Dearborn's Arab American National Museum, 1980 Prince Memories from Cobo & A New Podcast
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May 6, 2016
Dearborn's Arab American National Museum

Take a tour inside one of our local gems, just eleven years old, but representing Arab Americans and their impressive contributions to the United States.  Dearborn was chosen for the national site because of its deep roots--going back five generations in many cases.  Dr. Matthew Stiffler takes Digging Detroit's Pete Kalinski through the beautiful facility discussing the exhibits, the museum's origin and busts some myths along the way!  Watch the  entire episode at this link.

Archivist Round II:  A New Podcast

Tune in to our latest podcast, another Archivist’s Roundup as we visit with four archivists and historians about Detroit’s rich and varied Jewish history. The archivists share how they collect and preserve the stories of Detroit’s Jewish community and also how they help connect today’s generation with their heritage.  Click below to listen!
We're happy to welcome back Lee Patrick Sullivan who shares with us his first of dozens of Prince concerts, when his mom dropped him and a friend off at Cobo Hall, four years before Purple Rain.  Here's an excerpt from the great article at this link...

"Early in his career Prince gave a rare interview. The reporter asked him about his race, given Prince was so light skin, his mom was of Mexican heritage, and his dad African American.  Prince was asked “What race to you consider yourself?” He responded “human." To this day, that’s the race I put down on applications. And much to the chagrin of my lovely wife, IRS forms."
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