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This month we begin to send out Global Impact in a new format and with a new name - Prout News & Analysis!  We hope this updated newsletter will be more accessible and convenient for our readers. We have decided to reduce our content and increase the frequency of the newsletter so that you can quickly receive updated news about Prout activities and ideas from around the world. In our fast photo and quick texting environment, we are more accustomed to shorter forms of communications, so we are adjusting our global Prout newsletter accordingly.

Previously, when the newsletter came out quarterly, we would only call for material every 3-4 months. Now, as we will be publishing issues on a monthly basis, our Global Office in Copenhagen will require a steady flow of material. With a 2-3 paragraph limit on articles, it should be easier for contributors to inform us about their new Prout activities, projects, events, and analysis. And don't forget a photo or two, of course. In the future, we will develop some online spaces where Proutists can find more detailed and elaborated articles.

We hope you will enjoy our new Prout News & Analysis!

Ananda Kalyani MU in Portugal

by Ilá

Since its inception 6 years ago, the Ananda Kalyani Master Unit in Covilha, Portugal has been evolving constantly, turning our dreams into reality. Within one year, thanks to Susmita, we now have a prosperous and abundant vegetable garden which is already providing for a quarter of our summer and autumn community needs and some surplus for selling. The greenhouse attached to the garden has just been constructed so that  we can continue our cultivation through the colder months. We now also enjoy compost temple toilets, which are beautiful state of the art constructions. They create humanure for our fields, thus recycling our wastes.
The cherry and blackberry plantation has already provided a commercially viable harvest for our superfood business, Microvita, envisioned by Abhiik. The first tests with dehydration and the production of superfood powder were successful, giving us confidence about Microvita’s sustainability. In the coming months, we will start selling produce and Microvita products at the local market. This will create a direct link between the local community and Ananda Kalyani. It will be one of the first organic stands in the local market, helping to spread awareness about healthy nutrition locally.
Other developments at Ananda Kalyani include a drinking water well, hot showers with solar heating using river water, a temporary kitchen, a beautiful mezzanine in our warehouse, and a tipi. We have already held five successful Spiritual Warrior Camps and a RAWA Festival, attracting local residents as well as people from around Portugal. St. Dominic’s International School held a volunteering camp for three groups of 15 teenage students and their teachers. All were inspired with the vegetarian food, asana classes, meditation, volunteering work in nature, and cooperative games.
A successful year indeed, one could say. We are all enthralled! With more dedicated members joining our team, we are now more capable of realizing our mission to establish Ananda Kalyani as a center dedicated to cooperative movement, in harmony with nature and the surrounding communities, through education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment. So, please feel free to come by. Oh, and stay tuned for our first Ananda Mela next summer (,  a retreat for 300 participants from all over the world.

           Prout Parikrama in N. Bengal

by Dada Kalyaneshvarananda

The 4 day Prout Parikrama (Prout Parikrama is intensive Prout Pracar from village to village, from town to town with  several vehicles and hundreds of margiis and nonmargiis ) which started on September 29th from Raiganj ended at Siliguri with a rally and meeting on October 2nd, 2016.
The Parikrama, with 2 lorries, one bus and one small vehicle, led by more than a dozen two wheelers, held 45 street corner meetings in more than 35 towns and villages it covered. The Parikrama reached dozens of villages until it finally arrived at Siliguri, where more than a thousand margiis joined the Parikrama that converted into a rally.
We distributed 50,000 leaflets, 3,000 posters were pasted, more than a 100 wall writings and several initiations every day. Margiis of this northern Bengal belt were highly inspired to participate in this intensive Prout pracar program. Northern Bengal media nicely covered the program.

The European Refugee Crisis

By Roar Bjonnes

According to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR), the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide reached 59.5 million at the end of 2014, the highest level since World War II, with a 40% increase taking place since 2011. Of these, 59.5 million, 19.5 million were refugees, and 1.8 million were asylum-seekers. What are the main reasons for the growing number of refugees in Europe in recent years?

The war in Syria represents half of the unprecedented surge in refugees in 2015, double the number from the year before. Without Syrian war refugees, the influx of people seeking sanctuary in Europe would be more or less the same as in 2014. But that was a record year, too, as was the year before. An upsurge in conflicts worldwide, especially in Africa, has fueled record levels of displacement worldwide in recent years. People are fleeing conflict in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Niger. But with Syrians accounting for the bulk of the refugees, 2015 was the year when Syria’s war washed up on the shores of Europe.
While the war in Syria, the rise of Islamist militant groups, and the refugees streaming out of Iraq and Afghanistan has had a dramatic effect on European politics and economics, it is an undeniably ironic fact that Western policies, with the United States at the helm, has been instrumental in destabilizing the region for the past three decades and more. From the wars in Iraq to the toppling of Kaddafi in Libya, from the war in Afghanistan to the conditions creating the war-machine of ISIS, which is now the primary driver of refugees in Iraq and Syria, there has been growing resentment in the Middle East, fueled by decades of American and European meddling and provocation.

Given that Western countries have been engaged in policies causing economic injustice and violent conflicts all over the world, the European refugee crisis is, in part, a case of “the chicken coming home to roost.” The current refugee crisis is a symptom of a deeper, systemic crisis: a crisis within global capitalism itself. As a system, capitalism moves swiftly across borders to conquer and control, but now that its own movements and borders are threatened with collapse and closure, it’s time to take a closer look at why the proverbial chicken has come home to roost.   
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