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Trails Talk: Climate Change & Trails

Thursday, November 4, 2021 – 13:00 UTC
Join our upcoming Trails Talk session on the role of trails in sustainability and climate change mitigation.

With the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) declaring 'code red for humanity' we’ve reached a critical moment at the COP26 (26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties) to be held in Glasgow on 31 October – 12 November 2021: how we address the climate change challenge.

Our free webinar is a great opportunity to engage with how the trails community is developing policies, tools and practical applications to champion sustainability and address climate change. The discussion will also help inform the World Trails Network Sustainability Task Team for the 8th World Trails Conference in 2022.

Please register here to participate in the upcoming Trails Talk session.
To propose inspiring ideas for future Trails Talk sessions, please click here.
Young Leaders for Trails – World Forum

Friday, October 29, 2021 – 12:30 UTC

Young people constitute almost a fifth of the global population and are the custodians of the world’s biodiversity and future.

Trails are a significant contributor to individual and community health, to rural livelihoods and economies; they are essential pathways to human-nature connection and mental health well being.

That's why we are convening a world forum on trails with young leaders!
Join the World Trails Network Trails & Knowledge Task Team in an online gathering to create the Young Leaders for Trails – World Forum, a networking group of young people contributing to trails from around the world.

Are you interested in staying informed or helping create this forum?
Sign-up to attend and spread the word in your network!


Evan Brashier, Author

Evan is the author of the 'El Camino de Cost Rica Hiking Guide', a 160-page book with all information you need to hike El Camino de Costa Rica.

In an interview with Conchita Espino, Executive Director of Asociación Mar a Mar - the organization that brought the trail into existence,
he shares the life path that brought him to Costa Rica, the challenges he met during his first trip, how this evolved into a book bringing him often back to the country, and how this experience changed his life.

Please visit our blog to read more.


Transcaucasian Trail:
Launching new long-distance Legends Trail in Armenia

The Legends Trail has just been launched; a new 150km long-distance hiking trail in the Syunik province of southern Armenia connecting villages, protected areas and cultural heritage sites via a newly renovated network of historic trade routes. The very name of the trail was inspired by the abundance of folklore tales in the region. A newly produced detailed guidebook to the Legends Trail is now available for worldwide mail-order.

The Legends Trail forms part of the Transcaucasian Trail, a proposed 1,500km long-distance hiking trail connecting northern Georgia and southern Armenia with the primary goal to foster improved access to the outdoors in the Caucasus. Please read more on our blog.

Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail:
Call for Radio recordings
The Thousand Miles Trail is warming up for the 4th Asia Trails Conference in Taiwan: in cooperation with a local radio broadcasting network, they are going to be introducing international trail community members on air, every second Wednesday afternoon. The aim is to encourage local trail enthusiasts to go abroad and experience all these amazing trails themselves.
Do you want to contribute?
You can provide the TMI Trail team with a 2-3 minute recording by 30 November, 2021, making sure to reduce the background noise to the minimum possible:
  • Self introduction (name, position in the organization)
  • Organization introduction (area, goal/vision)
  • Introduction of one long-distance trail in your country
  • What does trail maintenance/ conservation mean to you?
  • Welcome trail lovers from Taiwan!
Palestinian Heritage Trail:
Virtual Thru-Hike

Palestinian Heritage Trail is a 500km long-distance cultural hiking route in Palestine extending from the northwest of Jenin to southwest of Hebron and back to Bethlehem - with a newly developed segment around Jerusalem. The trail connects more than 60 Palestinian cities, villages, and local communities.

Travelers can enjoy authentic Palestinian hospitality, explore Bedouin communities, taste traditional Palestinian dishes, and discover the simple, yet warm, life of the local communities.

It is more than just a hiking trail inviting hikers to experience nature; it is a means of making connections with local Palestinians and hikers from all over the world and changing perspectives by recognizing shared common values.

Walking the Palestinian Heritage Trail takes travelers down the very Palestinian cultural heritage and identity. Please click below to watch a newly released video.

Trails Talk on Favourite Trail Books
On 7 October 2021, Jacky Tao from the Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail hosted a Trails Talk session dedicated to favourite trail books. With the assistance from not-for-profit organization Mirai no Mori, Culture Routes Society and Bruce Trail Conservancy, Jacky shared some great trail books focusing on different parts of the world.

Under the international travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, reading allows us to break the confines of space and time and experience trails abroad. In this context, the TMI Trail team launched an “Online Book Fair” aiming at introducing various trekking cultures and amazing long-distance trails for readers in Taiwan.

Recommend Trail Books & Contribute to the Online Book Fair
Please fill in this quick snap-shot survey, to tell us about the trail books you love and that have influenced your hiking, walking or trail adventures over the years. We intend to keep growing our list of favourite literature and launching a dedicated website subpage based on suggestions from our members.

If you want to take part in TMI's online book fair, introducing readings from your country, please feel free to contact the TMI Trail team.

About the World Trails Network

The World Trails Network was founded in 2012. Since 2015 it has been a non-profit association in Geneva, Switzerland. The Network is the largest globally representative and dedicated trails non-profit organization of its kind, consisting of trail organizations and professional trail experts, working collaboratively for the enhancement and betterment of trails around the world.

The network hosts the biennial World Trails Conference, established in Korea in 2010, and is also the convener of the Trails.Film - World Trails Film Festival.
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