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Dear Readers

The Realm of Caring wishes you happy holidays with your loved ones. As 2014 comes to a close, we reflect on the progress we’ve achieved in the past year. The Realm of Caring was built on a need that once seemed distant and inaccessible. We seek to provide support services, resources and hope to those pursuing cannabinoid products. As we discovered in 2012, the pursuit of cannabinoids winded and scaled an unknown mountain. We are here to tell you that the summit is in sight. Our achievements this year in our relationships with cultivators and scientists, government and media, but most notable our relationships with you, our clients have catalyzed a movement most certainly worthy of history. These are the highlights we have to share with you.

In November 2013, we were counselling 60 pediatric clients on Charlotte’s Web. In January 2015, we anticipate to serve over 3,000 starting on Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil. At this time last year, Realm of Caring solely operated on 13 volunteers and had no funding. Today the Realm of Caring operates on eight talented employees and over 20 dedicated volunteers. We’ve created a brief infographic for you to visualize 2014 from above. [Read more]
Letter from Heather, Executive Director
What a year! What a privilege to serve these precious families. We overcame so many barriers, and we plan to conquer more to come.  I know we can do it, and you have showed me time and time again that together we can accomplish anything, truly.
As I looked over at my son Zaki hanging his Christmas ornament on the tree – concentrating focused – it has been over two years since his last seizure. I reflected on the many accomplishments we have gained as a family, and as an organization. [Read more]
The introduction of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil (CWHO) has created some confusion for many people and we hope to clear that up. If they have the same genetic profile, why are they different? To begin, CWHO is the same product as CW. They have the same genetic profile and the low ratio of THC means that is has always been a hemp product. [Read more]
One of the most important focuses for the Realm of Caring Foundation is pursuing and furthering research with the use of cannabinoids. It is an exciting time to have the opportunity to be at the forefront for this science. There are currently three different research studies that RoC is involved with or pursuing funding to begin. [Read more]
2014 Event Summary (link)
The Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC) is a non-profit unlike any other, literally it is the first of its kind. The RoC employees and volunteers aid clients in obtaining safe access to cannabis and hemp products from trusted groups, offer advice about ratios and resources as well as, further research and awareness efforts about these related products.  However, it is also a typical nonprofit in the fact that it works purely off of donations and grants. Contrary to popular belief, RoC does not charge the clients that it works with and it does not make money from the sale of Charlotte’s Web or any cannabis/hemp type products. The organization relies on the amazing network of people that surrounds it. What makes Realm of Caring special is you: the clients, the supporters and the donors. [Read more]

At the end of last year, Elizabeth Aquino had lost hope and trust in the constant struggle in the business of epilepsy.  She loathed giving Sophie upwards of 22 drugs in various combinations. Elizabeth decided to give Sophie a form of cannabis oil. First, a high ratio product that a man found for them, and then she tried Charlotte’s Web. Sophie is not seizure free, but her mother can assertively say that her seizures have reduced by upwards of 90 percent. [Read Elizabeth’s blog]  
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