways to bring back youthful activities—run through the sprinklers, track down an ice cream truck, sit in a swing, ride the merry-go-round.
  4. Reminisce about the good ol’ times. Tell stories that still make you laugh until you cry.
  5. Bring out the home movies. Laugh at your old clothes, hair-cuts, and overall antics.
  6. Plan a play date with your friends—play ping-pong, a board game, or arts night. 
Whatever you do, LAUGH! Spring is such a wonderful time to let your inner-child come out to play. For more information on getting fun and laughter back into your life, watch the video/vlog below.
Click to watch video!
I would love to hear your comments for how you allow fun and laughter to feed your soul!

 From Zen to Zany
Soul Health Challenge

Last year I asked you to send me your nature pictures depicting “Soul Health Hearts”—hearts you found occurring naturally in the world around you. This year, I’m kicking it up a notch by asking you to provide pictures related to how you found yourself in “zen-like” and “zany” situations.

So, send me your “zen” and “zany” pictures of you, your friends, family, animals, co-workers, etc. and add the hashtag #soulhealthzen or #soulhealthzany. I will once again compile the pictures, and one will be chosen each month to match the theme of the respective newsletter. You can either send them via Facebook, or email. I look forward to receiving your “zen” and “zany” snapshots! 

I couldn’t help but place thisfogged heart on wine glass photo in the newsletter. I had dinner with a friend a few weeks ago, and in the middle of a sentence I looked at my wine glass and saw that it had a “fogged” heart on it. You never know when simple signs will show up as reminders to maintain love consciousness!
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Soul Health Travel
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100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive book100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive: Living Deeply and Fully Every Day provides wonderful reminders of ways to feed your soul through quotes and suggestions for activating your inner ally. Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat offer this little gem as part of their service to the spiritual needs of others. This is the perfect companion to a morning meditation or evening devotion.
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