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We're often asked if we can make a little donation go a long way - with a £1 weekly donation we can help a mother learn farming techniques so she can feed her children and send them to school. Help a mum here!

Be blessed and have a wonderful Easter! Love, Team Amigos.

A new life for Ivan

Kira Farm Development Centre graduate, Ivan, recently popped back to the Farm to inspire this year's students. Ivan lived on the streets for 5 years, but after a year's training at Kira he has set up a successful goat milking business as well as a chicken rearing project, he's making good profits from his conservation farming, he has secured numerous construction contracts, is renting his own home and so much more! Read Ivan's inspiring story here

Shout out for tools!

We're desperate for tools to equip young people as they graduate from Kira Farm. Does anyone in North Devon have some spare tools that they'd like to donate to Amigos? We're looking for: wood planes, G-clamps, chisels and slash clamps. If you think you can help we'd love to hear from you! 01271 377664 or

Training has kicked off with the Anyim pi Likwayo farming group in Gulu! They can expect to double their crop yields thanks to the new conservation farming techniques they're learning. No wonder they're smiling! The groups are largely made up of hardworking women desperate to improve the lives of their kids. Will you help a mum feed her children and pay school fees? 

Combatting Deforestation
Amigos farmers receive newborn babies! These tree saplings are so important because by 2050 Uganda won't have any trees left - thousands of trees are being cut down every day for firewood. After witnessing the deforestation firsthand, Amigos is implementing a tree planting project.

400 saplings, grown at Kira Farm, have been distributed to 120 farmers - each farmer received 3 saplings to get started - moringa, calliandra and mango. And this is just the beginning! The saplings will vary their diet and boost their health, as well as reduce the effects of deforestation. We are also talking to farmers about the dangers of chopping trees down and the importance of planting new ones.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a school trip to Kira Farm? Click here for the impressions of a 17-year-old on what she calls a 'life changing experience'.

To everyone who gives regularly, sporadically and whenever they can, we'd like you to know that we really appreciate you standing with us as we as we believe in a better future for some of the poorest people in Uganda. What a huge privilege it is to be able to give such precious people a hand up in life!
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