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In this month's Newsletter:
Upcoming NAFSE workshop - Don't miss it!
September Pennsylvania Rx Fire Council field trip review
JFSP Funding Announcement
In The News: Rx burning in PA, 100 acre fire in Adirondacks, Labor Day Fire in NJ, FBAT Team
Upcoming Events: Conferences, webinars, training courses
One Fire Day: Short Stories of Memorable Fires, "The Kings Grant Fire"
Regional Research Project Showcase: Noémie Gonzalez, 
North Atlantic Fire Science Resource Highlights: Seven Best Practices for Prescribed Fire Communication, JFSP's Smoke Science Plan

Fire Science and Management in New Jersey: Nov 4-6th. This workshop will include field trips along with presentations and panels at Stockton University. We have a jam-packed agenda including an all-day field trip to numerous fire science sites in the Pinelands, a keynote talk featuring Dr. William Patterson, and a tour of the Forest Stewardship Research Area led by Dr. George Zimmerman. Sign up now! 

        Photo by Inga La Puma
Pennsylvania Prescribed Fire Council Field Trip Review

The September 22nd, Pennsylvania Prescribed Fire Council Field Trip organized by Ben Jones and co-sponsored by NAFSE on Pitch Pine-Oak Management in Central Pennsylvania, Habitat Restoration in Progress got rave reviews. Here is a quote from Mike Gallagher, USDA Forest Service, who attended the field trip:
"Observing forest restoration and fuel reduction in action with prescribed fire earlier this week with PA Prescribed Fire CouncilNorth Atlantic Fire Science Exchange, and Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists. Excellent field trip!"

Don't miss our next field trips at the NJ workshop (see above)!

Photo by Mike Gallagher
Joint Fire Science Program Funding Opportunity Announcement
The Joint Fire Science Program has announced topics for their Funding Opportunity Notice (FON). The FON will remain open through November 13, 2015.

Potential topics applicable to our region include:
  • Implications of changing ecosystems
  • Social, organizational, and institutional barriers to implementing prescribed fire
  • Fire effects on tree mortality
  • Post-fire landscape management
  • Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE)
  • New Science Initiative – Ecological and social dimensions of resilient landscapes
  • Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) award
We encourage managers and scientists in our region to read about these topics to see if they would help further your science-based management efforts. Feel free to contact us if you would like help finding collaborators in our region.
In the News:
Upcoming Events
Wildlife Habitat ConferenceOctober 24th, 2015, Westborough, MA. Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife.

6th International Fire Ecology and Management Conference November 16-20th, 2015 San Antonio, TX. Association for Fire Ecology: Advancing Ecology in Fire Management.

1. Canadian Institute of Forestry (IFC) Electronic Lecture, Tomorrow!

Click here for information on how to register.

2. Southwest Fire Science Consortium Webinar, Tomorrow! 3PM EDT
Local Ecological Knowledge and Fire Management: What Does the Public Understand?
Presenter: John Diaz, North Carolina State University Click here to register.

Training Opportunities:
Eastern Area Opportunities

Mid-Atlantic Opportunities

RX-510 Advanced Fire Effects January 11-15th, 2016, Tuscon, AZ.  A science-based course designed to support the integration of fire effects knowledge into land management programs. 

Regional Research Project Showcase

Check out this research project being undertaken by Noémie Gonzalez, a Ph.D. candidate at the Université Laval in Quebec, Canada. 

Wildfire Management : Dynamic Social Relations
Analysis of an actor network in Haute-Mauricie, involving the Nitaskinan–Atikamekw, forest firefighters, fires, and forest

  • In Noémie's words: The main applied goal of this research is to develop a way to allow the Atikamekw, of the First Nations, to have their place in the management of wildfire. With a better understanding of the social relation between all the actors, humans and non-humans, we will build a process allowing a space for knowledge and know-how of First Nations in a context where professionalization and technical knowledge are dominant.

Contact Noémie at if you are interested in hearing more about her work or collaborating with her.  Click here for a detailed description of her project.

One Fire Day        

We are searching for folks to contribute short stories about fires that stand out in their memories for reasons that are related to fire science, behavior, or urban interactions. Email to spread your story!

This month's story, "The Kings Grant Fire," comes from Tom Gerber, Section Warden for the NJ Division of Forestry, Forest Fire Service. Tom has had a long history fighting fires and managing prescribed fires in NJ and is one of NAFSE's Community Representatives. Here, he relates a memorable fire from 1986.
On May 5, 1986, Evesham Twp, Burlington County NJ, NJ Forest Fire Service Section B-1, wardens Tom and Paul Gerber returned to their station in Medford from a small forest fire in the Kings Grant Section of Evesham with Wildland Engines B-1 and B-24. At approximate 5 p.m., the lookout in the Medford Fire Tower reported a huge column of smoke coming from the Golf Course Links at Kings Grant near #5 Crown Royal Parkway.This wildfire was burning in dense Pinelands fuel that had not burned since 1968. To compound the problem, it had been developed with single and multi-family housing units in 1980 at very high densities. This 25-acre wildfire would go on to consume five, 200,000 dollar dwellings and require 15 wildland engines, 2 water tenders, 3 tractor plows, 3 single engine aircraft drop planes, and 50 firefighters from the State Forest Fire Service to control. Structure fire departments from Evesham Fire, along with fire engines from all of southern Burlington and Camden Counties, responded to our call for help. This incident was a modern day wake-up call for wildland-urban interface fire in the NJ Pine Barrens. The 80's era re-awoke awareness of the risks in the wildland-urban interface. There had not been many scares like this since 1963 and 1977, both nationally and in NJ. This Kings Grant fire followed the devastating 1985 Florida fire season, so the Evesham Fire Rescue Chief was able to develop an 8 million dollar fire district with a career staff of 30 uniformed fire fighters as a result of this fire. Chief Lowden also became a voting member of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG). 
Fire Science Resource Highlights

Each newsletter we will highlight useful resources with applications to the North Atlantic Region.
  • The Southern Fire Exchange has released a fact sheet describing the seven best practices for communicating with private forest landowners about prescribed fire. What a great resource! Check it out here.
  • The Joint Fire Science Program designed a 'line of work' called the Smoke Science Plan to enhance research in this arena. The following is a FireScience Digest describing the plan. We are now beginning to see some of the research coming out of the Smoke Science Plan and NAFSE plans to highlight much of this research in the coming year. This research addresses many of the smoke modeling and emissions issues that managers have been concerned about. Smoke Science Plan: The Path Forward
A selection of old forest fire photos taken in New England obtained from Northeast Forest and Fire Management, LLC. Credits: top left, ACME News Pictures; all others, United Press Telephoto. Visit their photo page to learn the fascinating background on these photos.
Add your photos to our Flickr group or email them to
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NAFSE Community Representatives

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Brad Simpkins, NHDFL
Neil Gifford, APBPC
Jessica Leahy, U of ME
Lauren Howard, Arcadia U.
Joel Carlson, NEFFM, LLC.
William Patterson, III., UMass
Matthew Duveneck, Harvard Forest

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