Soul Health January Newsletter- Love and Laughter for 2015 
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  Welcome to 2015!

A new year is a new beginning and, personally, I can’t wait to get this one started!  2015 has the potential to be your best year yet, full of love, laughter, and as much fulfillment as you can handle.  If it is true that we create our own reality, then let’s get the ball rolling to enhance your soul health and reach a whole new level of radiant living!

This year’s theme is “Love and Laughter”.  At the core of soul health is our most natural state—none other than pure joy.  When the branches of our soul health are aligned, we feel a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment that nothing else can create.  But many of us live fearful lives instead of loving ones, and few people laugh and play nearly as much as we should or need to.eye/heart   Therefore, throughout this year, this newsletter will offer not only a new look, but also a new approach to soul-based living.  This approach will help you to replace your old fearful thoughts and enter into a new “love consciousness” that enables you to thrive as you continue on your evolutionary path.

As you explore this new version of the newsletter, make sure you take a look at the upcoming classes and workshops on the Events Link and transfor-mational travel opportunities on the Soul Health Travel link.  I am also in the early stages of creating online discussion groups and webinars, so stay tuned as 2015 unfolds!

I’m excited to share yet another year of Soul Health with you!  May January offer you a beautiful new beginning!

                        In shared light,

                                          Katherine T. Kelly  

** Please note that the Soul Health Study/Discussion Group will be meeting on January 12th this month.


 A World of Love and Laughter

Back in July of last year, I came to more fully understand the importance of love.  It started in the typical romantic sense, and although that relationship never fully got off the ground, I was thrust into a whole new awareness of the importance of living in a world of love.  It’s hard to explain how this happened, but what I came to realize is that most people live in fear rather than allow their loving nature to guide their lives.  Our world is rampant with examples of fear-based actions and reactions, and all one has to do is view the local and national news, or watch our families and friends to start making this list.

The opposite of fear is love.  All negatively “charged” emotions are based in fear, while those that are positive all stem from love.  Up until July I believed I was a fairly positive person, being the eternal optimist and “Pollyanna” both personally and professionally.  But I spent my summer in a boot camp of sorts—being challenged left and right to identify and acknowledge my own fear-based living in order to shift it to a more love-based consciousness.  I learned that every time I got irritated by a driver, made a judgment against myself or others, or allowed myself to succumb to sadness for whatever reason, that these were all fear-based reactions.  But when I turned these thoughts and feelings into love-based responses—wishing the driver safety in their travels, sharing compliments and praise more often, and finding joy even in the saddest of moments, I learned to live more fully in a world of love.  I felt more satisfied with life, less disillusioned with the state of the world, and also more enriched by the experience of shifting my own consciousness from fear to love.

love consciousness

In my book, Soul Health, I talk about joy as the soul’s most natural state.  When we feel joy, it is evidence that we are more fully aligned with the desires of our soul, and we experience more radiant health overall.  The trick is that when we live in fear, it is nearly impossible to fully reach this state.

Two themes will be explored in 2015—both are challenges for you to keep in mind as you evolve throughout the year.  My first challenge for you is to start shifting your own fear-based thinking to a greater experience of love consciousness.  To do this you must be willing to examine each of your thoughts and reactions to determine whether they are fear- or love-based.  If you are left with a negative or uneasy feeling, it is fear-based, while a carefree and joyful feeling assures that your responses are more love-based.  Identifying this is the easy part, changing it is the challenge.  Find every way possible to catch yourself, and shift away from fear, even if it scares you to do so.  Letting go of our old ways is a necessary part of our evolution, but it is often laced with fear as well.

My second challenge for you is to laugh and play more.  Research indicates that American adults laugh less than five times a day, despite the vast knowledge of the positive benefits of this response.  Because our soul’s most natural state is joy, try giving yourself a jumpstart on your soul health by intentionally creating more fun and leisure for yourself throughout the year. 

Just think how different our world would be, if we all lived in love and laughter?  We would be more connected rather than separated, more joyful than sad, and more relaxed than stressed. No doubt the world would be a better place. 

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 Heart Challenge

As we launch into the New Year, I’d like to make a request. I ask you to send pictures of naturally-occurring hearts that you find throughout the year to my email, or post to social media at #soulhealthhearts. I will circulate these on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At the end of the year I will provide a link, so you can view these in one place. (If you don’t already follow me on social media, click the links above!) One of your pictures may also be featured in upcoming newsletters. 


I love all of Don Miguel Ruiz’s books, but The Mastery of Love offers the perfect backdrop to help me kick off Mastery of Love book“the year of love and laughter”.  This book addresses how our approach to relationships—and the world in general—is often based in fear rather than love.   Ruiz states that when we master love (not just in the romantic sense), we align with the “spirit passing through us”—and in my mind, this is our soul.  He emphasizes that love in action is what provides true happiness, which is what soul health is all about.  A great book to have on your shelf for instant reminders of the importance of stepping out of fear-based reactions and stepping into love consciousness.  Enjoy!

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