Learning to Play Again
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 Feeding Your Soul with Fun

“The right use of leisure is no doubt a harder problem than the right use of our working hours.” ~~ Dean Inge
zany costumeWhat would life be like if we didn’t have fun? If we didn’t laugh? If we didn’t play? Unfortunately, few people report that they make time for leisure, and even fewer can remember what last made them laugh. As our society becomes more advanced or modernized, our ideas of fun and leisure lose their purity and are replaced by less fulfilling tasks. 

The article below encourages you, as an adult, to relearn how to play. The serious nature of the human condition often dims our inner light—the joy of our soul. By exploring the recreational branch of health more intentionally, you can re-ignite that light, and become much more vibrant, playful, and satisfied in daily life.

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Spring is the perfect time to “fertilize” your life. Make a plan for fun and leisure so you can nourish your soul’s garden!

                  In shared light,
   Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Learning to Play Again

Our soul needs fun in order to thrive. It not only helps to heal the challenges of the human condition, it also enhances our overall experience of life. Despite the vast amount of research that exists related to the positive benefits of fun and leisure, most adults neglect this essential part of soul health.

"Ape Invasion" photoThe recent NASA video of the International Space Station’s “Ape Invasion” (If you haven’t seen the video, take a look!) makes the hilarious point that even in the most serious of situations, sometimes you just have to play around and laugh. When I first saw the clip on the news, my mind had a difficult time wrapping my head around what was happening. Finally, I laughed out loud, paused to ponder how NASA allowed these antics, then silently praised them for endorsing the fact that sometimes we need to step out of our serious roles as adults to simply have a little fun. If I were stuck in a 373 square foot metal capsule that was 220 miles above the earth’s surface for a year, you can guarantee that I’d be getting into a bit of mischief just to keep me sane.

But why don’t we invest in some Kathy in Minnie earsgood, healthy play on a regular basis while still on earth? Most recreational activities that adults engage in involve some sort of competition. However, research shows that these types fun aren’t nearly as therapeutic as having a simple, but hardy, laugh. 

Could you list 10 things you do just for the sake of fun? Are these regular activities or ones you engage in once in a blue moon? When was the last time you had one of those laughs that left you with tears streaming down your face and sore stomach muscles that lingered for days? Do you prioritize fun into your day or week—or are you like most people who put leisure off until you are so stressed out and tired that you can’t enjoy it?

Disney coasterAs part of learning to feed your soul in 2016, I would like to not only give you permission to integrate more fun and leisure in your daily life, I would also like to challenge you to do it and see how much better you feel. As I say in my book, “Fun feeds the soul, and without it our inner light will die.” To take my “Feed Your Soul with Fun” challenge as you learn to play again, begin by watching the following video, "Finding Soul Health Through Learning to Play Again"

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Wellness Woman magazineThis month’s favorite includes a link to the online magazine, Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond. I’ve known the editor in chief for a few years, and I’m thoroughly impressed with her passion to help others create a radiant life. Always upbeat, the magazine teaches you many ways to feed your soul.

 From Zen to Zany
Soul Health Challenge

Last year I asked you to send meKathy zany play your nature pictures depicting “Soul Health Hearts”—hearts you found occurring naturally in the world around you. This year, I’m kicking it up a notch by asking you to provide pictures related to how you found yourself in “zen-like” and “zany” situations.

So, send me your “zen” and “zany” pictures of you, your friends, family, animals, co-workers, etc. and add the hashtag #soulhealthzen or #soulhealthzany. I will once again compile the pictures, and one will be chosen each month to match the theme of the respective newsletter. You can either send them via Facebook, or email. I look forward to receiving your “zen” and “zany” snapshots! This month's photo was submitted by Lynn Hawks from Christmas, 2015.
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