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The elections in the US are over, with surprising results. It seemed as if the whole world had become the waiting room of a maternity ward in a hospital as America was giving birth to a new president, a new administration, and what may become an entirely unique political experiment. Given the role of the US, and its policies, on the world stage, citizens around the globe were watching the election, concerned about how the outcomes might affect their lives and their nations.

It was a difficult, dirty campaign, with mud flying everywhere and policies covered up by an endless flow of scandals, insults, and lies. It reminded us again about the fragility and challenges of democracy, especially where there is a dearth of acceptable candidates and a majority of uninformed, easily manipulated voters.

As Proutists contend more and more in elections around the world, it is essential that we select moral, competent candidates to compete and once in office, work to transform the political system. Yet even while Proutists take part in political democracy, they need to get across the idea that only economic democracy can guarantee people's full participation in improving their lives and their communities.
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Comprehensive Development in Xaixai

Dada Mahaprajinanananda

Young people participating in the development project in Njulelene.
Prout activist Dada Mantrasiddhananda has served and worked alongside the people of XaiXai in Gaza Province of Mozambique since 1999. In collaboration with AMURT, an international NGO focused on relief and development, Dada and his team have built houses, schools, and thousands of pit latrines for the communities ravaged by floods or otherwise in need. They continue to feed cooked meals to underprivileged children and arranged various training programs to help strengthen local self-reliance.
Dada currently coordinates and supervises an integrated approach to local development on forty hectares of land in Ngulelene, (approximately twenty kilometers from Xaixai town). The work proceeds with the participation of the local people - primarily youth. An integral aspect is the support of local officials and community leaders.
Four hundred fruit trees have been planted, small garden plots are tended by local residents who live nearby, and a sports field has been established. Two small buildings house classes before/after school, as well as a feeding program for children, at least thrice weekly.
Approximately eighty young women and men are currently enrolled in a vocational skills training program that offers two options: tailoring and civil construction (block making, masonry, etc.).

Tailoring program at the vocational school near Xaixai which teaches important job skills

Prout Training at Ananda Nagar

A cadre training programme was organized by Proutist Bloc, India at Ananda Nagar. Trainers Ganesh Bhat, Kanhu Charan Behura and Acharya Santoshananda Avadhuta told the trainees about the aims and objectives of Prout and PBI.

About 150 party cadres from different areas of Yavatmal, Maharashtra (in the Vidarbha region) attended the program. Addressing them, the main organizer of the training program, Madhukar Nistane, said that PBI needs to be strengthened and expanded to every nook and corner of Vidarbha. He further said that only Prout can eliminate exploitation, price increases, corruption and other rampant evils in society.

Senior Proutist trainer Ganesh Bhat explained in a very lucid language about the need for economic democracy. The audience came to realize that without economic freedom, poverty and corruption cannot be removed and political freedom has no meaning.

Kanhu Charan Behura underlined the importance of cooperatives. He said that cooperatives can make the people financially self-dependent and lead to true economic democracy.

Acharya Santoshananda Avadhuta said that all the political parties talk about  Garibi Rekha (Poverty Line), which means that the poverty will remain . But PBI wants Ameeri Rekha, which aims to put a ceiling on the accumulation of wealth and give everybody sufficient purchasing power. He said PBI will also frame the appropriate laws to stop the entry of immoralists into politics.

ProutNorge becomes Reality

Divya Jyoti

ProutNorge created its national constitution and was registered officially in Norway. Our trademark (ProutNorge) is now protected in the country. We have a five-person board, and Divya Jyoti, the secretary of the board, is the only one above forty years old. Our board meetings are held once a month, with about 8-10 proutists attending regularly. Gopabandhu has created a webpage for the organization.
On October 15-16, we held a Prout retreat, at the initiative of our young, new Proutists like Ella and Gopa Bandhu, just outside of Oslo, attended by 9 margiis. Dada Krsnasevananda was the guest lecturer and gave inspiring talks throughout the retreat. People were so satisfied with the retreat that they agreed to hold regular retreats every three months.
On October 29th, the Movement for Socialism, headed by a Proutist, organized a seminar at the Globaliseringskonferansen (Globalization Conference) on the topic of how to improve relations between Norway and Russia. Divya Jyoti facilitated the event, and three top military and political experts gave introductions from the board. They were 1) Ola Tunander, professor at the Norwegian Peace Research Institute (PRIO) and author of a book on the destruction of Libya, 2) Helge Lurås, military officer and Director of the Center for International and Strategic Analyses (SISA), and 3) Mette Kongshem, previous deputy minister of trade in the 1980s. Politically, they see themselves as moderate conservative or social democrats. 
The event attracted 60 participants, and many had to stand or could not get in.  Afterwards, participants express that they greatly appreciated the seminar. The panel of experts stated that they were deeply concerned that Hillary Clinton (if elected) would continue aggressive policies against Russia and those Middle East nations that try to stay independent from the U.S. Of the two evils, they would prefer Trump if he sticks to his words about pulling out of Europe, reaching a deal with Putin, and making the U.S less dependent on the military.
Recently, Divya Jyoti published a revised article about "The Myth of Free Trade", with references to Batra's book, which have come out in two periodicals so far. It will be published in other newspapers, as well as in different blogs and websites.
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