Welcome to the month of love!
Living a "Love Conscious" Life
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 Welcome to the month
of love!

“I don’t need more love in my life”…. said no one!
heart tree knotFebruary is all about love, and I know few people who wouldn’t invite more into their lives. Although many take this time to reflect on romance, the true experience of love consciousness goes far beyond our love life. The article below expands the idea and applies it to your journey to Soul Health.

Before you head there (in case you missed it), I want to invite you to take a look at my recent “Inspirational Insights” project—The Soul’s Twelve Karmic Rules. Each month I will be sending something new to ponder to help enhance your Soul Health. Look for meditations, videos, and other inspirational tidbits coming soon.

Also, as mentioned in last month’s newsletter, soon I will be offering several new services related to soul healing. I’m busy working on the details, so I’ll let you know when we can get started. In the meantime, stay warm through the remainder of the winter, and get ready for spring to launch you into a whole new level of radiant living!
In shared light,
   Katherine T. Kelly
   Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

  Living a
“Love Conscious” Life


heart in rockThere is no better time than the present to explore the idea of love consciousness. You’ve likely heard me mention this concept before, but I want to take the time to explain more deeply what it means, because it pertains to all of us—especially as you consider Soul Health.

Our human condition creates much turmoil, judgment, and criticism. It is estimated that American adults have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day, with two-thirds of these as negative thoughts about ourselves or others. That is nearly 40,000 unpleasant or unkind thoughts that pass through our brains each day! It is impossible to align with ourselves on our path to radiant living when we constantly question or berate ourselves or those around us.

heart pupil in eyeThe definition of consciousness is the “awareness by the mind of itself and the world”, while “an intense feeling of affection” defines love. Therefore, love consciousness can be defined as an awareness of loving affection toward oneself and the world”. Because all emotions lead to either love or fear, it is reasonable to assume that, today, the vast majority of folks live through fear consciousness rather than through love.  

Let me explain this idea through two personal examples: For years, I have been frustrated and dismayed by the nature of other drivers. Admittedly, I had been known to curse when someone would cut me off, drive too slowly in the fast lane, or suddenly slam on their brakes. Each situation would frustrate the heck out of me and would cause my blood to boil. I’m certainly not perfect, but I do tend to take into consideration the safety and needs of others. Because I wanted to change my reaction, I now try to send these same drivers many heart in tree barkblessings and good thoughts to wish them safe travels instead of letting them ruin my day—and my blood pressure. Although I still occasionally catch myself becoming irritated, I quickly shift my thoughts to something more positive.

Another example is learning not to take personally someone else’s negative intentions. Everyone experiences the darkness of others’ moods and actions, making it difficult to engage in healthy conversation and relationship. At one time, I would take this terribly personally, but now I try to remain intensely aware that other peoples’ actions, statements, and beliefs all come from their own personal experiences, perceptions, beliefs, and most importantly, their wounds. Although challenging, remaining in love consciousness helps me to release these misgivings and use discernment to decide which situations and relationships are healthy enough to maintain. This is done without judgment, which enhances my own soul health by remaining positive and loving toward myself and others.

So how can you live a more “love conscious” life?  Consider the following:

Listen to your thoughts. Pay attention to the messages you send to yourself and others. How dog's leg, l-shapedmany of them are negative? Do these enhance or diminish your soul health? Are they based in fear—or love?

Remember that “junk in” always equals “junk out”. So if you fill yourself with negative thoughts, your life and overall health will be tainted. Also, remember that negative thoughts toward others are always fear-based. So, judging or being critical of others always sends an energetic slingshot back in your direction. 
Observe your reactions and turn them napping dog, o-shapedinto responses. When we react, it is usually an unconscious activity. It happens automatically and usually without awareness of our impact on others. However, when we observe ourselves more deeply, we are more able to respond out of love and awareness, regardless of which of our buttons might have been pushed. Love consciousness allows us to quickly take into consideration the impact we will have on others, as well as prevent any unnecessary hurt to ourselves and those around us.

dog's legs, v-shapedVow to yourself that you will change your old ways. Make a promise to love, honor, and cherish yourself as much as you might another person. Dedicate your life to living more positively by eliminating all negative thoughts and judgments toward yourself and others. As a result, your soul health will be greatly enhanced, not only by nourishing and nurturing your inner ally, but also by engaging more positively with those around you.

dog's snout, e-shapedExamine and Evolve beyond your old ways. Consciousness requires us to examine our actions and assess a need for change. Love asks us to respond in a loving and affectionate way. Conscious evolution is all about widening the lens enough to recognize when we need to outgrow old patterns that are diminishing our soul health. When we live through love, we consciously commit to a life that will lead us down the path of radiant living.

Many years ago, a wise woman pointed out to me that dog spelled backwards is “god”. As many of us know, dogs are the most loving creatures on Earth. I don’t know about yours, but mine seem to be far more love conscious than most people I know. Perhaps February should be deemed “dog month”, as we have much to learn from these amazingly loving and unconditional creatures. Next time you catch yourself sending a negative message, ask “What would Emmy or Chloe do?”  No doubt, you’ll learn love.

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God on a Harley bookGiven that February is all about love, I wanted to send a suggestion for a sweet little read, called, God on a Harley. A friend and mentor suggested this book to me many years ago, and I just recently came across it again on my bookshelf. It is a quick read, filled with many wonderful lessons about love—about self- and others. Anyone who needs more love in their lives (and who doesn’t, right?...) will enjoy this little gem.

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