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Issue 50 / November 2016

Welcome to issue 50 of the Independent Assessor (IA) bulletin.

This month’s issue contains information on:

IA Survey 2016 report and actions

Thank you to all those who took part in this year’s IA Survey. You can read the IA survey report here. Below are the actions drawn from the IA survey that we will take forward in the next business year in the spirit of continuous improvement.


HTA document updates 

We have recently updated some of our documents relevant to the living organ donation sector. They are outlined for your information below:
Codes of Practice implementation

The HTA’s revised Codes of Practice are due to come into force in April 2017. In preparation, we recommend that you read the revised Codes which are currently awaiting Parliamentary approval (please note the Codes will not apply to those working in Scotland):  
We intend to hold a number of webinars in early 2017. These will focus on the major changes to the new Codes. The webinars will also provide an opportunity for you to ask us questions.

If you are interested in taking part in a webinar, please register your interest here – this will help us organise the right number of webinars.

HTA leaflet - our role in living organ donation

Living Donor Co-ordinators:
We have updated our living organ donation leaflet.  A copy of Our role in Living Organ Donation can be downloaded here.  Please ensure that all potential donors and recipients are provided with this latest version.  The leaflet is available in multiple languages here.

Guidance for living organ donors on the HTA’s Independent Assessment process 

Living Donor Co-ordinators:

This guidance was originally published in June 2015 and has recently been updated. It is aimed at living donors and provides them with information on our role in living organ donation as well as explaining about the Independent Assessment process. This document can be downloaded here. It will be available in other languages during the next business year.

Donor declaration form

Independent Assessors and Living Donor Coordinators: 
We have updated the donor declaration form and removed the requirement for the donor to provide their telephone number.

A copy of this updated donor declaration form can be downloaded here

Please ensure that all potential donors are provided with this version.  Currently, the updated form is available in English only; in 2017-18 this form will be available in multiple languages. We will send you an update when these are available.

IA interviews and report submissions

  1. Living organ donation category 
The HTA has recently received a number of IA reports in which the donation category has been incorrectly recorded or does not match the donation category recorded in the referral letter.  The report and referral letter provide the information we require to ensure legislative requirements have been met.  Having to seek clarification increases delays in considering the case.  When you receive a referral, and the donation category recorded does not match your understanding of a case, please contact the unit to check or reconsider the category before submitting your report to us.

Independent Assessors:
Please remember that it is a requirement to submit your reports within 10 working days of completion of your IA interview.  If you are aware that this will not be possible, please let us know in advance so that we can make a note of the case.
We have recently received a number of IA reports containing inconsistent information. We have outlined the information below that should be checked before submitting your report.
  1. Patient’s medical paperwork
Independent Assessors and LDCs: 

Please ensure that patient medical records, including psychological evaluations are not submitted to the HTA.  IAs and the HTA do not, and should not be, accessing or sending on this confidential medical information.
  1. Joint interviews
Independent Assessors: 

Currently there is no specific box in the IA report to record information on your discussions during the joint interviews. We are in the process of updating the portal to include a separate text box to record information regarding joint interviews. In the meantime, please include details of joint discussions in the free text boxes for duress, coercion and reward as appropriate. We will send an email update when this change is implemented.
  1. Recording names of Living Donor Co-ordinators on the IA report
Independent Assessors:

LDAT have received several enquiries requesting an approval email to be resent.  This often happens when the name of only one LDC has been entered onto the IA report.  If they are away when the decision is made, then the unit is unable to access the email. 

When a referral is made, please check with the unit to see if two names can be added to the IA report.

Referring cases to HTA panel

Living Donor Co-ordinators:
We have recently received a number of cases to be sent to Panel with a very limited number of days to consider the case.

Cases are referred to Panel each Wednesday.  The Panel has 10 working days from referral to make a decision on the case.  When a case is received, a Living Donor Officer will review it to make sure all the information required by Panel has been provided. If information is missing the case cannot be submitted to Panel. In these situations, we need to seek clarification and this increases the time taken to consider the case.
It’s really important to factor in this extra time when planning referrals.

Changes to the living donation assessment team (LDAT)

Chitvan Amin, Transplant Manager will be starting her maternity leave from 4 November 2016. We are pleased to inform you that HTA Regulation Manager, Nima Sharma, will be covering the role as Transplant Manager in the interim. You can get in touch with Nima via email ( ) or phone 020 7269 1937.
As always, please contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions for future bulletins.
Best wishes,
Chitvan Amin

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