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  Ease into Spring

earth, soil, treeFinally!  It’s spring… and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some sunshine, bursts of color from the flowers and trees, and long walks in the woods to take in the sights and sounds that are slowly coming to life.
This month’s article focuses on the Intellectual/ Occupational branch of Soul Health. Many people come to me to help them find their passion or life purpose.  This seems to be happening more and more as people realize that their current jobs or work situations aren’t ideal. The article below provides insight into how to avoid further detours so that you create a clearer path to this vital branch of your well-being.
For a taste of finding your life’s passion, consider joining my webinar on May 20th titled, “Top Ten Mistakes to Reaching Your Highest Potential—How to Realign Your Life for Optimal Living” (details coming soon).  This online workshop will help you to not only assess your current situation, but also help you to avoid taking another occupational detour in the future.   If you’re ready to take a really deep dive into harnessing your inner power, join us on the Awakened, Alive, and Awestruck in the Andes Soul Health Journey to the heart and soul of Peru from September 2-12th. (Go to 
www.soulhealthtravel or click the video link in the right column of this newsletter for more information.)

Remember to take a look at the other events and activities, including the Integrated Psychotherapy professional series.  These workshops are offered by Cross Country Education and provide continuing education credits for various healthcare providers.

May your spring bring you beautiful colors and a renewed energy as you awaken to life that awaits you.  

                In shared light,
           Katherine T. Kelly
          Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

 Finding Your Perfect Calling

When I took my career counseling class during graduate school, statistics at the time indicated that people changed jobs an average of 3.5 times during their life. Estimates now show that people change jobs an average of 10-15 times during their career and that only 48% of Americans are even somewhat happy in their jobs.  With these statistics, it is inevitable that an unhealthy or unsatisfied Intellectual/ Occupational branch of Soul Health will affect a person’s ability to achieve radiant living.

Many are led down the wrong path or take various detours in finding their ideal jobs, careers, or life purpose, and some feel perpetually confused in their pursuits.  Multiple factors can muddy the waters of finding your ultimate work path. These might include taking jobs simply for financial security, staying in occupations to avoid the process of finding another one, or feeling like it is too late to start another job or career. Emotional dependence on a workplace can also occur, leaving employees with the idea that they are unemployable elsewhere.
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."  Steve Jobs
We spend at least one-third of our daily lives at work.  Another third is spent sleeping (if we are lucky…), and whatever remains is filled with various responsibilities that can’t be accomplished while we are bringing home a paycheck. But unfortunately, an unsatisfying work experience can directly impact the rest of our life to the point of damaging or even disabling our overall well-being.

Ask yourself—

·  What in my current work situation is keeping me from feeling fully satisfied?
·  What can I change about this?
·  What would make my work life more enjoyable?
·  Is there anything I can do to create more interest in my job?
·  Does my work “feed my soul”?

Prior to leaving my job as a professor at a medical school, someone told me that I was just one step away from making the best decision of my life.  Of course, in a time of fear, I also questioned whether it would be the worst decision instead.  I had to go through the process of recognizing how life would be if I stayed in the position vs. how it would be if I left. Coming to understand regret turned out to be my best ally in taking the leap.

If there is truly nothing you can do to change your experience of work, then it's likely time to make a change. But many don’t want to make the same mistake twice and end up in another unsatisfying situation. Understanding true Soul Health allows you to make these decisions without hesitation.

One of the top ten mistakes that people make in finding their highest potential is to believe that you have no options.  The truth is, we always have options.  These alternatives may not appeal to us immediately, but with close consideration, it is possible that you will find open doors where you once saw only barriers.

It often takes time for a satisfying career to unfold, but it is entirely possible once you learn to avoid the detours that are common to all. Take some time today to explore the obstacles in your life that keep you from experiencing radiant intellectual/occupational health.
Awakened, Alive, and Awestruck in the Andes
A Soul Health Journey Through the Sacred Sites of Peru
Soul Health: Entering the New Love Consciousness
Southeastern Spiritual Conference
June 10-14
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 Heart Challenge

We still want your hearts! We would love for you to send pictures of naturally-occurring hearts that you find throughout the year to my email I will continue to circulate these on social media and list your name with the picture as they are chosen each month. This month's photo was submitted by Kim Carrison-- lovely image!

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