Breaking the cycle of  Neurocysticercosis: The facts and figures:

Neurocysticercosis is one of the neglected zoonotic diseases caused by infection with the parasitic worm Taenia solium transmitted by pigs. It affects millions of people who suffer from epileptic-like seizures especially in rural areas where sanitation remains a challenge. GALVmed has been working with a number of partners to come up with new tools to control the disease in pigs which will break the cycle of infection to humans. This work led to the licensing of first ever vaccine against Porcine cysticercosis in India. This new infographic shows the facts and figures of the impact of Neurocysticercosis and why we should do more to tackle this disease.

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Video - Tackling the major cause of epilepsy in the developing world 

East Coast Fever: How can we improve the existing vaccine?

The ECF vaccine, also known as Infection and Treatment Method (ITM)  was developed in mid-70s. The current available Muguga Cocktail vaccine while efficacious in protecting millions of livestock from the deadly disease, has a number of drawbacks relating to strain/stock specific immunity, dose packages, administration of the vaccine and cost of vaccine delivery. Researchers are on a mission to find new technologies that can resolve these challenges and make the vaccine more efficacious, widely available and to cater to the needs of smallholder farmers in different geographical areas.

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Boosting poultry productivity in Nigeria

Bill Gates famously wrote that if he had to live on $2 dollars a day, he would raise chickens and he's not alone!  Many smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia rely on poultry production as a means of livelihood. However raising poultry has a number of challenges including diseases. GALVmed's work on Newcastle Disease has been enabling millions of poultry farmers to  improve their poultry productivity and better their livelihoods.
India's smallholder poultry production: A review of challenges and opportunities

In December 2016, our Indian partners discussed some of the issues that affect smallholder poultry production in the country and what could be done to address them. They share their views in the short videos below:  
Dr Sulochana Shrestha from Central Biological Production Laboratory Nepal
Read report on Smallholder poultry production - opportunities and challenges

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