Richard Rosen's January 2016 Newsletter
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Richard Rosen's January 2016 Newsletter

This may come as something of a shock to all you loyal readers who are accustomed to receiving this monthly newsletter well into the month it’s supposed to be preceding, but I wanted to be sure I sent out my new schedule well in advance of its launch on January 3, 2016. Here it is first in its essentials:

Monday 7.30-9.00 pm         Yoga Room, Berkeley          Experienced beginners,
                                                                                         resumes January 4

Tuesday 5.45-7.15 pm         You and the Mat, Oakland   Intermediate level

Tuesday 7.30-9.00 pm          YATM                                 Beginning level

Wednesday 10.00-11.30 am YATM     NEW!                   All levels,
                                                                                         begins January 6

Saturday 8.30-10.15 am       YATM     NEW!                   Intermediate level,
                                                                                        begins January 2

Saturday 11.00-12.30 pm      YATM    NEW TIME           Beginning level,
                                                                                         begins January 2

Sunday 8.30-10.00 am           YATM                                Experienced beginners,
                                                                                         resumes January 3

Please note that I’m no longer teaching on Thursday evening at YATM. That class has moved to Wednesday morning. Also I’m moving my Namaste Berkeley Saturday class to YATM with a new start-end time. There will be a 45 minute break between the end of this class and the beginning of the next. I intend to spend that time hanging out in the common area, and I invite any of you to join me to chew the fat or, if you’re a vegan, the tofu. I hope these changes won’t tear a big hole in the Force and prevent you from attending class.


At the start of this new year, I’ve been asked to send out the expanded version of the AlphaBetiZoo’s meditation on time. Here it is, titled The Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird
(Family trochilidae)

Of time we curse its whips and scorn
Yet when it’s up, for time we mourn
In time we always come to grief
And yet how sad our time’s so brief.
        A meditation on Time
        inspired by Mr William Shakespeare

    Among the better-known North American species
    [of hummingbirds], the average lifespan is 3 to 5 years.
Wikipedia, “Hummingbird”  

No time to sleep on if she should
Or doubt the gain if venture would
No time for calculating cost
Or cross a bridge already crossed

No time to plan for later gain
Or lay aside for days of rain
No time to kill or mark or bide
No time is ever on her side        

No time expect that time will tell
Or hope salvation from a bell
No time to lose or stall or share
No time to sack or serve or spare

No time pretend she’s what she’s not
Or wish for more than what she’s got
No time next time for better luck
No time to pass the time or buck

No time to race against the clock
She can’t outrun its tick and tock
No time for hard or ripe or prime
No time to waste on borrowed time

She doesn’t know what time or day
When time will take her time away
There’s never time she calls her own
Her stitch in time is never sewn

No time third time the charm for her
When life is passing in a blur
Her life’s so short and time’s so quick
Of time she’s never in the nick

There’s never time to stop and rest
Of time she’ll never stand the test
It’s out of joint and try she might
She wasn’t born to set it right

No time for good or rough or high
No time to play for, find or buy
No time for time itself to fret
What has or hasn’t happened yet  

When time like tide won’t wait for you
No time to try but only do
When only now from time is free  
No time but now for time to be

For when our time is nearly spent
No time to wonder where it went
No time for asking what that was
That flash of green, its wings abuzz.

Copyright © 2015 Richard Rosen Yoga, All rights reserved.

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