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From Zen to Zany: Learning How to Feed Your Soul for Optimal Health in 2016
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  Soul Renewal

zen to zany headerThere’s nothing like a new year to get us motivated to start fresh, create a new vision, and get to work in building a more radiant and fulfilling life. This year is no different, and I’m excited to launch my theme— From Zen to Zany: Learning How to Feed Your Soul for Optimal Health in 2016. Following, you will find an article related to learning what it really takes to nourish and restore yourself at the soul level—something that very few people know how to do. (But that’s all about to change!)

Throughout the year, the articles included in this newsletter will focus on both “zen” (i.e., leisure) and “zany” (i.e., creative or fun) activities that will assist you in furthering your radiant soul health. Various classes, workshops, webinars, retreats, and transformational travel journeys have been designed to enrich your life, as well as solidify your commitment to caring deeply for your overall health. In addition, my blog will offer videos and articles which will provide further ideas for paving your way to radiant living. Check out my video to kick off the new year! 

I invite you to follow me on Facebook, where I will be posting a tip for soul health at the beginning of each week, followed a few days later by an affirmation to help deepen your sense of wellness for that particular tip. Check out other social media links in the sidebar so you can see what I am sharing on those sites as well.

Let’s get this year started, and commit to a more joy-filled and restorative year. Here’s to learning how to feed your soul in 2016!

        In shared light,            

           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 From Zen to Zany:  Learning to Feed Your Soul for Optimal Health in 2016

Soul Health Model

I’ve been doing holistic psychotherapy, wellness education, and health promotion for over 25 years. The biggest challenge I hear when working with others is that very few people know 1) how to really feed their soul and nourish themselves at a deep level, 2) what to do to relax and fully restore themselves, and 3) what activities cause them to laugh enough to really have fun. Work and no play is always a formula for feeling unwell, whether emotional, physical, or other branches of health are affected, but now is the time to learn how to truly nourish oneself at the deepest level—the soul level. This knowledge will help you both to withstand whatever storms life brings your way, but also allow yourself and your soul to evolve in such a way that there is no going back.

Ask yourself: What do I do toZen Kathy relax? What specific activities take away the stressors of the day? Are these healthy behaviors—or vices that only temporarily distract you from the source of discomfort?

Although some may know what it takes for them to really unwind, few actually take the time to engage in these activities due to perceived time constraints, guilt, and the tendency to care for others before one cares for themselves. Learning to soothe your soul with restorative activities ensures not only a less stressful life, but also more optimal and radiant health.

meditationFor instance, simply pausing to take some slow, deep breaths can immediately decrease your heart rate, blood pressure, and overall sense of stress. Practicing meditation, journal-writing, and gentle movement such as yoga, tai chi, and mindful walks around the block can clear the mind, increase optimism, and improve your immune system. Doing creative activities such as painting, drawing, gardening, and decorating provide a mini “mental-vacation” so that you can become more peaceful and centered. Any “zen-like” activity will help you to feel more balanced, but finding the right one for you makes all the difference in guaranteeing your optimal soul health.

On the other hand, it’s also essential to learn how to have fun—and more importantly, Zany Kathyhow to give yourself permission to do so! Countless times, I’ve heard that people feel guilty for taking time to play and laugh, noting that there’s too much to do to allow oneself to let loose and enjoy some good-hearted fun. Many also say that they don’t know how to allow fun and leisure into their busy day or week, neglecting to prioritize playful activities in lieu of the long list of responsibilities. However, there is clear evidence that fun, laughter, play, and all jovial goings-on have an undeniable, positive impact on radiant health.

rollercoasterFor instance, when was that last time you did something that was out of the ordinary? What was it that made you laugh to the point of tears in the last few months—year—or longer? Are you afraid of how you will appear if you do something that is fun to you?

Now, remember how you felt after you took time to relax and restore—and how much more energetic and light-hearted you felt after a good laugh. Reminding yourself of the results of allowing yourself to be both “zen” and “zany” will instill a restorative nature to your approach to the year—one that is crucial in paving your path to optimal living.

Take the time now to jot down a few things related to fun and leisure that you would like to incorporate into your life. Then, pull out your calendar to identify times in which you can most effectively integrate these activities into day-to-day living. By learning to feed your soul, you will undoubtedly enhance your overall sense of well-being, as well as improve your soul health.  

Join me in this year, From Zen to Zany, and create your deepest sense of radiant health yet!
Dr. Katherine T. Kelly 
Ph. D., M.S.P.H.
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 From Zen to Zany Soul Health Challenge

Last year I asked you to send me your zany Kathynature pictures depicting “Soul Health Hearts”—hearts you found occurring naturally in the world around you. This year, I’m kicking it up a notch by asking you to provide pictures related to how you found yourself in “zen-like” and “zany” situations. To start us off, I’m adding a picture that was taken at Walt Disney World in December of last year. My best friend and I went there to celebrate my birthday, and although I’d never been there, I can definitely see why people go—it is IMPOSSIBLE not to have fun!  

So, send me your “zen” and “zany” pictures of you, your friends, family, animals, co-workers, etc. and add the hashtag #soulhealthzen or #soulhealthzany. I will once again compile the pictures, and one will be chosen each month to match the theme of the respective newsletter. You can either send them via Facebook, or email. I look forward to receiving your “zen” and “zany” snapshots!


Color Me HappyAppropriate for the 2016 “From Zen to Zany” theme, I want to introduce you to my current favorite past-time: coloring! I always loved coloring as a child, but now the world is exploding with wonderful coloring books for adults! Not only is it relaxing to grab your pencils or pens and calm your mind as you create beautiful images, you can also free your zany side since many of the books offer wild and unusual designs! Pair these with some awesome gel pens (also a personal favorite—especially the ones with glitter!), and you add the very best of both zen and zany to your life! Go feed your soul and bring out your inner artist!
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