Exploring the Karma of Emotion
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 Conscious Appreciation

“You've got to get out and pray to the sky to appreciate the sunshine; otherwise you're just a lizard standing there with the sun shining on you.”
~ Ken Kesey

lizard on rockMr. Kesey made a good point…. We have to consciously appreciate the things around us in order to feel alive.  I would argue, though, that the lizard is probably appreciating the sun more than many of us take the time to do in our busy lives.  Spring is such a wonderful and important time to “stop and smell the flowers” so we can appreciate the growth and change that is happening all around us.
Speaking of change, the article below was written to help you shift your perspective on the “nuisance” of emotions to one of appreciation of growth.  As you will read, emotions hold the “karmic energy” that stimulates growth, but if we avoid or dismiss them, our evolution is stunted.  This hinders—and even blocks our Soul Health.

The topic of new growth and change also applies spiralto Soul Call: A Journey to Your Soul’s Evolution, the new and improved monthly group formerly known as The Soul Health Study/Discussion Group.  Our soul constantly calls out to us to invite change, but we often overlook these important messages.  The discussion group will focus on a new topic each month that will help you to hear your inner voice more clearly and also help you enhance your overall Soul Health.  Please note that the meeting time has changed to the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30 (ish) p.m.

I hope you take some time to appreciate the new growth around you as well as within! 
           In shared light,
               Katherine T. Kelly, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

  How Emotions Help Us Evolve:  Explaining the Karmic Connection

sad womanDo you embrace the times when you feel depressed?  Does sadness bring you down or pump you up?   Can anger be a good thing?  Is anxiety your friend or your foe? 

Most people don’t like emotions.  They avoid them, stuff them down, and feel they make us weak when they arise.  However, emotions are the most definable part of the human condition.  While some animals do express some feeling, human beings have the privilege of experiencing the widest array of emotion.  We are also the most able to observe and process our emotions, regardless of whether we view that as a blessing or curse.

Stop to think for a moment about how emotions have changed your life.  Would you have learned whatever you were supposed to learn without them?   Would you have known that something was amiss if you didn’t experience the discomfort?  How did your emotions alert you to something that needed your attention?

Emotions help us to evolve.  They are the cue that something is misaligned in our lives and the alert that something needs our attention.  Without emotion we would not grow.

Embedded in our emotions are the lessons of life—the “karmic” opportunities to evolve.  Although many view emotions simply as a chemical imbalance, their impact for growth goes far deeper.  Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding fate for our future as well.  In other words, when explored, many people can see how they have grown from the challenges they have experienced in life.  Their “karma” is expressed and stimulated by their emotion(s), and once the lesson is learned and a new course of action is taken, the feeling dissipates.  Peace and contentment inevitably follow. 

In my therapy practice, I’m constantly asking, “What do you think you are supposed to learn from this experience?”  While some resist the idea that something good can come from their situation, they soon realize that there is a great deal of empowerment in being able to consciously consider their circumstances, which allows them to heal and, better yet, evolve.  Once a person makes sense of their predicament, both their worrisome thoughts and emotions are put to rest.  This is conscious evolution.

How often do you dismiss your emotions?  How have you avoided them?  Do you allow your soul the time necessary to explore what the message might be behind your discomfort?

Soul Health ModelSoul Health is all about aligning each branch of your life in order to create and experience radiant living.  Emotions are simply a cue to act on something that is getting in the way of your sense of peace and balance.  Consider spending a few minutes each day assessing your emotions to help you identify what might need some attention in your life.  This investment of time will pay dividends in your ability to evolve in such a way that helps you reach your highest potential.  In doing this, you will resolve any karma that may be urging you to grow and you will “graduate” to the next level of enjoying the human condition.  In this way, emotions are just the cue—you are the agent of change. 
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How to Be Happy Dammit bookKaren Salmansohn offers us a humorous and slightly cynical look at how to view our life lessons.  Life can become a heavy endeavor, but we can lighten up to learn and evolve as we travel along our journey.  This book serves as a fun, but profound, reminder to chuckle at ourselves and our not-so-fun circumstances.

 Soul Health Hearts

heart crumbsAs you might remember, last year I asked you to send me your nature pictures depicting "Soul Health Hearts"-- hearts you found occurring naturally in the world around you.  We received such wonderful images that I want to bring them back and ask that you keep your eyes peeled, once again, and snap those shots of hearts you find while out and about.  Love consciousness needs to stay front and center for our conscious evolution, so please continue to search your environment for these natural reminders.  Please send your pictures to my email, and let us know if you'd like your name included with the photo in case your image gets chosen to appear in an upcoming newsletter.  This month's image was submitted by Dr. Kelly.  “Heart crumbs” from a recent trip to Herrera Vineyards. 
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